• Orwell Was Not Wrong About The Result - Only The Year

    Socialist believer and those who love authoritarianism, big government and concepts such as each of us having our own personal government snooper whose job is to make sure we never step out of line, never try to think for ourselves and never even question the authority of the government to keep us under constant surveillance, tell us what we can and cannot read, say, think or how much we can eat and drink like to say "No na nah na naaa, Orwell was wrong, it's thirty years past 1984 and we're still free to do as we are told.

    As usual they are so wrong in so many ways. 1984 was an allegorical date, a reversal of the two final digits of 1948, they year in which his dystopian novel was written. What he was telling readers was, "this is what the future holds unless we reject oligarchic collectivism now."

    And now in 2014, those with eyes to see and ears to hear must be aware '1984' has been with us for a long time. It just crept up so stealtily most sheeple did not notice. This cartoon says it all ...

  • Second And Even More Lethal Strain Of Ebola Now Infecting People In Congo - Le Monde

    This Is Getting Serious. France's Le Monde reports:

    En RDC, 70 cas ont été confirmés, avec 47 décès, soit un taux de mortalité d'environ 70 %, similaire à celui observé en Afrique de l'Ouest. (In the DRC, 70 cases have been confirmed, including 47 deaths, a mortality rate of about 70%, higher than that observed in West Africa). | AFP/KATHY KATAYI

    We may now be facing two deadly Ebola outbreaks, a new strain of the virus which so far has killed 71 percent of those infected has been discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This is a higher mortality rate than the strain that has killed over 3000 people in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

    The virus in the DRC outbreak, which is nearly 2,300 miles away from the most eastern extent of the much larger West-African outbreak, has been studied by a joint French-Canadian team of virologists for the World Health Organisation who confirmed that it was distinct, sharing only 96.8 percent of genetic material: "The complete genome sequence of the virus responsible [ ... ] confirms that it is a virus Ebola species but it shows that the Congolese strain is different from Africa West”.

    The first cases in the new outbreak were recorded in August, and unlike the West-African disease the US Centre for Disease Control records a ‘patient-zero', a pregnant woman who slaughtered and prepared bush meat.

    Due to "local customs” observed after her death, several more became infected by her body and 46 have now died in the region.

    Although it has a distinct origin to the West-Africa outbreak, the Congo strain is related to previous outbreaks in the Central-African country, and is "very similar” to the outbreak that ravaged the Congo and her neighbours from 1995 to 1997.

    Ebola is a recurring issue for the Congo, where the virus was first identified in the settlements along the banks of the river Ebola, from which it takes its name. This is the seventh local outbreak since the first in 1976, although in the past the events have typically lasted years and infected hundreds rather than thousands. It is this extraordinary speed with which new cases are spread and the high mortality rate that makes the present outbreak notable to the scientific community, who have recorded some 4,500 deaths so far.

    (Translated with a little help from and summarised from Le Monde - Planete.)

    And the questions still remain:

    Why does the US Government hold a patent on the ebola virus?
    What was a biological weapons research team from the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) supplemented by scientists from Tulane University up to in their experiments on ebola carried out in a lab in Sierra Leone up until the government of that country threw them out earlier this year?

    We still say pople in the west do not have much to worry about, better diet and more hygienic living conditions should keep us safe. The confusion and ineptitude being shown by our leaders, and the sheer dishonesty of mainstream media's reporting of the ebola outbreak is a cause for serious concern however.
    You'll find more in this post.

    On the other hand it would be a mistake to get complacent. A lot could still go wrong. This for example:

    The European Union Plan to Takeover UK NHS Response to Ebola

    Health Menu
    Why does US Government hold a patent on Ebola>
    Ebola does Dallas
    Ebola and the Absent “Humanitarians”

  • Ciggy's £1.50 each. I smell an opportunity

    Smokers face Nanny State Naziism (picture source)

    Surrounded by almost TTIP levels of security, the World Health Organization (WHO) is conducting its biennial Conference of the Parties in Moscow between 13th to the 18th October.

    Attended by most signatory nations to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the aim of the convention is to make tobacco as profitable as heroin restrict and control people who smoke tobacco, "vape” electronic cigarettes, nicotine mouth stimulant, snus, and use Shisha pipes. It has 179 members who are mostly sovereign states plus the European Union.

    The giveaway that reveals the convention is really about bureaucratic control freakery lies in the clause about controlling electronic cigarettes. While users get their nicotine hit, the vapour does not have the same impact on health because the vapour is free of tar. But people enjoy it and so Nanny State and her Thought Police thugs must try to ban it.

    But things are not proceeding to plan for the control freaks. running The conference has been boycotted by USA and Canada over President Putin's involvement in the Ukraine while Director General Dr. Margaret Chan has been criticized for cozying up to Putin and praising Russia's recent tobacco control measures.

    Meanwhile in the Philippines, Ian Smith, the Executive Director of the Director-General's Office is talking to the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific about the Ebola outbreak. He says, "The Director-General sends you her best wishes for a productive session (on stopping the spread of Ebola). Unfortunately she is fully occupied with coordinating the international response to what is unquestionably the most severe acute public health emergency in modern times.”

    Yes, fully occupied in Moscow talking tobacco in preference to what many would believe is the far more pressing problem of the Ebola outbreak. Is Dr. Chan suffering from something of an obsession? You may say that, I couldn't possibly comment.

