• River Of Blood ???

    A lot of people around the web seem to be getting their kickers in a twist about Enoch Powell's Rivers Of Blood speech. I guess the immigration issue has come to the forefront of the election campaign. (Good timing Nige, if it was your doing).

    Let's get something straight. The phrase Rivers Of Blood did not figure in Enoch Powell's speech. What he said was "Like the Roman I seem to see the River Tiber flowing with much blood."

    It is of course a reference to Book 6 of Virgil's Aeneid, which deals with the Sybilline Prophecies. (paragraph labelled 77).

    Let's not give the left too much stick for getting it wrong all these years however. Christians have been claiming for nearly 2000 years the Sybilline Prophecies were inspired by The Book Of Revelations. In fact Virgil (70BC to 20 BC died before Christianity got started.

    Having said that however, Ethiopian, Syriac and Kashmiri Christians all are quite sure their religion predates Jesus. Mythology thrown us many contradictions of course.

  • Election Shock: The Queen Campaigns For UKIP?

    Campaign managers for the mainstream parties must have been taken aback to see UKIP's latest recruit canvassing for the KIPpers candidate in Bromley, South London. HRH Queen Elizabeth II is not supposed to take part in political events, the constitution requires that the Royal family maintain strict impartiality.

    But why would Her Maj not support UKIP, after all the party does stand up for the sovereignty of the nation she is sovereign of.

    Actually nobody is saying whether the lookalike is a UKIP supporter or just a local woman who had popped down the shops for some gin and ciggies and grabbed a few leaflets to use as kindling for her Easter barbecue.

  • They Didn't Think It Through

    Indonesian police burn 3.3 tons of weed; get entire town high

    When Indonesian police in West Jakarta seized three tons of cannabis they thought disposing of the haul would be no problem. A splash of petrol a few firelighters and hey presto!

    When burning contraband cannabis it pays to check which way the wind is blowing (image source)

    As the bonfire burned however (and everybody likes a good bonfire) the cops who had not bothered to wear smoke masks began to feel wobbly. Then they fell on the floor and rolled around giggling hysterically for a couple of hours. Then they went on a rampage through the suburb hunting for chocolate related snacks.

    As wind carried smoke from the blaze across a wider area, large numbers of residents in the neighborhood reported feeling dizzy, experiencing euphoria and getting the munchies. Most people in the surrounding streets became intoxicated to some extent when the plume of smoke blew into their area.

    The entire town entire town got high thanks to the dopey cops not thinking things through..

  • The Sillyosity Of The Loony Left

    It's great to watch the increasing silliness of the left, particularly those Maoist bigots the BBC passes off as impartial and objective news commentators.

    This morning they were all creaming their pants about an opinion poll about a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times you can read in full here. Topline figures are CON 32%, LAB 36%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 6%.

    Oooh isn't it wonderful, lovely, clever Ed Miliband really showed that posh boy Cameron who is boss, he said "Hell yeah!" That's tough talk. And now Labour has a 4% lead and the election is as good as over," they chirruped in chorus.

    First question, for anyone who thought Miliband won that stage managed episode last week: What are you on and can we all have some please? Neither Miliband nor Cameron 'won', they both came across as out of touch elitists.

    In fact while Sunday Times / You Gove the poll shows a bigger Labour lead for some time, four point leads are not uncommon in a campaign which has seen polls wobbling all over the place. The other poll published today, Opinium in the Observer have topline figures of CON 34%, LAB 33%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 7% (details).

    Here's a roundup of the weeks polls from UK polling report:

    Opinium/Observer (19/3) – CON 36%, LAB 33%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 14%, GRN 6%
    YouGov/S Times (20/2) – CON 33%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 14%, GRN 5%
    Survation/MoS (21/3) – CON 30%, LAB 34%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 17%, GRN 3%
    Populus(22/3) – CON 31%, LAB 33%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 16%, GRN 5%
    Ashcroft (22/3) – CON 33%, LAB 33%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 5%
    ComRes/Mail (22/3) – CON 35%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 10%, GRN 7%
    YouGov/Times (23/3) – CON 34%, LAB 33%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 14%, GRN 5%
    YouGov/Sun (23/3) – CON 34%, LAB 34%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 6%
    YouGov/Sun (24/3) – CON 35%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 6%
    Survation/Mirror (25/3) – CON 32%, LAB 33%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 18%, GRN 4%
    YouGov/Sun (25/3) – CON 34%, LAB 35%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 6%
    Panelbase (26/3) – CON 34%, LAB 34%, LDEM 5%, UKIP 15%, GRN 6%
    YouGov/Sun (26/3) – CON 36%, LAB 34%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 13%, GRN 5%
    Populus (26/3) – CON 31%, LAB 33%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 16%, GRN 5%

    What's interesting in that table is UKIP show a high of 17% and a low of 10% while The Greens record a high of 7% and a low of 3%. These figures mean nothing in terms of the likely election result, they show how the minor parties are distorting the picture.

    So all we really learn from the latest poll is that in a way entirely consistent with their support for trashing the western economy to deal with the non existent global warming threat, and causing widespread famine by handing control of the food supply to Monsanto, the left will always happily ignore any evidence that does not point to the answer that suits their political agenda.

    Update 30 March, 2015

    Accompanied by the sound of eardrum shattering silence from the left, a second poll taken since the two contenders for post election Prime Minister faced a stuffing from BBC's Jeremy (Paxo) Paxman reverses the results from the poll featured above.

    a second post-Paxman poll, a ComRes telephone poll for the Daily Mail & ITV, and this one shows the complete opposite – CON 36%(+1), LAB 32%(-3), LDEM 9%(+1), UKIP 12%(+2), GRN 5%(-2) (tabs).

    If the four point Labour lead in yesterday's YouGov poll was proclaimed by the hysterical left as a sure sign the Conservative and UKIP vote was collapsing and Labour were heading for a landslide victory in May, surely this poll showing the biggest Conservative lead ComRes have recorded since 2010 shows the Labour vote is collapsing and face a defeat in England and wales on a par with the mauling they are set to receive at the hands of the SNP in Scotland.

    Furthermore where YouGov showed Miliband’s ratings improving, ComRes show Cameron widening his lead as best Prime Minister.

    Actually there is nothing in either poll to get excited about, all polls, when examined in detail warn that an error margin of plus or inus three per cent, so it is probable what we are seeing is just a slightly exaggerated version of normal sample variation, caused by the presence of three rather than one minor parties.


    ExxonMobil Tells The Guardian To Stick Their Leftie Hypocrisy Where The Lights Don't Shine

  • jibo - The Creepy Family Robot

    jibo - your personal electronic stalker (image source)

    Launched with great fanfare from mainstream media and virtually no questioning voices, such is the fear generated in media circles by science Naziism, Jibo is billed as "the world's first family robot”.

