• NATO violates treaty to support the Evil Empire

    Since the Russians got fed up of Obama using his ISIS puppets to attack Russia's long time ally Syria and exposed American claims they were fighting the ragbag army of fanatics, criminals, mercenaries and ragheads in the middle east and decided to kick the shit out of the rebeles before their fantatical version of Islam destabilized Europe, The Ministry Of Truth (i.e. government public relations departments and all of western print and broadcast media) has turned the outrage generator up to eleven in their efforts to demonize Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

    What is not mentioned of course is that starting with Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, every American led intervention in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations has violated a legally binding treaty signed in 1997 between NATO and the Russian Federation.

    You can look at the opening paragraphs below and there's a link to the full document below the text. And if we are lucky Professor WantWar who claims he lectures in Stupid at the University of Fantasia and who has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy debate since 2008 (hey Prof, we're still waiting for that irrefutable evidence that the Russians shot down Flight MH17, or for proof of a Russian military invastion of Ukraine: Oh sorry, I forgot in your warped world view sending truckloads of food and medical supplies counts as hostile military action because Russia did it while the FUKUS axis bombing the crap out of a small nation like Libya can be considered humanitarian aid.*)

    Here's that treaty:

    Founding Act

    on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation signed in Paris, France

    • 27 May. 1997
    • |
    • Last updated: 12 Oct. 2009 17:48



    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and its member States, on the one hand, and the Russian Federation, on the other hand, hereinafter referred to as NATO and Russia, based on an enduring political commitment undertaken at the highest political level, will build together a lasting and inclusive peace in the Euro-Atlantic area on the principles of democracy and cooperative security.

    NATO and Russia do not consider each other as adversaries. They share the goal of overcoming the vestiges of earlier confrontation and competition and of strengthening mutual trust and cooperation. The present Act reaffirms the determination of NATO and Russia to give concrete substance to their shared commitment to build a stable, peaceful and undivided Europe, whole and free, to the benefit of all its peoples. Making this commitment at the highest political level marks the beginning of a fundamentally new relationship between NATO and Russia. They intend to develop, on the basis of common interest, reciprocity and transparency a strong, stable and enduring partnership.

    This Act defines the goals and mechanism of consultation, cooperation, joint decision-making and joint action that will constitute the core of the mutual relations between NATO and Russia.

    NATO has undertaken a historic transformation -- a process that will continue. In 1991 the Alliance revised its strategic doctrine to take account of the new security environment in Europe. Accordingly, NATO has radically reduced and continues the adaptation of its conventional and nuclear forces. While preserving the capability to meet the commitments undertaken in the Washington Treaty, NATO has expanded and will continue to expand its political functions, and taken on new missions of peacekeeping and crisis management in support of the United Nations (UN) and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), such as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to address new security challenges in close association with other countries and international organisations. NATO is in the process of developing the European Security and Defence Identity (ESDI) within the Alliance. It will continue to develop a broad and dynamic pattern of cooperation with OSCE participating States in particular through the Partnership for Peace and is working with Partner countries on the initiative to establish a Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council. NATO member States have decided to examine NATO's Strategic Concept to ensure that it is fully consistent with Europe's new security situation and challenges.

    Russia is continuing the building of a democratic society and the realisation of its political and economic transformation. It is developing the concept of its national security and revising its military doctrine to ensure that they are fully consistent with new security realities. Russia has carried out deep reductions in its armed forces, has withdrawn its forces on an unprecedented scale from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries and withdrawn all its nuclear weapons back to its own national territory. Russia is committed to further reducing its conventional and nuclear forces. It is actively participating in peacekeeping operations in support of the UN and the OSCE, as well as in crisis management in different areas of the world. Russia is contributing to the multinational forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Read full document

    *If you have formed the impression that my contempt for the self righteous, fuckwitted clown could cut through the shields on the Imperial Death Star in Star Wars, you are on the right track.

  • Bacon Sandwiches to Be Banned In The Workplace?

    Communal workplace kitchens may soon face a ban on pork products like sausage rolls and ham sandwiches over fears that they are "offensive” to certain faiths.

    New guidelines proposed by CoExist House, a U.S. and UK-based interfaith group, urge employers to consider the rules of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Sikhism, as well as new religions like Scientology. It warns bosses to be sensitive to worker's religions before allowing ham products to be stored or prepared alongside other products.