    What has really created dissent is the secret nature of the Moscow event. No media is allowed, and the votes taking place – including the one to back a "global tobacco tax", which is said to have passed – are not being formally recorded. Its as open and accountable as the Bilderberg Group or the TTIP negotiations.

    Journalists and the public have been entirely excluded frm the conference sessions. Mohamed Daganee, Libya's former Health Information Director said, "We don't know who [the public] are,” while a Ugandan representative proclaimed: "We don't need the public here!”

    One item of leaked news from inside the conference is that a statement of intent to raise the cost of a pack of cigarettes to £33 ($50) through taxation.

    So as no politician will oppose the war on enjoyment, I'm off to liduidise £100,000 of assets and invest it in contraband ciggies. After all Al Capone did well out of alcohol when they banned that.


    More (much more) on Nanny State

  • Ebola, Stock Market, Nuclear War. It's all going tits up. WTF?

    We're fucked.
    How fucked are we, you might well ask.
    We're fucking fucked, that's how fucked we are.

    Woke up this morning (I know that sounds like the opening of a blues song, but bear with me), leisurely breakfast, watched the news - Osborne wittering about how well they economy was doing (which was an ominous sign), read for a while, drove Mrs T down the shops. Came in, turned on the computer.

    First thing I see, Greece is facing economic meltdown. Nothing new there then, Greece is always facing economic meltdown. Next item:

    "We're Screwed” Says White House Correspondent and Government Document Surfaces Exposing the Real Truth Behind Ebola

    by Lisa Haven, Pakalert Press

    News about the widening Ebola outbreak is getting worse by the day. Thus far, 7,000 persons have been infected and about 3,500 have died—including our first official case in Dallas, Texas. Furthermore, rumors have been circulating about the possibility of Ebola infected persons from Arizona all the way to Washington D.C.

    If these headlines have left you wondering whether we are nearing a global pandemic with scenes reminiscent of movies like "Outbreak”, then here is something to ponder, at a recent Ebola conference White House Correspondent with CBS News Major Garrett, accidently left his mic on and was caught saying "Were Screwed” about the Ebola virus

    But that's not all, recently I came across a document put out by medical professionals (and others) titled, Hemorrhagic Fever Virus as Biological Weapon Medical and Public Health Management. This document revealed more about Ebola then I wished to know!

    Then I read that we are closer than ever to war with Russia and China over Ukraine and Syria, thanks to the stupidity of our politicians who just can't see that when the west starts meddling in the affairs of nations with vastly different cultures to our and when we try to impose on them by force, our culture and values, things never turn out well.

    Due to our Stupid Politicians – Nuclear War Could Be Near.

    There are a lot of stupid politicians the world over, mot of the stupidest it seems in the USA and UK. The US, backed by the UK and EU are dangerously close to stumbling into a war with Russia over Ukraine that could go nuclear and kill hundreds of millions of people in a single day, one of the world's leading authorities on the consequences of nuclear conflict warned in Washington this week.

    "It's an incredibly dangerous situation. … If there's a nuclear war tonight, that's the Northern Hemisphere (of the entire world) gone, Dr. Helen Caldicott told a National Press Club Newsmakers news conference on Wednesday. She was speaking on the topic: "Ukraine: Is Nuclear Conflict Likely?”

    And finally another headline caught my eye and I looked at the stock markets to find that stock markets in Europe, America and Asia are collapsing. Oh well, that's better news. I put my investments into safer havens over a year ago. :D

    So how will all this turn out. Check back 28 Days Later and I'll let you know.

    New Global Crisis Imminen, New Geneva Report Warns
    Financial Crisis? The Dow Has Already Fallen More Than 1000 Points From The Peak Of The Market
    Debt Crisis
    Corporate Banker's $1.5 Quadrillion Conspiracy: EU Accuses 13 Banks Of Operating A Derivative Trading Cartel
    Why Does US Government Hold A Patent On Ebola Virus
    Ebola: scaremongering or shit creek
    Ebola hits America
    Ukraine: The Brink Of Nuclear Holocaust
    Obama and Kerry - American warmongers

  • The Real Significance Of The Jimmy Savile Case

    I've always liked Anna Raccooon blog, it has always, since starting to look in about five years ago I have found it consistently intelligent, well written, unafraid of controversy and prepared to take a libertarian stance (for the benefit of Prof. Want - War, our resident academic village idiot, and other politically illiterate lefties, libertarian does not mean extreme right wing.

    Forget that lefties in the UK have labelled UKIP as a rebranded BNP, the Labour left are really only part a global fascist movement dedicated to totalitarian rule by the elite.

    Recently I went off Anna's blog. Suzanne (the eponymous Ms. Raccoon) took a rather different view to mine on the Jimmy Savile case. No problem with that, she has spent years as a lawyer working in the Court Of Protection, so her opinion on the lack of reliable evidence on Savile and other cases of historic sex abuse and other aspects of law are from a legal perspective more valid than mine.

    Jimmy Savile on Jim'll Fiddle With It - the body language says it all

    Unfortunately this reasonable line has attracted a type of commenter who is sure there is nothing underhand going on, that there is no corporate push to gain control of states and their insitutions, and that cases such as Jimmy Savile's paedophile activities are a lot of fuss about nothing. Their attitude is a kind of argument from authority (the voice of reason?): "Any intelligent person would understand there are no great conspiracies (they haven't heard of TTIP)and our governments would
    never lie to us.