    A cheesy, overly sentimental video selling this machine explains exactly how it will spy on your entire family and report your activities to the manufacturers, national security agencies, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and anyone willing to shell out some money to invade your privacy (all for your own safety and protection of course) And it is extremely creepy.

    In the dystopian society described in George Orwel's 1984 the creepy and brutally oppressive Big Brother regime used telescreens to keep its subjects under constant surveillance, and weed out those guilty of 'Thought Crime', thus eliminating (they hoped) the chance of secret conspiracies against it.

    Almost 70 years after the release of the novel, telescreens are a reality and the evil Nazis of the Scientific dictatorship are going much further than Orwell's telescreens.

    Before we look at how evil their plans are, first take a look at the cheesy, sentimental, absurdly infantile video selling this product.
    Many reporters at the launch asked if it was some kind of spoof or parody.

    Jibo: The World's First Family Robot

    Sadly it is 100 per cent real and the product is about to ship worldwide. But that video is a psy - op designed to deflect attention from the immense potential of this machine.

    If you are an independent minded, mature human being raised in an ostensibly free society, watching this piece of shit video ought to make you angry at the brainwashing techniques being used.

    The sentimental, "life is so wonderful” music; The way the fake happy - family (teleported from The Truman Show/) talks to the robot as if addressing a human child; The message is, "This is what you need to complete your family. All the while, Jibo is being the family snitch, gathering data about everybody and sending it God knows where.

    Pay particular attention to the way the robot interacts with family members, it is half dependent child, half prison guard. And totally creepy.

    No doubt the sad, useless fucks who think they need a machine to turn a room light on for them, remember a telephone number or look up what's on TV and report every action to the nastiest corporate and government organisations will be mad for such gadgets. They're welcome, but I suggest when they take delivery of their electric nanny robot they have 'Loser' tattooed on their forehead so we don't make the mistake of thinking they are like us.

    (Read and watch more)

    A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality that is contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the police state dictatorship it is going to get.
    —Ian Williams Goddard

  • Racist Chocolate Cakes?

    French Bakery Ordered To Remove 'Racist' Cakes

    What's a racist cake, you might well ask. This whole 'waycism' obession of the politically correct idiocracy just gets sillier.

    A bakery in the French Riviera has been told by a court to remove a range of cakes after the delicacies were declared racist.

    The patisserie in Grasse, South-Eastern France, was told his confectionery was "obscene” and could "incite racial hatred”, the Local reports. So were the cakes 'waycist' or were they just earth goddess figures covered in chocolate (which happends to be brown quite naturally)?

    racist cakes made by french patisserie
    The offending cakes - just fat wee chocolate people. (Image Source)

    The confections in question, named Gods and Goddesses, are shortbread and chocolate mousse cakes in the
    venus of willendorfshape of obese people covered with dark chocolate with over-sized genitals, they are very similar in appearnce to the earth mother (Doni or Donna) figures found from northern India and Mesopotamia, through the Caucasus and into the Danube valley in Europe. Such figures tend to be verious shades ob brown depending on the clay they were formed from.

    (Figure right is The Venus Of Willendorf, a neolithic  fertility figure found in Austria.

    While the baker claimed his cakes were inoffensive, a judge deemed them to be an "attack on human dignity”.)

    The case was brought by a French ‘anti racism' group, the Representative Council of Black Associations (CRAN).

    Speaking ahead of the court ruling, its spokesman Louis-George Tin said "It's pure and simple racism”.

    Having been made aware of the controversial chocolatey figures by a shocked customer, the group slammed the "obscene slave trade caricatures that tap into the tradition of colonial racism” and threatened to lodge a complaint for inciting racial hatred.

    "We are in a country where the word equality is part of the constitution, which means it doesn't allow for racism. Does he think these treats adhere to the values of the French Republic?” he asked.

    "We must fight this kind of racism. I cannot imagine what would be said (rightly) if an African baker decided to represent Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary in a similar way,” Tin added. We wonder how the self righteous streak of sewer slime feels about the cholocate Santas sold in many places around Europe at Christmas. Are they not equally racist?

    The baker, Tannick Tavolaro, was defiant about his creations when they first hit the headlines earlier this month, saying he found the complaint absurd and denied he was a racist.

    "At first I thought it was a joke then I read the news. It's absurd and hurtful. These pastries have absolutely no racial connotation at all,” he said.

    "It's made of chocolate mousse, which is why it's black. The characters are little human beings, a man and woman but not a black man and a woman,” he explained.

    "These people who attack me don't know my story or my career or who I am. It's just intellectual terrorism and I won't yield to that kind of terrorism,” before pledging to continue making his cakes despite the threats he has received.

    Tavolaro, who said he is not a member of any political party, said he was taking a stand "for free speech”.

    We are starting and "equal rights for chocolate cakes campaign which we hope will divide pubic opinion so deeply throught Europe, the EU will be torn apart as civil unrest spreads with street bttles betwen sane people and those who think chocolate cakes are racist.

  • Google Meets White House Officials Every Week Why?

    Google is massive. Its dominant position in the internet seach market was achieved with little apparent effort and in a relatively short period. Just over ten years ago Google trailed Yahoo although many self styled experts insisted iut was the best search engine (this was never true, unless you agree that the most viewed or most linked to item must automatically be the best quality information available). That was just over a decade ago.

    Since then, while web journalist (who had enjoyed Google's lavish hospitality or just had sheep like tendencies) continued to insist on google's superiority even while Google carried on a battle with people who were trying (and often succeeding) in bumping their web sites up the listings by dubious means such as link spamming.

    Now Google does everything it seems (but still delivers crap search results based on commercial considerations rather than quality of content). From running the most powerful web ads network in the world (and rigging its search results to ensure the pages that will bring it most revenue get the most traffic) to building "terminator” robots for the government.

    Soon, as we have reported Google will use a new algorithm to determine search engine position. This new algorithm is supposed to weed out "false” data. Essentially, at least within the Google world Google is seeking to determine what is "true” online and what is not.

    Given the close relationship the company has with the Obama administration, an administration which has shown itself to be severely "truth challenged," in its dealings with the public, this is of some concern.

    (From Venture Beat)

    Google's relationship with the administration runs deeper than mere money. Google chairman Eric Schmidt helped design a get-out-the-vote system for the Obama campaign in 2012, and personally oversaw it on election night. Google employees helped dig out of its painful and glitch-ridden launch phase. Former Google VP Megan Smith is now the CTO for the White House. And, as the WSJ notes, Obama has mentioned Google in half of his State of the Union speeches to date.