    The group also suggests that alcohol should not be served at corporate events in case it upsets the feelings of members of certain faiths (would these certain faiths be muslim I wonder, because they're the only faith that has a problem with other peoples' ways of life, and they seem to have a problem with everything.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Pork Pie, yummy. With a dollop of Branston Pickle, a mixed salad and a couple of slices of crusty bread, washed down with a pint of trsditional English bitter. Food for the Gods, but not middle eastern Gods it seems. Well this is a British website, we don't do politically correct and we like pork pie, bacon sandwiches, sausage baps and so on. And if your religion has a problem with that, you can FUCK THE FUCKING FUCK OFF.

    <p><b><u>RELATED POSTS:</u></b><br />

    <a href="">Can Muslim Culture Ever Integrete With Tolerant Western Socities?</a><br />
      We in the developed nations are constantly told we must accept multiculturalism (Why? We never voted in favour of it?), celebrate diversity (We do celebrate diversity, there are thousands of diverse lifestyle within western societies) and adapt to accommodate the quirky but charming traditions of immigrants ...

    Merkel Hit By German Citizens Backlash As Her Anti - German, Pro - Immigration Policy Indtroduces Violence, Rape and Third World Lawlessness To Germny's Muslim Ghettos
    As the lawless criminal scum imported by Merkel in her efforts to suck up to Obama threaten to turn Germany into a third world human cespit, it seems public opinion in European is waking up.
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  • Fuel Allowance For Winter? I Could Be Dead By Then.

    the road to wigan pier

    The Taxpayers' Alliance is in trouble with The Islington Screechers and their supporters, the brain dead people who vote Labour in the hope people will think they are 'nice', after suggesting the government could cut pensioner benefits now because they might "not be around" at the 2020 general election.

    The group also commented that some pensioners might forget about the cuts by the time they go to the ballot box in the next election. (full story)

    OK, poor taste but I'm sixty seven and it made me laugh.

    The idiot lefties, apart from being completely humourless, have no practical solutions to the world's or our nation's many problems (when your credit in maxed out, increasing public spending is not a solution - go and live in Greece if you don't believe me) but unable to win the debate with reasoned argument have become at taking offence on behalf of others.

    One of the benefits under threat is the winter fuel allowance paid to people of pension age. Because of the 'nice' peoples' obsession with the idea that benefits should never be 'means tested', we all get this. I don't need it, none of my friends or family members need it, none of us would object to a simple means test (e.g. We all still pay income tax and therefore don't need an allowance designed specifically to help older poor people). Why should it be take from the really needy because the 'nice' brigade think any kind of a means test is unjust?

    The means test horror really shows that far from being progressive as they claim, the left are stuck in the past. In the great depression of the 1920s and 1930s a means test administered by the National Assistance Board was really cruel and unfair, to understand its injustices read George Orwell's The Road To Wigan Pier - free online HERE, but a .txt document so you'll have to load it into a word processor for readability.

    When I have pointed out before that a lot of people such as myself do not need a Winter Fuel Payment, I alway had a few lefties telling me I should return it then. ONE: Why should I put myself out when I haven't asked for it. TWO: It would cost us poor taxpayers far more than £250 per head to administer all the returned payments.

    So why are we pandering to a bunch of confused fuckwits who are so selfish they'd rather be thought of as 'nice' in internet comment threads than be sensible about dealing with problems and make sure benefits go to those who need them.

  • Putin’s Blitz Leaves Washington Rankled and Confused

    from Information Clearing House
    On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a blistering critique of US foreign policy to the UN General Assembly.

    On Tuesday, Barack Obama shoved a knife in Putin’s back. This is from Reuters:

    “France will discuss with its partners in the coming days a proposal by Turkey and members of the Syrian opposition for a no-fly zone in northern Syria, French President Francois Hollande said on Monday…

    French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius “in the coming days will look at what the demarcation would be, how this zone could be secured and what our partners think,” Hollande told reporters on the sidelines of the annual United Nations General Assembly…

    Hollande said such a proposal could eventually be rubber-stamped with a U.N. Security Council resolution that “would give international legitimacy to what’s happening in this zone.”…(France, partners to discuss northern Syria ‘safe zone’: Hollande, Reuters)

    Hollande is a liar and a puppet. He knows the Security Council will never approve a no-fly zone. Russia and China have already said so. And they’ve explained why they are opposed to it, too. It’s because they don’t want another failed state on their hands like Libya, which is what happened last time the US and NATO imposed a no-fly zone.