    Now Anna is somewhat responsible for that, she doesn't like 'conspiracy theorist' phrases such as New World Order (although the phrase has been used by David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Pappy Bush and many others in calling for the establishment of a global government controlled by the elite) mainstream media, Illuminati or Scientific Dictatorship. Again I don't have a problem with Anna, her blog, her rules. What does piss me off is the frequency of comments sneering at 'conspiracy theorists' (who are for the most part really just people questioning the establishment), but I do get impatient with people whose only reason for commenting is to undermine others and dismiss valid opinions.

    Back to the Savile case, which while Anna Raccoon makes valid points about unreliability of witness evidence on events which occurred many years ago, they smug, authority worshipping people who dismiss our concerns are truly naive when saying "its just a lot of fuss about nothing, only Daily Mail readers are taken in by it," are the ones who really miss the point.

    People are concerned not about the sex crimes of men like Savile and Cyril Smith who are now dead, or Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris although we accept their crimes were heinous and made worse by abuse of their status and the victims deserve justice - to be believed at last if nothing else.

    Our real concern is and has been for decades among those who had our ear to the ground was that things which should have been investigated were covered up to protect celebrities and establishment figures. Unlike the smug, pompous bastards in Anna's comment threads who are sure there is nothing going on and it's just Daily Mail readers getting their knickers in a twist, some of us knew that suggestions about Jimmy Savile's unsavoury sex drive were more than rumour, genial, jolly Stuart Hall was a notorious sex pest, bluff, straight talking Cyril Smith and Greville Janner with his magic tricks liked fiddling with little boys.

    It is things like the news story linked below which concern us, not because we want retribution against dead men and geriatrics, but because despite who smug twats in comment threads who're sure there is nothing they do not know many tell you, the culture of cover up is still very active and will continue to be until it is broken either by the democratic process or campaigns of civil disobedience.

    Police admit they were told Jimmy Savile was a paedophile a DECADE before he was exposed

  • MH-17 Report False Flag Exposed After Revelation Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask

    Laugh? I nearly shat as I thought of all those hysterical lefties falling over themselves to follow Barack Obama blaming Russia for bringing down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine. Obama of course had claimed the USA had compelling evidence that Russia was involved but when challenged to produce it, told media representatives he couldn't as "it would compromise US National security" (i.e. prove the Americans are a bunch of trigger happy, war loving shits).

    Since then of course a steady drip of factual and forensic evidence has shown it is more likely the USA / EU backed neo-Fascist regime in Ukraine was responsible for the outrage.

    So as usual on the longer timeline I was right, they hysterical hand wringers were just being hysterical (one of them, a prize dick, asked me if I knew what hysterical meant - yes I do, both in the medical and the colloquial context and it is used colloquially here - do not be taken in by any argumentum ad auctōritās from some cupid stunt waving his qualifications at us or claiming he is a university lecturer as if that gives him some divine right to tell us what to think.

    Such people have nothing except delusions of superiority to back up such attempts to suppress intelligent discussion. Read this and make up your own minds about the latest leak from the great Flight MH17 Cover UP:

    Emirates Airways CEO Thinks He Knows What Happened to Flight MH370

    from The Daily Stirrer

    One of the two biggest stories in 2014 was the complete disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Seven months later not a trace of the Boeing 777 aircraft or any of its passengers has been located. As the official explanations grow increasingly more ludicrous, German magazine Spiegel Online is running an interview with Sir Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates Airlines who shares some interesting thoughts on what might have happened to the large and technically advanced aircraft. He also has some strong opinions on what certainly did NOT happen to it.

    Clark (64) has been a senior manager for Emirates since 1985 and has played a big part in developing it into one of the world's largest airlines. He is an acknowledgeable expert on the aviation industry. His view of the vanished Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 is a provocative one. The plane that disappeared was a Boeing 777 and Emirates operates 127 such aircraft, more than any other airline in the world.

    I Wonder if the screamers are going to dismiss him as a 'conspiracy theorist' because if they don't, they owe me and many other rational thinkers in new media an apology. More likely they will just retreat further into the realm of fantasy.

  • Will The Government Run Out Of Money For Pensions While Still Fighting America's Wars

    The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has warned that cash reserves set aside to fund state pension payments are set to run out as soon as next year.

    In the report published on Friday, CPS claimed it had found a "serious flaw” in the government accounts (not surprising seeing as they are compiled by members of the public service unions), and because of this the government will find itself short of cash for pensions sometime in 2015.

    The authors added that the underfunding will force the Treasury to increase taxes in order to ensure pension payouts continue.

    Michael Johnson, speaking for CPS warned that the current state pension level is "unsustainable,” adding the pension will be "watered down to a basic subsistence” in the near future if the government fails to take urgent action.

    The research also found that people under the age of 45 would have to wait longer to qualify for their state pension while those under the age of 35 should expect pension payments to be scrapped altogether by the time they retire. People currently in work should expect large tax increases to fund pensions, Johnson said.

    Or perhaps our fuckwith leaders could simply stop joining in all America's wars and flying bombing missions at £1,000,000 a bang. We could leave the EU and save £40 million A DAY, that would fund a few pensions.