    Read more on Google unfair business activities below the links for this section >>>


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    Technowanks for technowankers with Google Glass?

    Don't be Evil, Google Will Do It For You

    Don't Be Evil, That's Our Job Is Google's Real Motto
    Google Evil Empire In New Privacy Violation
    Google Has Comptely Forgotten 'Don't Be Evil' As The World Domination Agend Gathers Pace

    How Much Power Does Google Wield In Washington?

    The question asked by the title is an obvious one in the light of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article linked in part one of this investigation. Supporters of the Obama administration predictably insist that Google are merely providing technical advice on internet matters.

    Were that true, it would be bad enough. The possible conflicts on interests in obtaining advice from a commericial organisation that enjoys a near monopoly position in internet search should be completely unacceptable in a democratic nation.

    Information we have acquired however suggests the links between Google and Washington are far deeper and more sinister. Because Obama's sycophantic supporters will try to discredit the WSJ report so we dug a little deeper by looking at the investigatins of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) into the cosy, crony relationship between Gooogle and The White House.

    Here are some significant snippets quoted from the FTC report:

    1) The FTC investigated whether Google was unlawfully giving preference to its own products. This document shows that the FTC staff found evidence of monopolistic behavior by Google when it comes to its prize search engine, but recommended not pursuing an antitrust lawsuit. "…we do not recommend that the Commission issue a complaint against Google for this conduct" (Read Read original text, P18 - We cannot link you to the full official report as it is not released into the public domain so links to screenshots of the pdf pages are provided. The WSJ artile is available HERE with material supporting it HERE and HERE and HERE. Should be enough for reasonable people.)

    2)While the FTC staff recommended not filing an antitrust case against Google for its search engine business, it uncovered evidence that Google promoted its own search results and demoted those of its rivals. Google "adopted a strategy of demoting or refusing to display, links to certain vertical websites in highly commercial categories." (Read Original - p28)

    3)FTC staff concluded that Google's conduct harmed consumers and competitors. "Staff concludes that Google's conduct has resulted – and will result – in real harm to consumers and to innovation…" (Read Original -p116)

    4) In a footnote to its report, the FTC staff detailed precisely how Google promoted its own search results over rivals. "Although Google originally sought to demote all comparison shopping websites, after Google raters provided negative feedback to such a widespread demotion, Google implemented the current iteration of its so-called 'diversity' algorithm." (Read Original - p132)

    In this footnote, the FTC staff quotes Google's top economist, Hal Varian, saying that its market share was being underestimated. He added that the artificially low market share estimate could help Google steer clear of antitrust regulators. "From an antitrust perspective, I'm happy to see them underestimate our share." (Read Original - p144)

  • Banning Cash Will Stop Terrorism (and end war, poverty, disease and bad smells)

    gates pushing cashless society
    If Bill Gates, the man who made 'not fit for purpose' acceptable quality for sale is in favour of a cashless society, you know it has to be good for government and big business and very bad for me and you
    (Image source)

    If bureaucrats understood how easily We The People saw through their schemes they'd ........ well they would not behave any differently because they are too stupid to change.

    It was just a matter of time before the ever predictable Western governments used the trumped up "War on Terror” as an excuse to drastically ratchet up the very real war on the use of cash, and on the basic human right of personal privacy currently being waged against the citizens and taxpayers of the so - called democracies.

    Quick to exploit public anxiety in the wake of attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket, France is on the way to being first to abolish free speech.

    And the most overtly socialist government in the EU or Anglosphere is showing that it has much in common with those 'progressive liberal' regimes headed by Joe Stalin, Chairman Mao, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot and every other socialist leader in its efforts to set up a system resembling the Big Brother regime of George Orwell's novel '1984'. France's socialist government is next planning to ban the use of cash. A series of measures that will be implemented from September 2015 will make french citizens lives more secure by enabling government bean counters to track every bus ride, every glass of wine or cup of coffee, newspaper or they pay for. (OK, I'm exaggerating a bit but that's the direction the control freaks are moving in)

    The other leading fascist regime in the free world is not far behind. Washington Propaganda no suggests that only 7 per cent of transactions in the USA involve cash and that the use of cash is now regarded a suspicious activity.

    It seems the terrorists involved in the recent Paris attacks and elsewhere partially financed these attacks by paying cash for stuff. (They also used credit and debit cards and paid by cheque but forget that, it's the cash transactions that are dangerous because control freak governments cannot track them.) Ahab the Arab went into a KFC and we don't know what he bought because he paid cash, what a huge threat to democracy.

    Yes, now we know the terrorists knew how to use cash, it's clear they may have used CASH to purchase some of the stuff they needed to carry out their attacks.

    And because there is no audit trail that the banning of cash and forcing people to use plastic would provide in future incidents, the authorities were not able to use their 'minority report' style software that predicts criminal behaviour to arrest these guys before they committed a crime and thus save lives. Paying cash for stuff you see, is a clear indicator that people are planning to commit crimes.

    If you are not planning to do something wrong, you have nothing to fear.

    No doubt the murderers who carry out terrorist attacks are also shod and clothed, use cell phones, broadband lines, cars, and public sidewalks during the planning and execution of their mayhem.

    Why not ban the use of all? A naked , barefoot terrorist without transport communications is surely less effective than a fully clothed and equipped one.

    Defend your personal liberty, pay in cash.

    <a href="">War on terror</a>
    <a href=""><b>AK47 Assault Rifles Used in Sweden Pub Attack, Death Toll Expected to Rise</b></a>
    <a href="">Charlie Hebdo: Defender Of The Lack Of Faith</a>
    <a href="">France sees dozens of anti-Muslim incidents.</a>
    No doubt our leaders and the media will condemn the backlash from ordinary French people to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Random attacks on decent Muslims are wrong. but how long do the elites expect us to keep showing tolerance when they have done nothing about a long standing problem.
    <a href=""><b>While the world has been looking the other way, Boko Haram has been conquering Nigeria</b></a>
    <p><a href=""><b>Boko Haram attacks town inside Niger - Where Next</b></a>
    Boko Haram fighters from Nigeria attacked Niamey, a border town inside the neighboring country of Niger, marking the third attack on a foreign country attacked by the Nigeria based Boko Haram group in several days. The Islamic extremists are also reported to have launched attacks in Camerooon and Benin. The expansion of Boko Haram aggression came as ...
    <a href="">As Obama launches another airborne assault in Iraq, who are ISIS</a>
     <a href="">Another Obama Sponsored Genocide - not Alawi or Christians In Syria but Yazidi in Iraq.</a>
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     <a href="">Iraq: Blair says his war did not trigger current crisis</a>

  • Alps Air Crash - Another Bizarre Response From Washington

    As the world digests news of yet another airline disaster, the fourth major catastrophe in a year, and awaits news of what might actually have happened, we are treated to another bizarro world intervention from the world's greatest idiot Barack Hussein Obama.

    from Zero Hedge:

    While the White House, seemingly an expert in determining airplane crashes causes within hours if not minutes of the accident (see flight MH-17) has already opined on the tragic crash of the Lufthansa Germanwings airplane: White House - No Indication Of Terrorism In Germanwings Crash.