    But that’s beside the point. The real reason the no-fly zone issue has resurfaced is because it was one of the concessions Obama made to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the use of Incirlik airbase. Washington has kept the terms of that deal secret, but Hollande has let the cat out of the bag.

    So who put sock-puppet Hollande up to this no-fly zone nonsense?

    Why the Obama administration, of course. Does anyone seriously believe that Hollande is conducting his own independent policy in Syria? Of course not. Hollande is just doing what he’s been told to do, just like he did when he was told to scotch the Mistral deal that cost France a whopping $1.2 billion. Washington and NATO didn’t like the idea that France was selling state-of-the-art helicopter carriers to arch-rival Putin, so they ordered Hollande to put the kibosh on the deal. Which he did, because that’s what puppets do; they obey their masters. Read all >>>


    Biggest US Foreign Policy Failure Since Vietnam: Iran Masses Ground Troops For Invasion Of Syria
    Syria: US and UK hypocrisy about Russias air strikes
    Assad in sight of victory in Syria so Obama steps up support for ISIS
    Syria is USA's proxy war against Putin
    How Obama totally misunderestimated Assad's Syria
    The FUKUS axis in Syria

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  • Bizarre report from Afghanistan by BBC

    In the ten years this blog has existed we have seen BBC News become less an impartial reporter of events in Britain and the world and more like the Ministry Of Truth, the propaganda department of the Big Brother Regime in George Orwell's 1984.

    About the only people who believe BBC reports are politicians, tax - eaters (public sector workers, schoolteachers, academics, NHS managers and professionals and the luvvies of the meeja and celebrity industry) But occasionally even the BBC cannot cover up the truth in service of its corporate masters agenda. This report from Afghanistan on how the city of Kunduz, recently overrun by the resurgent Taliban and according to official reports, almost immediately won back by Afghan Government troops is an example:

    from BBC News:

    Rights groups have expressed concern for the large numbers of civilians trapped in the Afghan city of Kunduz, amid fierce fighting between the Taliban and government troops.The government has accused the Taliban of raping and killing civilians after it seized the northern city this week. The Taliban rejected the accusations.

    Both sides are claiming to be in control of much of the city.

    But one resident of Kunduz told the BBC that he disputes the government's claims that the city has been retaken, saying he could see no evidence of government troops there.

    So have The Taliban been kicked out of Kunduz, was there even a counter attack by government troops, did the Taliban even manage to gain control of the city? You guess is as good as ours. Everything you read or hear in news these days is carefully managed propaganda.

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    Only 5 Percent Of Russian Air Strikes Hitting Islamic, British Defence Secretary Lies
    After an amazing outburst from the delusional Brack Obama left the United Nations General Assembly in stunned silence because Obama has accused Russia and China of all the recent breaches of international law of which the USA is demonstably guilty, the propaganda departments of western governments seem to have totally lost their grip on reality.

  • Charlotte Church blames Syria's brutal civil war on CLIMATE CHANGE (not ISIS or Obama))

    Last Nights QT: Stephen Kinnock, Leanne Woor (obscured) Charles Moore, David Dimbleby (host) Charlotte, Stephen Crabbe (Image source)

    Classical singer turned left wing fuckwit showed exactly what is wrong with the left on Question Time last night

    Climate change played a role in Syria's conflict, according to Charlotte Church. Speaking as part of the panel on BBC Question Time, the Welsh singer said drought in the region had caused food shortages, causing a strain on the country and giving rise to the conflict.

    Her comments came as a response to a question regarding whether the UK should carry out air strikes in Syria. She pointed out that Syria experienced "one of the worst droughts in its history" between 2006 and 2011 and said not many people knew about this.

    "This of course meant that there were water shortages and crops weren't growing," said Church.

    Being a leftie little Charlotte might have the voice of an angel but she has the brains of a strawberry flan as she showed last night.