    And perhaps, to cite a couple of examples of how the incompetence of morons employed in the public services and protected from consequences by the too-powerful and entirely politically motivated public service unions, civil service purchasing officers could learn that rather than paying £3000 per bog standard, network ready PC they can buy them retail for £300 each (and that's expensive) or shelling out £1500 for an NHS Wheechair when a very adequate vehicle can be had for £99.

    NHS standard whhelchair - nasty, heavy, clunky and expensive.

                   Lightweight wheelchair (uses aluminium tubing instead of steel), fit for purpose and cheap (£99)

    Problem: Government wastes shitloads of money and can't pay its bills.
    Solution: Abolish public service unions that reward incompetence, sack incomptent public service purchasing officers, hire over 45s with losts of experience in the private sector to make sure taxpayers are getting value for money. Simples.

  • NHS Trains Staff To Deal With Ebola Patients

    We heard today that the NHS had designated a special Ebola traiing day during which doctors, nursing staff, paramedics and army medics are trained to deal with patients they think have Ebola.

    There have been rumours of course that the first case of Ebola in the UK has been diagnosed. This has not yet been officially confirmed but people are asking "What happens next?"

    Well nothing for now, but twenty eight days later ...

    NHS staff triaging suspected Ebola patients.

  • Protesters Gather Around Europe To Demonstrate Against Undemocratic Secret Agreement With USA

    Protests against the secretive Trans Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnership (TTIP) will take place today in cities all over Europe. The deal, the terms of which will give Corporate businesses the power to sue governments and overturn any laws made by the UK Parliament (or any elected elected assembly in nations that sign the treaty) which the corporate lawyers see as obstructing their ability to steal taxpayers' money make a return their investment, has been largely negotiated in conditions ofr such secrecy that even our Members of Parliament and other elected representatives in European Unions and the USA have not been allowed to know what its clauses contain.

    That which we do know of has only reached the public domain thanks to leaks and whistleblowing.

    Today's demonstrations will be held in fifteen locations across the UK including London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Bognor Regis to voice opposition to the deal. Those against it say it could lead to the privatisation of the NHS (see below) and the removal of food safety regulations to allow the sale of produce from GM crops and chlorine washed chicken to be sold in European shops without any legal requirement for labelling to inform consumers of what they are buying.

    The European Commission (Euronazis) has done its best to suppress opposition to TTIP particularly in the UK by ruling out the involvement of public services in the deal. However, the UK Trade Minister Lord Livingston has admitted to the Huffington Post that talks about the NHS were still on the table. This is due to those enemies of democracy, The Labour Party having taken large chunks of the NHS outside the public sector by setting up independent health trusts and making General (family doctor) Practices into private businesses.

    Another major concern for believers in democracy is the provisions in the treaty that would enable foreign investors - for example American firms investing in the NHS Trusts privatised by Blair's Labour government - to sue a host government if they think their profits are affected by a change in policy.

    The campaign against TTIP has been actively opposed by the usual suspects, the Occupy movement, the Unions and worker rights organisations and fringe left wing groups but has also aligned these groups with nationalist political movements that have seen an upsurge in popularity in the past few years as European nations surrendered more sovereign powers to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels while in the USA there has been an erosion of powers held by legislatures of the fifty states as more laws have centralized power in Washington D.C.

    The controversial ACTA (Counter-terrorism) legislation, which was booted out of the European Parliament by MEPs after millions campaigned against it, is also said to have ben shoe-horned into the agreement at the insistence of the Obama administration. Plans to compel internet providers to monitor customers’ online activity and other breaches of an individual’s privacy and hand over data to security agencies, one of the core elements of ACTA, is rumoured to be included in TTIP.

    These sneaky tactics to get authoritarian legislation onto the statute books by the back door when it has been thrown out by democratically elected lawmaking bodies is something Brussels has a track record for. The unpopular European Constitution, which would have been a massive step towards the creation of a single European superstate, was repackaged as ‘The Lisbon Treaty’ after convincing 'No' votes in the French and Dutch referendums in 2005. Two years later, when Ireland, the only European nation constitutionally bound to hold a referendum on any treaty affecting sovereign powers, voted down the Lisbon Treaty, the bureaucratic dictators said, "Wrong, vote again."

    And to give the Irish a clue as to what they could expect if they got it wrong again, the European Central Bank (ECB ) engineered the collapse of the Irish economy in the months before the second vote.

    With Members Of The European Parliament making more noise that previously and the managers of the European Union under the closer scrutiny than previously (a European Commission candidate already rejected for conflicts of interest), campaigners hope they can repeat the success of ACTA and get TTIP kicked into touch as well.