    Now how could they know. OK, at this stage saying there is no indication of terrorism is true, but it is true in the same way as saying, "There is no indication that the aircraft was in collision with an elephant."

    Could be of course Obama has word from his ISIS and Al Qaeda mates that it wasn't them. Otherwise the Messiah of ineptitude has only succeeded in drawing attention to himself and giving fuel to the lunatic fringe.

    First pictures of the crash site are indistinct but eye witness reports suggest the wreckage is confined to a fairly small area.

    from the AP newsfeed we have this:

    A local lawmaker says the debris from the plane crash in the French Alps that killed all 150 people on board is spread over 100-200 meters (110-220 yards). Gilbert Sauvan, president of the general council of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, told the AP that "everything is pulverized."

    Sauvan said the largest pieces of debris are the size of a small car. No one can access the site from the ground, but that helicopters are circling the area to get information and 500 firefighters and gendarmes are in the area.

    A search helicopter hovers near the crash scence (Image source: AP)

    Further evidence that the airplane crash was not a midair disintegration is that while the vertical airspeed was susbtantial, it wasn't freefall, and it took the airplane about 10 minutes to drop from a height of 11.5k to its final resting place some 2 kilometers high in the alps.

    Knowing that the aircraft did not blow apart in mid air or stall and go into freefall does not however rule out some terrorist act of some kind. As the wreckage is not accessible and, according to reports from German news stations, after one distress call from the aircraft there was no further communication we cannot possibly know what happened.


    Unless of course our dear old friend Professor Want - War (I'm not giving him a link, it only encourages him, but you can see his crazy comments in the thread under this post on MH17) is able to tell us, as he did in the case of flight MH17 that because Barack Hussein Obama is the son of God made flesh it is quite obvious that Vladimir Putin, holed up in the Kremlin, fired a peashooter from Moscow and that is what brought the flight down.

    There is something going on with these airline disasters and the speed with which the US government offers glib explanations which are never substantiated points in the other direction from Moscow however.

  • World Domination Freak Bill Gates Appeals For World Government

    Bill Gates - weorld Domination?

    Image source

    In a recent interview with the German magazine “Süddeutsche Zeitung“, Bill Gates, son of a CIA director and the New World Order's 'made man' uttered some highly sinister comments in support of abolishing democracy and nationhood in favour of world government.

    Now those of us in the know have never been puzzled about how Gate's, a college drop out with no qualifications, no programming skills and no work experience managed to start a successsful software company that was selected to bid for a contract to supply the operating system for the IBM / Intel PC, which was backed by the US Government to become the de facto standard for personal computers and how, having failed to develop an acceptable system, won the contract with a DR DOS clone they bought in from another software house (all of this is documented history).

    Now those of us in the know have never been puzzled about how Gate's, a college drop out with no qualifications, no programming skills and no work experience managed to start a successsful software company that was selected to bid for a contract to supply the operating system for the IBM / Intel PC, which was backed by the US Government to become the de facto standard for personal computers and how, having failed to develop an acceptable system, won the contract with a DR DOS clone they bought in from another software house (all of this is documented history).

    Nor is it a mystery how, having managed to impose the 'not fit for purpose' Windows, the successor of MS DOS, on the world as a near monopoly operating system for business and personal computing, Gates was thrust into a position of wielding enormous political influence on matters of global importance, without ever having been elected to anything, or having dome anything of note without the help of the US Government.

    And now he is cheerleading for a global totalitarian government.

    Not only did Gates advocate global government, but he also spoke favorably of the UN and NATO, completely overlooking the facts that these organisations are a major force of oppression in the world. NATO can’t even hold a meeting without thousands of people gathering in the streets to protest their actions. Someone as heavily involved in world affairs as Bill Gates should know all about this.

    Well he does of course, or at least his puppet master do. Unfortunately those people think Gates is popular and widely admired. Really nobody likes or trusts him.

    During the interview last month, Gates said, "Take the UN, it has been created especially for the security in the world. We are ready for war, because we have taken every precaution. We have NATO, we have divisions, jeeps, trained people. But what is with epidemics? How many doctors do we have as much planes, tents, what scientists? If there were such a thing as a world government, we would be better prepared."

    Not long ago the subject of global government, the so caled New World order was considered a total conspiracy theory, but now one of the richest and most influential people in the world is openly suggesting that this is a good idea. Governments are generally a pretty bad idea, even when they are small they can still do enormous amounts of damage. So when a government rules the entire planet, there is no telling what type of atrocity a world government will be capable of.

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  • De - dollarization Moves Ahead - Once Again We Told You So,

    by Phil T Looker

    Forgive us a little self indulgent gloating, after all it was back in 2005, way ahead of the other contenders, we told you that moves were under way in the east to dump the US dollar as global reserve currency. That was when China, Russia and Iran abandoned the Petrodollar and started to trade in the currency of the vendor nation.

    Our mate Ian had spotted the vulnerability of the US dollar and wrote about a move made by the old Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein in the 1990s, that showed the way.

    How Saddam Hussein May Posthumously Win His War With The USA

    Since then, here and on Little Nicky Machiavelli as well as at The Daily Stirrer we have reported the gradual erosion of the US grip on world trade as American international bullying and worries about their debt saw support for the Petrodollar steadily eroded.

    And now from The Australian Financial Review via Zero Hedge, we have this:

    US Officially Loses Battle Over China-Led Investment Bank

    Add the IMF to the (now long) list of those who apparently share the UK’s view that joining the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is an “unrivaled opportunity,” as Christine Largarde says her institution not only sees a “massive” opportunity for cooperation with the AIIB but is also “delighted” to explore the possibilities.

    International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has said the IMF would be "delighted" to co-operate with the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank...

    Mrs Lagarde said there was "massive" room for IMF co-operation with the AIIB on infrastructure financing.

    Mrs Lagarde, speaking at the opening of the China Development Forum in Beijing, also said she believed that the World Bank would co-operate with the AIIB.