    I read not long ago she's down to her last £million, so she has blown her fortune and her talent as well as half the rugby players in south wales. OMFG, didn't she just make a fucking fool of herself. And that's probably blown what was left of her career. Poor daft cow.

    Silly Charlie did however give bloggers plenty of material that will make our readers laugh

    Charlotte Church makes a tit of herself

    I read not long ago she's down to her last £million, so she has blown her fortune and her talent as well as half the rugby players in south wales, and now she has proved that she might have the voice of an angel but she has the brains of an earthworm to go with it. OMFG, didn't she make a fool of herself. And that's probably blown what was left of her career. Poor cow.

  • Council Of Europe Concerned At Rising Racism In Germany: Immigration A Benefit To European Culture

    A report from Europe's top human rights watchdog, The Council Of Europe, published Thursday, 1 October raised concerns about the growing incidence of racismracism in Germany, citing a wave of far-right, anti-Islam demonstrations at odds with the more recent image of a country ready to open its doors to hundreds of thousands of refugees (no mention of the meteric rise in rapes of German women by foreigners of course).

    "There have been worrying developments as regards public manifestations of racism and xenophobia,” the Council's committee on national minorities said in a press release.

    "Manifestations of anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments are… reported to be rising, as well as attacks against asylum seekers,” the report states.

    It specifically referred to the Monday marches organised by the anti-Islam PEGIDA movement last winter, which at its height drew crowds of up to 25,000 in the eastern city of Dresden, although support for the movement has since fallen. (But no mention of the meteoric increase in rapes of German women by foreigners since Hausfrau-Volksfuhrer opened the floood gates)

    While there were large counter-demonstrations and official statements in support of diversity and mutual respect, "sustained efforts are still needed to foster a climate of tolerance and intercultural dialogue,” the council lied, without mentioning the way German mainstream media blacks out reports of the true level of anger at uncontrolled immigration among German citizens.

    The report — which was adopted in March but only released on Thursday — also highlighted the "heinous fatal stabbing” of an Eritrean man in Dresden on the evening of one far-right demo, days after the door of his flat had had a swastika painted on it, but contains no reference to violent crimes perpetrated by foreigners (particularly from Africa and the middle east) against Germans.

    European immigrants integrate with Native Americans Image Source

    Boggart Blog, West Of The Mississipi, 1 October, 1815. Today a council of Native American elders from the Sioux , Comanche, Cheyenne, Arapaho and 150 other tribes have debated how to cope with the estimated 220 million illegal immigrants who are expected to come to or be born in the United States in the next 200 years.

    "Our ageing population needs immigration" said Running Cloud of the Hopi.

    "We have always been a mongrel nation " said Little Bear of the Shawnee

    "We probably brought this on ourselves by angering the Rain God" said an anonymous Chief. "Our rain dances were not good enough this year"

    "It might be better if we could protect our borders and keep them in camps in Europe" said Black Cloud of the Shawnee.

    This was described as "racist" by Big Chief Lardarse Merkel of the Cee - Hun - Tees Tribe who said that she could see no risk to the continued prosperity of Indigenous Americans in allowing Europeans to come to America. She was sure that they would quickly integrate themselves into Native American culture and the carefully created civilisation that had taken thousands of years to develop would be unaffected.

  • A Lesson In Democracy For Obama

    Someone on this site once told me I am a fan of Vladimir Putin. It was news to me but the blogger claims he is some sort of University lecturer or Professor or something and having read a few of his posts, he comes across as stupid and detached from reality enough for it to be true.

    He of course, as befits one who eats courtesy of us taxpayers, never deviates from the approved line, Russians wear black hats, Americans wear white hats, American might is always right and money doesn't just talk, it speaks the truth.

    Interesting to see how since then, it has been the warmongering neo Con Obama who has fucked Syria and Iraq, shafted the Kurds, launched a tide of Islamic rapists, professional beggars and general arsehole on the people of Europe, while in the face of constant provocation Vladimir Putin has behaved with restraint and dignity and thinks to his having superior diplomatic skills to the ex rent-boy Obama has pulled the world back from the brink of all out war several times.

    just after another immature and petulant display of histrionics from Obama Putin even handed out a lesson in what democracy is all about. It also sums up what is wrong with Ameraca's and the rent boy Presidents approach to foreign policy

  • Watch Arabic speaking Ukrainian Woman Expose Extremism of Mulsim Migrants

    h/t The orchidaceous Pam Geller ...