    Protesters Gather Around Europe To Demonstrate Against Undemocratic Secret Agreement With USA

    American Bankers And Private Healthcare Firms Already Buying GP Practices

    More Truth About Undemocratic TTIP">
    TTIP - USA and EU Putting Trade And Profit Before Liberty And Choice

    EU Kommisar Admits Brussels Is At War With Democracy">WAKE UP! TTIP Free Trade Treaty Will Enslave You

    WAKE UP! TTIP Free Trade Treaty Will Enslave You

    European Union Euro - Nazis Block Democratic Challenge To TTIP Travesty

    This Kind Of Fascism Is What The Anti UKIP Whiners Want For Us
    Hundreds of protesters arrested in Brussels as leaders debate 'maintaining citizen's trust'
    Unhappy Lords
    Slaves To The Machine
    Evil Labour Government Helped Private Companies Profit From NHS
    Captive Minds And Intellectual Cowardice
    Chasing Bubbles - poem

  • Former Army Chief Talks Bollocks About ISIS

    ISIS fighting force
    ISIS fighting force (Picture: The Daily Beast)

    Former chief of the British Army, General Waddack - Hunt (OK, Lord Richards really) has supported a call from the Defence for Turkey to become involved in defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but has gone even further by insisting the war could be over in six months if Britain and America deployed troops.

    Lord Richards's comments were made during an interview with Huffington Post, when he expressed concern that current Western strategy of air strikes and arming local resistance groups may not be enough to stop ISIS, or even to save the Kurds who are in danger of being overrun by the Islamic State.

    Lord Richards said: "The idea that you can make [the Free Syrian Army or the Peshmerga] successful in the time we have available to us... without much more active and fulsome western involvement is, I think, naive”.

    Indeed, were Western democracies to take a less distant approach to the problem, Richards believes "if Western boots were on the ground, if western armies were to be applied to the problem [of Islamic State], it could be over in six months”.

    Boggart Blog will demolish this idiot's argument with one word:


  • Police to Investigate Allegations of Labour-LibDem Rochdale 'Deal' on Paedophiles

    Fresh allegations have emerged regarding the systematic sexual abuse of Children in Rochdale. This time the story focuses not on the Pakistani men at the centre of the abuse gangs, but the political cover up by Labour and Liberal Democrat elected officials on Rochdale Metroplitan Borough Council who, it is claimed orchestrated the cover-up by Labour and Liberal Democrat Party officials in the Greater Manchester Area.

    Breitbart London exclusively reports that following on from the expose that 1400 young, white girls had been abused over a period of at least fifteen years by people associated Pakistani gangs in Rotherham, new allegations that have come to light about other instances of public sector and government officials colluding to keep out of the public domain information embarrassing to the two parties that have championed uncontrolled immigration and sexual licence for paedophiles .

    An e-mail refereed to by Breitbart makes reference to former a Rochdale council leader, Knowl View School, and the deceased, paedophile Member of Parliament for Rochdale Cyril Smith. The e-mail, which was circulated by a Labour Member of Parliament's researcher in November 2012, read:

    "You will have noted that Rochdale is currently in the eye of a media storm regarding child abuse and cover ups.

    "The story that has yet to break is the role of the council leader, XXXXXXXXXXXXX, in all of this. He was given files on the abuse at Knowl View school and Cyril Smith over 10 years ago but he did nothing because the Labour Party had done a deal with the Liberals to keep quiet on Cyril. This was in exchange for the Liberals keeping quiet on allegations that XXXXXXXXXXXXX had sex with two girls with special needs that were in his care."

    Read more:
    Police to Investigate Allegations of Labour-LibDem Rochdale 'Deal' on Paedophiles

    The Immigration Problem
    The politicians may run a mile when the topic is mentioned, the Islington Screechers and medi luvvies may cover their ears and go la-la-la-la whenever the topic comes up but there is no denying immigration is the big issue in Britain today. Labour's open doors immigration policy was a disaster, the coalition have failed to address it for fear of upsetting the politically correct thought police. Is it any wonder UKIP, the only party that will talk about immigration, is doing so well?

    Rotherham Childcare Chief Quits Over Mass Sex Abuse Scandal
    Rotherham child sex abuse scandal: More victims identifies, more cover ups exposed.

    Game of Groans: David Cameron and Ed Miliband will be torn apart as the election nears

  • School Classes Should Start Later? Great Idea

    teenager tired
    Teenagers studies for a level in avoiding mornings (source)

    Scrolling through the news headlines as I munched toast and slurped teat at 9:30 this morning, I read that schools are contemplating the introduction of a later start time in order to accommodate teenagers' body clocks. Yes, a serious suggestion.

    The idea was originally tried at Hampton Court House, a private school in Surrey, where earlier in the year they began to allow sixth formers to start lessons in the afternoon. So successful and popular was the idea that more schools are now planning to push back start times to 10 am to give teenagers a extra hour in bed.

    While the body clock justification for this initiative might be scientifically accurate or complete bollocks we say idea is good. Teenagers may or may not need more sleep. Neuroscientist Dean Burnett has carried out research which suggests they do. Others however say the idea is just pandering to late nights on the iPad.

    Having steered our offspring through the difficult years however we Boggart Bloggers say it is unreasonable to expect sixth formers to be in school by nine when they often don't get home from a gig or rave until ten - thirty.

  • Scientific study reveals conspiracy theorists the most sane of all people

    If you're a conspiracy theorist, then you're batshit crazy, right?
    That's been the received wisdom among authority worshippers for years. Recent studies prove that just the opposite is true. (Leftie screechers and want-war hypocrites please NB )

    A research team psychologists and sociologists (and as we all know olgies are science) in the U.S.A and United Kingdom say the data show that contrary to those mainstream media stereotypes, "conspiracy theorists" appear to be more sane than people who unquestioningly accept official versions of controversial and contested events.