    Meanwhile, Switzerland is now on board and India, Indonesia, and New Zealand are reportedly set to follow. As a reminder, the deadline for applications is the end of this month and it appears that the UK’s move to become a founding member has suddenly made the AIIB the coolest club on the block. Australia is expected to tender a “qualified yes” tomorrow.

    We have repoted the who saga of how Obama tried to bully the world on this, and how one by one, the nations of the world gave him the finger. It's all in our Currency Wars paged and its related links.

    Gotta have a grin at the ineptitude of politicians, haven't you?

  • The Solar Eclipse Is Over and Done With - Thank You Great Boggart

    Has that stupid, boring eclipse business finished yet? I first saw an eclipse when aged about ten, my Dad had to go and stand on a hill in Wales and talk to a bunch of very boring people who prattled on about how exciting it was, because the newspaper he worked for had given away free mylar specs to view it with (failed stunt, all the other papers gave them away too).

    There was this massive build up, then it went dark for a couple of minutes, and then when the ghost of Dylan Thomas should have appeared, reciting in sepulchral voice "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night," everything went back to normal. And since then I've thought, "When you've see one eclipse, you've seen them all, they're like Carnival parades really."

    selene - greek moon goddess
    Not the eclipse but Greek moon goddess Selene (nice legs) who has an inalienable right to get between us and the Sun (image source)

    See, the thing about natural phenomena is they're just so natural. Brian Cock and Dara O'Boring are just people who live very sad lives but when you have more testicles than brain cells and its by no means certain either has a full set of testicles, I suppose soul destroyingly mundane can seem very very exciting.

    Anyway there isn't another here until 2090 (they're happening around the world all the time) which is probably disappointing for scientists and other magical thinkers, who seem to think each one is a never before experienced event, but as I only plant to live to age 125 with a bit of luck I might peg out before the next.

  • Dutch Dismiss Claims MH17 Downed By buk Missile - Laugh, I Nearly Shat

    I hope humble pie tastes like well rotted snake dung, I really do. Why you might well ask.

    Because I want those unimaginative, authority worshipping idiots who argued with us 'conspiracy theorists' (more accurately know as truth seekers) to throw up when they eat it. When we said that while the USA sought to justify an armed intervention in Ukraine by claiming pro - Russian separatists had shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 last year, in fact the evidence pointed towards the neo fascist puppet government in Ukraine being responsible, some people called us rude names, accused us of being lovers of Vlad (the imapler) Putin and of not being very intelligent.

    It was of course they who were not being very intelligent. Believing propaganda without question if for the terminally stupid, questioning things is what intelligent people do. And usually it take considerable patience for those who question propaganda to be proved right. We waited thirty years for the cover up of the Westminster Paedophile ring to be exposed.

    So this story, only nine months after the event is quick really. Just shows how utterly lacking substance the US Government claims were.

    Dutch dismiss reports alleging MH17 downed by Buk missile

    The Netherlands has denied reports that the Malaysia Airlines plane was downed by a Buk missile, killing all 298 passengers and crew last July.

    The Dutch Safety Board (DSB), which is investigating the cause of the crash, responded to reports released earlier by Netherlands broadcaster RTL alleging that the flight MH17 was downed by a Russian-made anti-aircraft missile system.

    "The investigation into the cause of the accident is in full progress and focuses on many more sources than only the shrapnel,” the DSB stated.

    "Additional investigation material is welcome, but it is imperative that it can be indisputably shown that there is a relationship between the material and the downed aircraft," the agency emphasized Thursday in a statement.

    READ MORE: Ukraine media falsely claim Dutch prosecutors accused Russia of MH17 downing

    RTL claimed on Thursday that a metal fragment from the crash site of the plane allegedly matches a surface-to-air Buk rocket. The piece was recovered by a Dutch journalist from the village of Grabovo several months ago, close to where the plane was brought down last year.

    Earlier this month Ukrainian media made a gaffe, misquoting Dutch investigators as having accused Russia of shooting down the Malaysian Airlines flight.

    More >>>

  • AK47 Assault Rifles Used in Sweden Pub Attack, Death Toll Expected to Rise

    Immigrant led terror hits the streets of another peaceful European nation. No doubt our leftie friends will be eager to tell us this kind of shit culturally enriches our societies. Theywill of course be met with the usual Boggart blog response ... Now here's the apalling news from Sweden:

    Two people have been killed, and eight seriously injured after attackers burst into a crowded pub screening a football game and opened fire in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, reports from Sweden say. It is not known if the casualty count is final.

    Information from Swedish police warns that people should expect the death toll to rise over the next few hours. Witnesses described the shooting as having started extremely quickly and being over before aunybody understood what had happened. reports that, in the words of a witnesswho was in the bar at the time: "I didn't have time to think what was happening. Then I saw that my friend was bleeding. I tried to stop the flow of blood as well as I could with my hands”.

    terrorist shooting in sweden

    Despite strict gun laws imposed in many European countries, the attack demonstrates the ease with which organised criminals and terrorist gangs can obtain high-powered assault rifles via criminal networks in the former Soviet republics. The weapons used in the Gothenburg attack, the motive for which has not yet been determined, are the same as the Paris Charlie Hebdo killings, and the Belgium Jewish museum shooting, among others.

    Although no suspects have yet been arrested, police are reportedly saying the attack is an incidence of gang-related violence, which has been on the rise in Scandinavia, due to an influx of immigrants from lawless third world failed states. The apparent normality of such violence is summed up by the comments of one local resident who remarked that despite the fact "this is actually a quiet area” he admitted "there have been occasional shootings”.

    According to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the conflict in Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city is largely between a group of immigrant cartels, determined to capture the local drug trade. Over one fifth of all those now living in the city are immigrants, with some of the largest groups coming from Somalia, Iraq, and Iran. In Gothenburg and other Swedish cities, extortion of business owners by migrant gangs offering protection from other such gangs is becoming a fact of life for some, with police "powerless” to act. This is leading to 'white flight', an exodus of European residents and businesses from the cities.

    War on terror omnibus
    War on Terror
    Immigration omnibus
    Immigration marginalising white, working class population
    UKIP are alone on awareness of immigration problems
    Migrants swarm through EU back door along Serbia’s border with Hungary
    War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda

  • Riots Break Out In Germany - Activists Attack European Central Bank

    Funny how this story, which is bigger than George Osbornes budget bollocks, because if this anti - EU, anti - New World Order movement keeps gathering momentum, nothing Osborne or Ed Balls - up can do will make any difference to anything. The people have woken up to the fact that 'the elite' are anything but elite, they're a bunch of arrogant, stupid, money grubbing, freeloading, kiddie fiddling bastards.

    But for this to happen in Germany of all places.