    Watch this YouTube video in which an Arabic speaking Ukrainian woman reveals what she saw and heard while travelling by train among Muslim 'refugees' en route to Germany. Unaware they she understood everything they said,these barbarian scumbags who want to stop Europeans eating pork and bacon because it is an abomination to Islam, but are content to live like pigs, discussed gang raping the woman because she was 'bad and sinful' for not covering her face with a hijab and wearing European clothes.

    The people on that train were not typical Muslims, I know many Muslims who respect European traditions and moral standards, and some years ago I even 'knew' in the Biblical sense a Muslim woman whose legs, if not the best I've seen, certainly could have been contenders, and who liked to show them off by wearing short skirts.

    Those of you who think all dark skinned people are superior beings should watch this five minute video (with subtitles) and then if you still think filling Europe with the scum of the earth is a good idea, perhaps you will do the decent think and FUCK OFF to live in the kind of barbaric cesspit you admire so much.

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

    What a pity the liberals and leftists and progressives have forgotten the meaning of those words.

  • What Putin Will Tell The UN

    As winds down to its inevitable death, I find it harder to muster the enthusiasm needed for writing scintillating blog posts. So from now until the end of days I'll just keep posting stuff from elsewhere:

    LEAKED: Putin Talking Points for UN Speech Spilled by Foreign Minister
    from International Observer

    On Monday, September 28, Russia President Vladimir Putin is planning a one-day trip to New York City to take part in the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, exactly 10 years after his previous speech there. This time Putin cannot afford to skip the UN session because of the jubilee character of the meeting. No doubt, his address will be one of the most closely watched by the whole world.

    Knowing his reserved demeanor, nobody expects him to bang upon the podium with his shoe, but what will the Russian leader bring to New York?

    In an interview on the Russian Sunday Time TV program, Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spilled the beans on what his boss would say to the world.

    Of course, Putin will be talking about the economic sanctions imposed on his country by the West for Russia’s interference in Ukraine’s politics. Mr. Lavrov, expressing the position of Putin, said that the West had been “obsessed with sanctions measures, and not only toward Russia… As soon as something doesn’t go out according to their [West’s] templates—right away they grab the instrument of sanctions,” he said, and this might be the Putin’s exact future quote.

    But the sanctions on Russia won’t become a major issue of Putin’s address.


    It should be quite an amusing day with Putin talking his usual, measured, politically mature good sense while the coked up rent boy Obama rants and raves about Russian warmongering as his own US troops are active in all the major conflicts currenty going on, most of which have been started by US meddling in sovereign nation's domestic politics during the presidency of the man who was sold as the peacemaker, joybringer and aquatic pedestrian.

  • New Greek cabinet member quits on first day


    Hours after starting his new job, a junior minister in Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' left-wing government resigned late Wednesday over messages posted on his Twitter account, which were considered racist and anti-Semitic. Dimitris Kammenos submitted his resignation hours after Tsipras' new Cabinet was sworn in.

    Kammenos is a lawmaker from the nationalist Independent Greeks party, a small party that had joined the new coalition government after a general election was held in Greece on Sunday . He was one of five members of the right-wing party named to the government by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, which was also the junior party in his last administration.

    So it looks like Greece has another stable and responsible government that will steer the nation out of its long running crisis then.


    German Authorities Claim Economic Migrants Are Saying They Are Syrian Refugees To Get Into The Country
    The shock renewal by Germany of border controls was, it turns out, a consequence of Hausfrau Merkel's ill - advised decision to announce that all Syrians arriving in Germany would be welcomed, a stupid move, probably aimed at sucking up to the terrorist - loving Obama administration in the USA, that was doomed to end in disaster from the outset.

  • Here's A Snippet From A Brilliant Article On Climate Change

    Those building the biblical Tower of Babel, intending to reach heaven, did not know where heaven was and hence when the project would be finished, or at what cost.