    The most recent study was published in July 2013 by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent. Titled "'What about Building 7?' A Social Psychological Study of Online Discussion of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories," the study compared "conspiracist," or pro-conspiracy theory, and "conventionalist," or anti-conspiracy, comments on news websites.

    The researchers were surprised to find that it is now more conventional to leave so-called conspiracist comments than conformist ones.

    "Of the 2174 comments collected, 1459 were coded as conspiracist and 715 as conventionalist," the researchers wrote.

    'The research showed that people who favored the official account of 9/11 were generally more hostile'

    So, among people who comment on news articles, those who discount official government accounts of events like the 9/11 attacks and the assassination of John F. Kennedy outnumber believers by more than two-to-one. That means the pro-conspiracy commenters are those who are now expressing what is considered conventional wisdom, while the anti-conspiracy commenters represent a small, beleaguered minority that is often scoffed at and shunned.

    Perhaps becoming frustrated that their alleged mainstream viewpoints are no longer considered as such by the majority, those who are anti-conspiracy commenters often showed anger and disgust and resorted to name calling in their comments.

    Yeah I know its a repost of an old story but as Cameron and other neo-fascists are once again calling for censorship of the web to suppress non-conformist views, I though I'd remind you what a load of crazy, swivel-eyed loons conformists are.

    European Union Euro - Nazis Block Democratic Challenge To TTIP Travesty
    The Free Trade Treaty That Will Enslave Us
    TTIP, the treaty for transatlantic fascism

  • Scottish Referendum Vote Rigging Scandal Goes Mainstream

    Just over a week ago we mentioned that the almost inevitable complaints about electoral fraud in the Scottish Independence Referendum were starting to emerge. There was plenty to arouse suspicion about the vote, not least the huge margin by which the No campaign won after waging the most inept election campaign ever and when the final opinion polls taken only a few days before the vote showed Yes and No almost inseaparable, momentum having been with the yes campaign for several months.

    The Inevitable Claims That The Scottish Vote was Rigged Are Gathering Momentum

    Still, I was happy the Scots were staying with us and so did not follow up on the early rumours. FFS, if the Scots had left the UK the price of Malt Whisky could have rocketed and Osborne might have decided deep fried Mars Bars are a luxury food and taxed them.

    The story went quiet for a while but has now re-emerged in mainstream media, with American magazine Newsweek running a story about claims that thousands of uncounted yes votes have been found in a bin.

    It's no surprise that there are rumours of jiggery pokery when you consider what happening with referendums on EU integration in France, The Netherlands and Ireland and the hushed up allegations of widespread abuse of the postal votes system in British elections. There is now no such thing as a fair election in the free world, the war on democracy started with scaremongering propaganda and the invention of threats to national security but it looks as if there are no lenghs to which the establishment will not go to maintain control.

    The powers that be were never going to allow the UK to break up, to do so would strengthen the claims of Catalonia and the Basque region in Spain, Corsica and the Languedoc in France and the Lombard League in Italy amonst others. Belgium would split in half and many other nation states would fragment.

    The big push from the corporate / political complex is for ever bigger superstates, not the balkanisation of the entire planet. Civil disobedience is going to be the only answer.

  • Bums Up, Zimbabwe Spokesman Tells Obama

    Zimbabwe official tells Obama, go hand from a banana tree, bums up.

    Let's see how the zealots of the Obamessiah cult manage to accuse this guy of racism because ... well he's Zimbabwean but the only reason anyone would criticise Obama is because they are racist, isn't it. And what kind of creatures hang from banana trees. So monkey boy's fans are sure to start squealing.

    h/t Zero Hedge:
    According to, Washington has said it will accelerate sanctions imposed against Harare in 2003, due to the Robert Mugabe-led government's closer ties with Russia over the US$3 billion Darwendale platinum project.

    Harare Herald columnist Nathaniel Manheru (who is thought to be Mugabe's spokesman), reported that Washington explained its expectations on Zimbabwe, namely that Zimbabwe was expected (read required) to support those sanctions by avoiding any association with companies sanctioned by the Americans and their Western allies, or their subsidiaries or affiliates.

    Manheru said "it was ridiculous for the US to refuse to lift sanctions against Harare and then demand support for its measures against Moscow… This is where I am tempted to tell the American government to go and hang, hang on a banana tree, bums up.”

  • Evil Labour Government Helped Private Companies Profit From NHS

    If you live in Heywood and Middleton and were thinking of voting for the greedy, paedophile loving, elitists' party, Labour because you have been taken in by the lies peddled at the Labour conference that the wicked Tories plan to privatize the NHS, think again.

    In their four and a half years fronting the coalition, the Tories have done little to address the problems of the NHS, but they cannot privatise it because the greedy, paedophile loving elitists of Labour already did that under the leadership of the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair.

    Here's a story from Yorkshire locan newspaper The Wakefield Express about how corporate Construction giants Balfour Beatty are making millions from their investment in the Private Finance Initiative. Private Finance Initiatives were a Labour idea under which the government loaned construction and healthcare corporations mony at low interests rates to build and equip hospitals and then the NHS rented them back as fully managed facilities, giving the owners a seven or eight percent return on investment. Easy money:

    from Wakefield Express:

    Balfour Beatty makes £42m profit out of Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospitals

    But aren't the Tories to blame for doing nothing, you might well ask. Not really, you see the evil political pimps of the Labour Party gave their corporate billionaire buddies a legally binding guarantee that their income from PFI contracts could never be cut. Left wing writer George Monbiot explains in this 2010 article from the Guardian. While you are at The Guardian site, search 'Monbiot pfi' because George has a whole string of articles exposing the corrupt PFI deals Labour entered into.