    Shocking scenes outside the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt (Source: Russia Today)
    Riots Erupt in Germany as Activist Attempt to Shut Down European Central Bank

    Anti-establishment protesters from a group that calls itself‘Blockupy' have shocked nornally orderly German society just as the ECB's (European Central Bank) was scheduled to begin operating from its new HQ in Frankurt.

    Images of burned police cars and bloody protesters more usually associated with Ukraine or Syria have flooded German social media. On the surface, protesters are obviously upset over the ECB building's $1.4 billion price tag — at a time when the Eurozone suffers through a recession which has hit the working class exceptionally hard.

    Other grievances include austerity measures, which are promoted by the banking class, but in reality are just a privatization of assets and resources which were initially funded with public money. Essentially what this has become is a theft from the general public to collateralize finances that were thrown into uncertainty by politics and bad monetary policy in the EU. Rather than the bureaucrats and bankers paying the price for their mismanagement, the European public is footing the bill for the bailouts, and that has rightfully upset many across the Continent.

    It's estimated that roughly 10,000 protesters flooded Frankfurt streets, many coming from across Europe including from the banker victimized country of Greece.


    German Ubermacht Gives Greek Upstats The Finger In European Union Confrontation.
    The confrontation between Germany, which some say sees itself as the increasingly dominant nation in the EU as 'ever closer integration' progresses, and Greece, the Euro zone economic basket case but a proud and independent nation all the same, had to come. Germany was more austerity from Greece to protect the value of the Greek debt it hold. Greece want money from Germany to settle old grievances.

  • ECB Plans For Grexit - Its SHTF Time

    greek debt cartoons

    When the European Central Bank "leaks" that it is preparing to ride out a Grexit, take it seriously, because it is time to start thinking about what happens on "the day after." First thing that will happen of course is Spain, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus will announce they want out too.

    And because Boggart Blog readers are not by and large bond market players, to satisfy curiosity about what will happen to European bonds in finance markets (and thus to your pensions), the ECB has suggested any money invested in such vehicles will take a 95% loss.

    While the ECB is making it very clear what happens to markets in the case of a "Graccident", it has yet to provide an explanation how it will resolve the billions of Greek debt on its own balance sheet, which are about to be "marked-to-default"...

    Here's what one German pundit thinks (by Tim Bartz, Translated from Manager Magazin by fatsally)

    The European Central Bank (ECB) is preparing for a possible Greek exit from the euro zone. In internal model calculations, the central bank has already calculated the consequences of different scenarios on the prices of Greek government bonds.

    Fernando González Miranda, head of risk analysis at the ECB, assumed for his calculations three different developments of the Greek crisis. These variants have also been presented to our colleagues from the Bundesbank few days ago.

    Under the most likely method, the value of Greek government debt - currently around € 320 billion - in the event of a sudden, "accident-like" Farewell to the Greeks from the Euro-zone ("Graccident") shrink to around 5 percent of the principal amount.

    If however, the Greek Government were to complete the withdrawal on the basis of ordered negotiations ("Grexit"), the ECB expects a residual value of government bonds by nearly 14 percent. And should it even create the country to negotiate a recent haircut, without having to give up the single currency, the government securities could keep at least a quarter of its original value.

    As central bankers feared, the risk is high that the Greek government members "lose track and suddenly find themselves unable to settle their bills." In such a case, the rating agencies Greece would classify as necessarily insolvent, with the result that the central bank should have stopped emergency loans.

    But what of Greece? How would that country fare outside the EU. The received wisdom is that they could simply print New Drachma and inflate away their debt. Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge thinks things might not be so simple for them.

    Unless there is another way out ...

    While Greek treasury officials are digging around in the sofa cushions to try and scrape up €2 billion by Friday (20 March) in order to pay interest due to the IMF, the ECB, and Goldman Sachs, and with celebrity Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis doing his absolute best to sink the entire ship with a series of epic PR faux ups, where can Athens turn when Berlin and Brussels finally pull the plug on further bail outs to suport the continuation of gross incompetence in the Aegean. Reuters carried this story today:

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will visit Moscow on April 8 after being invited to talks by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a Greek government official said on Tuesday.

    Greece's government has previously said Putin had invited Tsipras to visit Moscow on May 9 and it was not immediately clear if that trip had been changed. It would be Tsipras's first official visit to Moscow since being elected in January.

    So one again the Geopolitical chess player outmanoeuvres the bluffing poker players of Washington and Brussels. As Syriza faces the unenviable proposition of either completely giving up on its campaign promises or plunging the Greek economy and banking system into a drachma death spiral, it appears as though Athens is playing the one card it has left, which is threatening to effectively surrender itself to the Kremlin.

    As Reuters notes, this wouldn't be the first time Greece has inadvertently created speculation around the possibility that Moscow could end up being the new best friend of Europe and marginalising the USA.

    Well as someone on television said, "When you play the Game Of Thrones, you win or you die." Its a pity Obama and his friends only watch reruns of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

  • Global Warming Think Tank Brings Balance to Climate Science Debate

    from my Facebook post

    At a now defunct site named Gather, friends Graham , Vic, Kelli, and others not present here as far as I know, were often the targets of attempted bullying for our efforts to present a balanced view of the global warming debate in the face of a tsunami of government - watermelon (green on the outside, red on the iside) propaganda from a particularly obnoxious bunch of Warmageddonist zealots.

    Well now they are getting their come uppance, we all agree the climate changes, we all agree we should look after the planet, but we sceptics were right, the whole carbon Dioxide driven Anthropogenic Global Warming scare was a scam to enable left wing government to tax their people to penury while obscenely rich bastards go obscenely richer by trading carbon credits and picking up subsisdies for not generating green electricity.

    Anyone wishing to grovel will be graciously acknowledged.

    Here's a taster then follow the bold link to the full post:

    The Royal Society has misrepresented current thinking on climate change by presenting new theories as established facts and leaving out evidence that doesn’t support man made global warming dogma, a group of climate scientists has claimed.

    In December, the Royal Society published a Short Guide to Climate Science, which it presented as a definitive guide to all things climate science. It asks and answers 20 questions, some of which display clear bias within the phrasing of the question, such as “How do scientists know that recent climate change is largely caused by human activities?” and “Climate is always changing. Why is climate change of concern now?”

    In response, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has produced The Small Print – What the Royal Society Left Out, in order to bring balance to the evidence base. It takes the Royal Society’s original 20 questions in turn and present a “fuller picture” on each.

    Warmageddonists will claim of course that GWPF are 'not proper scientists. But don't proper scientists present ALL the evidence to back up their conclusions? So what does that make those research grant phishing cerry pickers at the Royal Society?