    Those setting out to solve the climate change problem now are in the same position. If we were to spend 10 or even 100 trillion dollars mitigating carbon dioxide emissions, what would happen to the climate? If we can’t evaluate whether reversing climate change would be value for money, why should we bother, when we can clearly identify many and better investments for such huge resources?

    The forthcoming Paris meeting on climate change will be setting out to build a modern Tower of Babel.

    READ FULL POST at Standpoint Magazine

    The science STILL isn't settled ...

  • ISIS, Democracy and the Dickheads

    Just about the most pertinent comment I have seen to date on the US Neoliberal favoured method of bringing freedom and democracy to people of the middle east and north Africa who have lived quite happily under the 'tyrannay' of dictators like Assad and Gadaffi, knowing full well that should those dictators fall, the theocracies that would replace them were likely to be far more brutal and repressive.

    Tyler over at Zero Hedge has a brilliant article out today on how Putin's geopolitical skills have put Obama, Kerry and the US warmongers in a position where they must support Russia and Iran's initiative to crush ISIS or admit that the US governnment was never interested in defeating ISIS, a group they regarded as proxies for their bid to topple Assad and turn Syrian into another failed state.

    Quite how that would serve American interests is not clear, but Washington foreign policy never had a lot to do with global realities.

  • If A Dead Child Does Not Win Over The Facebook Idiotocracy Try A Hungry Puppy.

    The dead child video (conceived, written and performed by The United Nations Glbal Tyranny dept) quickly unravelled , while there is no doubt the chilkd died, which is a tragedy, the fact that his father who put him on the flimsy rubber boat for a hazardous journey across open sea, was a player in the people trafficking racket made the story a lot less poignant (Image source)

    "If the dead kid don't get them, throw in a hungry puppy." It could have come from the mouth of the famously cynical and insensitive Hollywood movie mogul Sam Goldwyn

    The latest hearstring tugging, HD-video Released by the UN High Commissioner for Global Fascist Tyranny Refugees (UNHCR) social media department,  features Aslan who proclaims that he has walked 300 miles (and he would walk 300 more) with his pet puppy because all little Bonzo wants is to be a, free European dog and pee on free, European trees.

    Just what kind of oppression or hardship Aslan is fleeing and how desperate his plight is not clear (maybe his country is so backward he is having to get by with an iPhone 4,) but his pristine white shoes, smart clothes generally well-fed and looked after appearance suggest he has had to rough it on his arduous journeys by settling for overnight stays in lowly four star hotels.

    “Humanising” the migrant crisis and neatly packaging it for consumption by the West's full time wailers and gnashers of teeth, is the work of various government's Orwellian Ministry Of Truth departments in colaboration with supranational agencies dedicated to promoting the agenda of the oligarchical collectivists. Thus the caption accompanying the UNHCR video on Facebook, which has been viewed 2.7 million times in the past two days reads “Many animal lovers will relate to this 17-year-old boy from Damascus, Syria… When forced to flee home because of war, many people would never dream of leaving their pets behind”.

    Speaking to the camera, Aslan recounts: I love this dog! I need him, I would not dream of leaving him behind …  whenthey said, ‘you can’t take your dog’, but   I had to make my own travel arrangements. I have food, I have water, so long as I have my dog I have everything. I love this dog and allah more than I love life itself (or some shit like that)

    Quite Aslan could have acquired a pedigree Husky pup in Syria, nor how he would have transported it on the migrant route to Europe with him, considering Muslims, perceive dogs to be unclean animals who void good deeds. The UNHCR seems unconcerned however, as it presents Aslan and his little dog as yet another reason for West nations to open their borders to unlimited numbers of migrants. In war the first casualty is always truth and we are at war, not with ISIS, not with Muslims, not with Russia and China (though if that one does kick off we're fucked) but with our own riuling elites whose total control  agenda demands the destruction of the educated working and middle classes of Europe, North America and a few other outposts of civilisation such as Australia.

    The video comes as attitudes harden towards migrants across Europe, and leaders look to alternatives to welcoming unlimited migration to the continent.

    Playing Poker With Obama: Putin’s Calculated Risk In Syria
    I've said before that the reason Vladimir Putin outmanoeuvres the US State Department in every diplomatic skirmish is that while American's play poker, which is all about bluff, Putin plays chess which is all about strategy. Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to risk the possibility of military clashes with the United States and its European Allies, Saudi Arabia, other major Muslim nations and Israel by intervening in Syria ...