    I wrote on the evils of Labours NHS Private Finance Initiatives, which were really nothing more than a licence to steal taxpayers money that we thought had been invested in the NHS. Blair's billionaire buddies benefitted but you and I ended up with a struggling NHS being bled dry by corporate profiteers and run by self serving managers who when they take early retirement award themselves million pound redundancy packages and then, a few months later are rehired as external consultants (Western Daily Press) earning several times their final salary in consultancy fees. (A second link on that story from The Guardian again) These deals were common under the Labour government, The Coalition have at least taken some small and rather inept steps towards addressing such abuses (and were immediately attacked by screeching lefties for doing so.)

    So vote Labour if you want to fill the country with perverts who will rape and kill British children and think it is a good idea to hand our NHS over to theives and plunderers.

    OK, still thinking of voting Labour because you think the NHS will be safer in their hands.

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    NHS whistleblower paid £500,000 to keep quiet over patient safety breaks silence to expose 'culture of fear'
    Are Hospitals A Good Place To Die? NHS mismanagement raises embarrassing questions

  • The Bastards Are At It Again - New MPs Expenses Fiddle Cover Up

    In what the inimitable Guido Fawkes at Order-Order blog calls a flagrant attack on transparency and a clear attempt to cover up and keep secret the names of MPs accused of wrongdoing“, the IPSA (ironically called Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) chair Ian Kennedy has decreed that "an MP could suffer unfair reputational damage" if the public knew they were facing an expenses investigation, ruling that the "publication of an allegation" should be prevented.

    The sinister document claims "public interest in transparency must be balanced with operational needs and fairness", concluding: "we believe that the operational and reputational damage to MPs which could be caused by the publication of allegations in advance of a substantive investigation outweighs the benefits of release."

    Guido makes a very good point about the new inquiry into MP’s expenses claims, and its plan to not name names which was quietly announced during the noise of Tory conference. He says:

    "IPSA has launched a public consultation on the insidious proposals, inviting the thoughts of voters on whether or not they should be allowed to know if their MP is suspected of being a crook. They have already been condemned by Alistair Graham, former chairman of the Committee on Standards and Public Life, as retrograde, foolish and perverse".

    You can read the document here and email a submission to the consultation here ""

    New proposals from the parliamentary expenses watchdog to keep secret the names of MPs facing investigation for fiddling their expenses will, we anticipate, refer only to "The Hon Member Of Duck Island" or "The Hon Member for Dredged Moat Castle".

  • UK Health Watchdog: Studies Show Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Tumours

    first Published in The Daily Stirrer:

    One of the reasons we set up The Daily Stirrer is because we, the founding old gits, were aware that many very big and ongoing stories that should have been making headline news were simply not being reported in the mainstream print and broadcast media. As long ago as the early 1980s I was doing a little broadcasting work with BBC radio, you could call it amateur broadcasting, I did get paid a little but was not doing it for money, they day job paid very well,) and at that time everybody in the BBC knew of the concerns about  the paedophile presenter Jimmy Savile's sexual peccadillos. I say 'concerns' because it amounted to more than rumours. Stuart Hall who was with BBC North West was also a notorious sex pest and yet nothing was done about either, which was the focus of most comment among BBC people.

    These were other stories that circulated for years but were kept out of the headlines by the establishment cover - up machine. The Pakistani grooming gangs springs to mind because of recent publicity. Not all were about sex however. One of the biggest stories that was dismissed as a 'conspiracy theory' by sneering scientists and self styled experts in the establishment press was the alleged link between heavy mobile phone use and increased risk of developing brain tumours. The decadence and corruption in the system has, like a stage four cancer spread everywhere.

    Over the past last two years, following publication of metastudies like World Health Organisation's International Agency For Research On Cancer report on the effects of radio frequency electromagnetic waves (.pdf) there is new evidence that mobile phones use can be dangerous to our health. A less technical summary of that is available from Cancer Research UK. Wireless phones, even those DECT systems you use with your landline so you can wander around with the handset, emit radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) when in use. For a long time the media and scientists in the pay of telecommunications companies insisted there was no risk. They lied, as we have come to expect with everything.

    Other studies carried out in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Italy and Israel have produced similar results, showing increased incidence particularly of giloma and acoustic neuroma in people who have been intense users of mobile phones over long periods.

    The Daily Stirrer might stir things up but we don't go in for scaremongering so let's be clear now, so long as mobile phones are used sensibly there is very little risk. People who keep calls brief or use an earpiece so the device is not pressed against their skull are almost certainly safe (individuals have different levels of susceptibility to radio frequency energy), the risk is to those who are constantly on their mobile phone. Radio activity (yes your mobile phone is radio active as is your wi fi router and the kids remote controlled toys and almost everything, even bananas (A Banana A =Day Is More Dangerous Than Fukushima). Its very technical but a short sharp zap of radiation is less dangerous that prolonged, low level exposure. So keep your calls brief and well spaced out.