  • Ten Truths You Can't Tell In Britain Without Being Accused Of Racism.

    by Arthur Foxake

    The screenshot below is from an article written by Trevor Phillips, former head of the Equalities and Human Rights commission for The Daily Mail (or Mail On Sunday)

    Trevor Philips home truths on racism. Image source

    Finally, we’re having that open and honest debate about immigration and race everyone has been calling for, Phillips says. Sort Of. The political left have no intention of joining debate and are resorting to their usual tactics of name calling and smearing their opponents.

    Dan Hodges, a token Cultural Marxist writing in The Daily Telegraph responded:

    "The taboo has been broken – somewhat ironically – by the former head of the Commission for Racial Equality writing in the Daily Mail. Trevor Phillips, long a hate figure for the anti-multicultural right, has this morning become their darling. “At last! A man who dares to tell the truth about race: Ex-race tsar says silencing of debate has done devastating harm to Britain," exclaims the Mail’s headline, above a list of "10 True Things You Can’t Say”.

    It’s a rather odd list, ranging from “Romanians are far more likely to be pickpockets” to “Indian women are 8 times as likely to be chemists”. Somewhere in Britain there may well be people who have been furtively circulating secret reports detailing the ethnicity and gender of Boots workers, whilst living in constant terror of the knock on the door from the thought police. In which case today is indeed a happy and liberating day".

    Some of Trevor Phillips' “explosive truths” are things I’ve written about myself. He correctly highlights the growing divide between significant elements of the Muslim community and the rest of society, and the role of so-called political correctness in a number of high profile child abuse scandals.

    But if we really are serious about “being honest” about these issues, then by all means, let’s be honest and open. Because I’ve go my own list of “10 True Things You Can’t Say” about immigration and race:

    In response Trevor Phillips' list of verifiable and well documented facts, the leftie bigot Hodges the presents us with his own highly subjective list of things his gay, Labour voting, chardonnay drinking mates in expensive north London suburbs agree people should not be allowed to say when talking about race related issues. You might guess from the picture that Trevor Phillips is somewhat better qualified than Dan Hodges to understand the state of race relations in Britain.

    1) Most of the people who demand an open and honest debate about racism are racist.
    What a completely irrational statement to open with, typical of a left winger however because what he is really saying is, "If you disagree with me, you are a racist." Well sorry Dan, not only do I disagree, I think you are a stupid twat. Most of the people who suppress an open and honest debate about racism by calling people who oppose them racist are bigots who rely on fascist tactics because they lack debating skills.

    2) Most of the people who demand an open and honest debate about racism are hypocrites. As soon as you point to their racism they run around screaming “You called me a racist! How dare you! You can’t say that!”
    Most of the people who demand an open and honest debate about racism are honest. Those who disingenuously suggest they are racist then run around screaming 'Racist, racist!' are not only enemies of free speech and democracy, but possess an irrational hatred for the people of their own nation 9they actually hate themselves but we are not here to discuss psychological disorders common in supporters of left wing politics).

    3) Most of the people who demand an open and honest debate about racism only ever see one side of the debate. That’s because they’re invariably white, and have no personal experience of what racism actually is.
    Most of the people who suppress open and honest debate about racism only ever see one side of the debate. That’s because they’re invariably white, left wing, middle class professionals and media luvvies and have no personal experience of what racism actually is or understanding of what the word actually means.

    4) Most of the politicians who demand an open and honest debate are lying. They just want racists to vote for them, or worry they won’t get elected if racists don’t vote for them.
    Most of the politicians who demand an open and honest debate are people who have discovered a little residual integrity and are finally facing up to a serious issue and calling for a halt to the screeching lefties technique of shutting down discussion of this sensitive issue by screaming racist and bigot at people expressing perfectly reasonable views.

    5) When people want to excuse racism, they channel it through the prism of class. Say 'I have a real problem with immigration' and you will be challenged. Say 'Many working class communities are experiencing real problems with immigration' and you are given a pass.
    When left wing journalists want to use racism as an excuse for the anti - social behaviour of minorities (viz Rotherham, Rochdale, Sheffield, Birmingam, Oxford etc., they channel it through the prism of class, citing working class racism as the reson that some minorities refuse to integrate. Of course those of us who live in up market semi - rulal areas talk of problems experienced in working class communities, they kind of ethnic minority members who live in four bedroomed houses with a quarter acre of garden tend to be highly educated professionals or business people.

    6) Racism is still acceptable on all sides of the political spectrum. On the Left it’s acceptable to hate Jews. On the Right it’s blacks and Muslims. Racism towards Eastern Europeans is acceptable on both the Left and the Right.
    The left wing extremist who authored the abive comment is clearly suffering from Obsessive Compusive Disorder. To express anger at the way Israel behaves to Palestinians is not racism. Those on the right who call for immigration controls or a halt to appeasement of Islamic extremists are not driven by hate. The writer is referring to the lurid fantasies his sick mind has created about UKIP supporters. He forgets however that while, in his own words, his beloved Labour Party are anti semitic and the Conservatives hate blacks and Muslims, UKIP refuses to accept racism among its members and actively excludes those against there is any suggestion of the practice.


    It is impossible to “control immigration” to the UK.
    So long as the will exists it is easy to “control immigration” to the UK. All we have to do is tell the EU tht until we can agree a British exit path that will not trash the EU economies, destroy the Euro currency and plunce member nations into chaos, we wil simply ignore EU open borders laws as they were not voted on in a UK referendum, then we enforce existing border control laws instead of kowtowing to those who would fill our nation with a billion or so illiterate third world peasants.


    The lack of black, Asian and minority ethnic representation in British public life is a far greater scandal than the under-representation of women.
    The lack of black, Asian and minority ethnic representation in British public is a fallacy and a far greater load of left wing bullhit than the equally fallacious under-representation of women.


    Saying “racism is better now than it was 30 years ago” is the equivalent of saying “cancer is better now than it was 30 years ago”. Yes, we’re better at understanding and tackling it. But cancer is still cancer.
    Saying “racism is better now than it was 30 years ago” is a typical left wing non sequitur. Racism is racism, the belief that members of certain ethinic groups are infereior to others. But the cancer of left wing authoritarianism is still a social cancer and racism remains the favourite word of the left for dismissing the legitimate concerns of social groups such as the 'working classes' the left regards as morally and intellectually inferior.