    Syrian Doctor Makes More Trafficking Migrants to Greece Than He Can Doctoring
    A former doctor from Syria has described how he now makes £60,000 a month trafficking people from Turkey to Europe. He has warned European Union (EU) member states that the refugees will continue to come even if all the borders are shut, saying “They will dig tunnels if necessary.”

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    Playing Poker With Obama: Putin’s Calculated Risk In Syria
    I've said before that the reason Vladimir Putin outmanoeuvres the US State Department in every diplomatic skirmish is that while American's play poker, which is all about bluff, Putin plays chess which is all about strategy. Russian President Vladimir Putin had decided to risk the possibility of military clashes with the United States and its European Allies, Saudi Arabia, other major Muslim nations and Israel by intervening in Syria ...

  • They're having a laugh aren't they?

    Your special correspondent here. Previous post was mine to because Ian is not around today, but I forgot to use the 'anyone can use it if invited' login so he will get any flack it generates. (Wasn't intentional Ian, honestly :> )

    The best story of the day was in The Daily Express and reported on a study which concludes 37% of people currently alive will develop dementia before they die.

    Only 37%? Whoever drafted that report has not spent much time on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Government Spurns People Who Offered Spare Rooms For Immigrants

    Following the Ministry Of Truth emotional blackmail that used the emotive picture of Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler washed up on a Turkish beach to appeal to the eternal wailing-and-gnashing-of-teeth brigade, at least 4,200 gullible morons people have offered spare rooms in their homes to Syrian refugees, only to be told ‘no thanks’ by the government.
    Those who, prompted by and the example of public figures such as Bob Geldof, who said, aresehloles, wankers, bastards, CUNTS, and the Archbishop of Canterbury who said the decision is a little disappointing, those who have offered homes to Syrian refugees in their own properties, thousands of Brits offered spare rooms and even sofas to those who need them.

    But the Home Office has turned down their offer, saying that accommodation must consist of a whole house only. A government spokesperson said, "Do these people not realise most of the fugitives from justice have four wives and dozens of children as well as large extended families. We urge people who want to help to will their homes to the government refugee apppeal and then kill themselves and their families so we can reallocate the empty properties to deserving cases.

    Under that definition even the offers made by the Geldof and the Archbishop are likely to go mostly unheeded – Geldof told Irish radio that he was ARSE, FECK, WANKER, willing to take in four families, three in his Kent home and one his London flat living alongside his family, while the Archbishop has offered a cottage in the grounds of Lambeth palace large enough to home two families. The rules would seem to require a little more than that, but its all in the name of multiculturalism folks.

  • Stephen Nolan’s Pro-Migrant Stance Puts BBC Under Fire

    by Arthur Foxake

    Following a barrage of criticism from fair minded listeners,The Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has acknowledged that Radio 5 Live presenter Stephen Nolan, a tub ob blubber in a terrible shirt, did not phrase his aggressive, pro-migration, anti - British haranguing of phone-in callers who disagreed with his white genocide agenda as well as he could have.

    Fat bastard Nolan pissed off most of his listeners last week after launching verbal assaults those who said that Britain shouldn’t accept tens of thousands of new migrants as announced by Prime Minister David Cameron earlier this month.

    He was subsequently challenged to a debate on the matter but the cowardly gay gutbucket, instead blocked many of his Twitter followers that urged him to accept the challenge (lefties can't debate of course, they can only hurl childish insults - a stle of debating which they are absolutely shit at so I give them a few lessons below), and was dismissed by fellow radio presenter Jon Gaunt as a “fat boy, pompous prick”.

    His opinions, which he clearly and robustly put across in his role as a publicly funded broadcaster which empowers him to tell his audience what opinions they may hold, are totally out of step with the majority of British voters, who don’t want Britain to accept more migrants before clearly and robistly cutting off callers who took him to task on his bigoted, anti - british statements.

    Steve Nolan, BBC Fat Bastard
    BBC Presenter Steve (Nosher) Nolan gets ready to gobble a snack that would feed an entire African village for a month

    Ironically it is the BBC who will be on the wrong side of history, I do wonder were they will all crawl off to when they eventually find themselves out of work as the BBC is told 'observe the terms of the charter or lose the licence fee.