    10) Ukip represent the biggest threat to British race relations since Oswald Mosley’s black-shirts.
    The task facing the electorate in may is to break the grip of, as they have shown over the past two decaes. UKIP are not perfect by a long distance but right now they represent the best hope for British sovereignty, culture, democracy, individual freedom and racial equality since the iniquitous introduction of the flawed, euphemistic, hypocritical "Race Relations Law" and New Labour's (Harriet Harman's) even more iniquitous "Equalities Bill" made British born white Europeans into second class citizens. RELATED POSTS: If a black person acts like a twat is it racist to say he's a twat.
    Examples of US rapper Kayne West behaving in ways that show what a cupid stunt he is occur to frequently for mainstream media to report them any more it seems. Or maybe it's just that because Kayne is an African American those mainstream journos were afraid of being called racist if they report his latest fuckwittery.

    The British Jihad, Islamism And The Curse Of Multiculturalism.
    Shock; horror. Human Barbie Doll has her own opinions
    Immigration - the elephant in the political debating chamber
    Once We Respected Red Cross Because The Did Good Work. Now They Promote Politically Correct Tyranny

    Biggest U Turn In The History Of Left Wing Hypocrisy?
    People Are Waking Up To The Fact That The European Union Is On The Fast Track To Fascism.
    Gardening is racism
    Immigration and benefits A cap on immigration Imigration marginlising the white working class? Libertarianism is not a right wing position Mass Immigration Means Failing Hospitals, Schools And Overcrowded Cities
    UK Government Report Confirms Huge Abuse of EU Free Movement Rules
    Diversity' Does Not Mean Quotas. Why Do The Left Have To Rewrite The Dictionary.
    The Arrogance Of The New Elite
    New World Order War On free Speech Comes To Britain - Guardian editor accused of treason
    Is It Lack Of Diversity That Drives Liberal Hate And Intolerance
    Champagne Socialists
    Chasing Bubbles

    Elsewhere: [Boggart Blog]...[Little Nicky Machiavelli]...[Scribd]...[ Wikinut] ... [Boggart Abroad]

  • Elton John's Dolce & Gabbana boycott is not a simple case of good versus evil

    There's nothing quite like an Elton John hissy fit for putting people off gays bigtime. Every time the old tart gets on his high horse (and falls off the other side like a comedy cowboy) another few million people join the homophobics union.

    Few subjects are as certain to kick off an internet flame war as what constitutes a proper family. You would the wisdom of Solomon and delicate tread of an Angel to deal with the topic painlessly; and were you to lucky enough to find one, that Angel would probably refuse to offer an opinion, not daring to tread on such easily offended tootsies.

    Instead then, find a fool, or a bunch of fools. Let them rush in, as did the ever sillier former rock star 'Sir' Elton John when fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana, made some less than laudatory comments about non standard families.

    One of the fashionistas made a comment about same-sex parents: "Every child should have a mother," he said, which Sir Elton interpreted as an insult; (these days he interprets everything as an insult); consequently, the singer has demanded a boycott of the Italian's designer clothing. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Well the topic of same sex marriages will be debated for a long time and the issues if IVF and same sex parents will become more rather than less controversial.

    But whether we think a child fares better with natural parents or not, I'm sure we can all agree no child deserves the stigma of being related to Elton John

    Eugenics by any other name: Scientists call for ban on editing human genome
    Transhumanism: With A Chip Under Your Skin You Will Be Superhuman
    The Dark Side Of Biotech Just Got Even Darker
    Of Mice and Men and Mad Scientists. The Lunatics Trying To Create Man - Mouse Hybrids
    Freaky Frankenstein Fishes
    We Must Let Darwinism Do Its Work.
    The human egg trade is science meets creepy
    Scientists making human / animal hybrid embryos
    Eugenics to create Frankenstein babies
    Eugenics belongs to the political left not the right

  • Venezuela's Maduro given executive powers to face U.S. 'imperialism'

    Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro in defiant mood

    We have learned via Reuters news feed that Venezuela’s National Assembly on Sunday (15 March) voted Sunday to grant President Nicholas Maduro powers to rule by decree in defense and security affairs amid an escalating confrontation with the US Government in Washington. The special powers were approved by a show of hands in the assembly after two hours of debate. They will be in effect for six months.

    In our previous post and several other recent articles the escalating diplomatic conflict between the Venezuelan governmen that America's Obama administration has been reported and analyzed. We also speculated that Venezuela is corporate puppet Obama's latest target for destabilization. Whether the USA will go as far as it did in Ukraine and Syria by sponsoring, arming and training terrorist groups for the purpose of starting civil conflicts to overthrow established regimes, the legitimately elected, if corrupt, government of Ukraine and the oppressive but secular and stable dictatorship of Bashar Assad in Syria. Both interventions have been spectacular failures and led to bloody civil war that have cost thousands of innocent lives.

    Reuters reported that Maduro said in a speech to the National Asembly "I'm going to ask for an anti-imperialist Enabling Law ... to preserve the nation's peace, integrity and sovereignty."

    Opposition leaders attacked the President, saying he was using the crisis in relations with Washington to justify sideline parliament, distract attention from Venezuela's grave economic crisis and establish an autocratic regime.

    "Nicolas, are you requesting the Enabling Law to make soap, nappies and medicines appear, to lower inflation?" opposition leader Henrique Capriles sneered, "It's another smokescreen."

    Confirming Venezuela as Washington's No. 1 adversary in Latin America after a convenient resumations of diplomatic relations with Cuba, the United States, where foreign policy always demands a Bond - villain style adversary, has selected Maduro as their latest blofeld / Goldfinger / Hugo Drax / Scaramanga caricature enemy, qualifying the Venezuelan government a major security threat to the USA.

    In terminology that has also been used for measures against nations like Iran and Syria, President Barack Obama's government declared a "national emergency" due to "the unusual and extraordinary threat" from Venezuela.

    Despite the recent improvement in relations with Washington, communist Cuba was quick to join Venezuela's mockery of the U.S. language.

    "Venezuela a threat to the United States? Thousands of miles away, without strategic arms and without using resources or officials to conspire against the U.S. constitutional order, the declaration is barely credible and reveals the real aims of those behind it," Cuba's government said in a statement.

    Despite the diplomatic tensions, the United States is Venezuela's top trading partner and the OPEC member's crude sales even rose in February to 796,000 barrels per day.

    In other words, the serially FUBAR foreign policy of the Obama administration has made the USA a laughing stock once more. Unfortunately what usually happens after that is US bombs start dropping on innocent civilians of the nations that refuse to bend the knee for America's President Petulant.

    First Libya. next Syrian then The World for The Emperor Obama?
    Ukraine coup was US led
    Germany and france distance themselves from USA on Ukraine war
    Warmonger Obama Goes Looking For Another War, In Venezuela This Time
    Why Libya is ringing alarm bells in Italy
    New World Order planning regime change in Venezuela Anti - War? What A Joke These Leftie Hypocrites Are
    US Special Forces caught red-handed in Syria
    There's An Alien In The White House


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