    The arrogance of the BBC authoritarian left will never allow them to recognise their error here or how out of touch they are with their audience. We have had wall to wall pro migrant propaganda for months now from the national broadcaster, followed by a BBC commissioned poll which showed majority of the British people didn't want any more migrants, of any sort. This moderated the BBC propaganda for about 24 hours, before they renewed their efforts to 'educate' us to the error of our ways.

    Then on yesterdays Any Answers a forlorn BBC presenter said we are only getting interest from the public one way on the migrant issue, that of not wanting any. Then today we get Peinaar putting his stupid question.

    And this should be taken in context with the BBC having to admit they didn't represent the public opinion on immigration.

    The BBC is un-reformable , and even when they are picking up their unemployment checks they still won't understand why.

    As for Lard Mountain Nolan, maybe callers should learn the words to that song by The Macc Lads, Fat Bastards, and serenade him with it on air.

    Fat Bastard by The Macc Lads

    He'll eat your pies, he'll tell you lies,
    You wouldn't believe that fat bastard's size
    His massive gut is forty foot, it goes dark when he walks in the pub
    His buttocks part, you'll smell his farts,
    He's so fat, he can't wipe his own arse.
    So now you've heard about the ugly turd,
    He's a virgin and he's never had a bird

    Does anyone know he's gay? He goes round spreading AIDs.
    (We haven't got a clue where the fat fucker is)
    Has anyone seen him eat? He's never seen his feet.
    The fat bastard.

    Five hundred pounds, he's very round,
    But he gets taller when he lies on the ground
    He busts his flies, but he can't hide,
    Coz he's too big, too fat and too fucking wide

    Can anyone guess his weight? That was his fourteenth plate
    (We haven't got a clue where the fat fucker is)
    His backside blubbers about, cleavage peeping out
    The fat bastard

    Where's the fat cunt at? Even his fat is fat.
    (Found him, he's over here)
    You took your time to spot him, he's got an enormous bottom
    The fat bastard

  • Avast Behind Shipmates It Be Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Ahoy there, ye scum of scurvey laaaaandlubbers, think 'ee old Black Jack don't see 'ee handing around in the shadows like a bilge rat's bollocks. It be time to set sail across The Spanish Main and fill yer boots with doubloons and moidores. Ha - harrr bonny lads, and tell they European Union scum to heave to or we'll keelhaul their scuppers.

    Link to talklikeapirate home in case the embed frame does not work

  • Vegetarian Corbyn And Lardarse Abbott Were Lovers

    As lefties carry on grizzling about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn not singing the Royal Anthem (they don't even know that God Save The Queen is not actually the national anthem) was yesterday a bigger story than The Conservatives voting to cut tax credits which, the loonies claim will 'plunge thousands of families into poverty [wong, because a) we knew about that in April, and b) it will only significantly affect houseolds with annual incomes over £40k ], today's Corbyn story is much better.

    It has been revealed that weirdie beardie, vegetarian matchstick man Jezza and Tub Of Lard MP Diane Abbott were one lovers.


    We can see from the picture why the affair did not last. Jeremy is a stereotypical sandal wearing, tree hugging tofu scoffer who looks like a good meal would kill him, Diane looks likes she has enjoyed a few too many large helpings of curried goat with rice and peas, steak and chips or pie and mash.

  • There's gratitude for you

    So Hausfrau Merkel tells those lovely, peace loving Islamic jihadists, "You can all come to Germany, we are a tolerent nation who welcome multiculturalism and celebrate diversity. And here's the newly arrived in Germany jihadists message of thanks to the German people:

    Translation: you children will pray to Allah or die (Image source: Atlas Shugged (Pam Geller)

    It's time our leaders woke up to what is happening, then they have two options: they can grow backbones and stand up for their people and hope they can do enough so that we dn't throw them out of office at the first opportunity, or they can admit their whole approach to national sovereignty, immigration and the Islamic jihad has been idiotic, misguided and just plain wrong and then they can fuck the fucking fuck off unless they fancy having their severed heads displayed on iron spikes outside the parliament building of their repecyive county's.


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