    Other studies published over the last decade and met with similar disinterest from the media have shown an association between long-term mobile and cordless phone use with giloma and acoustic neuroma. In October 2013, Powerwatch, a United Kingdom–based watchdog focused on the health risks posed by electromagnetic fields, reported that two new research articles provide further evidence of mobile phone use as a cause of increased brain tumors.

    The first paper showed that RF-EMF exposure from mobile (and cordless) phones should be regarded as a class 1 human carcinogen (cancer-causing agent), as defined by the WHO's cancer research arm. The second the relationship between use of mobile phones over 10 years and the development of malignant brain tumours. The studies' authors concluded that current exposure guidelines are in urgent need of revision.

    I have always been aware of the risks having worked for nuclear power organisations in the 1980s and cellphone network companies in the 1990s. In the nuclear industry I learned something of how radiation affects human tissue, and in the cellular telecomms business it was hard to get away from health warnings about the dangers of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields as they were plastered over most pieces of equipment. Those items on my CV enabled me to join up the dots and see the picture the corporate bosses were paying their tame science tits to obfuscate.

    I do wish the science academy would stop lying on behald of their corporate buddies though, it gets really tedious having to say "I told you so."

  • Another EU Wannabe Declares War On Free Speech

    The loss of free speech means the end of democracy (Picture source)

    A very dangerous and worrying trend, which has been gathering momentum for some time, has entered a new dimension in recent weeks. Political and business leaders around the world are blatantly calling for the censorship on reporting and discussing news in terms that are 'unhelpful' to their aims and ambitions along with further restrictions on free speech.

    In the allegedly democratic nations of the developed world, such moves have to be announced in subtle and nuanced terms, otherwise enough punters might become aware of what is going on to trigger unrest and civil disobedience. Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and company cannot simply announce that they hate the internet because it is full of nasty, stupid ingrates who disagree with their policies. We saw the tactic of dressing restrictions on freedom as moves to protect the population from imaginary evil doers at the (UK) Conservative Party last week when a conference speech called for "non-violent” extremism to be banned from public discourse.

    To their eternal shame, the serried ranks of mainstream media press release regurgitators could not find one single voice to ask, "And how do you define "non violent extremism"? Anyone who disagrees with government policy? Anyone who says, and backs up their claim with solid scientific reasoning, that climate change is just a scam to justify raising taxes? People who argue against globalism or point out correctly that the demands of gays and lesbians to be granted privileged status are nothing to do with human rights? People who insist immigrants must be subject to the same laws are born Britons and not the laws of their nation of origin? People who take to the streets to protest against our spineless government's following another corrupt and amoral U S President into another pointless and unwinnable middle eastern war?

    We reported this frightening move in a recent Daily Stirrer post: 'DEATH OF DEMOCRACY IN THE UK: Coalition Government Passes Gagging Act'.

    That may be how British politicians (and make no mistake, Labour and The Liberal Democrats are singing off the same totalitarian, globalist songsheet as the Conservatives,) sell the idea of authoritarianism. In Turkey, a nation hoping to join the EU in the next enlargement which will take the Union into Asia and Africa, political leaders have no qualms about admitting their disdain for the proliferation of free speech that the internet allows. We learn from The Independent:

    The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has defended his government's efforts to control online speech, telling a press freedom conference: "I am increasingly against the Internet every day.”

    Mr Erdogan's comments came during an "unprecedented” meeting with the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and the International Press Institute (IPI).

    Local newspapers and major publications such as The New York Times and CNN International were among those slammed by officials, according to the CPJ.

    "Media should never have been given the liberty to insult,” Mr Erdogan was quoted as saying during the 90-minute meeting.

    He also expressed concern that criminal and terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State go online to recruit followers, saying he is "increasingly against” the internet.

    His remarks come after he approved a law tightening control of the internet and increasing the powers held by telecoms authorities earlier in September.

    In Egypt, another non European nation being seduced into the EU with promises that European lifestyles for its 90 million mostly poor, Muslim citizens can be funded by the munificence of EU taxpayers, they fear that civil society, only recently freed from the oppression of the Murbarack regime will be silenced again as opposition grows to the new military dictatorship. Associated Press reports:

    Civil society groups in Egypt long had a tenuous position under the rule of autocrat Hosni Mubarak, but they were able to operate. Now those groups, ranging from human rights defenders to advocates of economic justice, fear even that margin of freedom is disappearing and that they are on the way to being silenced.

    The government of newly elected President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has ordered non-governmental organizations to submit to regulations that gives the state sweeping authority over their activities and financing — and dangles over them the threat of prosecution if they violate vague guidelines against "hurting national security" or "affecting public morals."

    Further adding to the worries, el-Sissi last month revised the penal code to impose a life prison sentence against anyone who requests or receives funding from abroad with the aim of "harming national interests." Human rights groups and other non-governmental organizations — many of which receive international funding — warn that the broad phrasing could be used against them.

    Egypt's civil society groups had once hoped that the country's 2011 revolution that ousted Mubarak would give them greater freedom to operate. However, el-Sissi has repeatedly said that while he would like to bring greater democracy, rights and liberties cannot be allowed to undermine his goal of bringing stability to a country in turmoil. El-Sissi, as Egypt's military chief at the time, removed the elected Islamist President Mohammed Morsi last year and launched a crackdown against Islamists that has expanded to other critics of the government.

    Worries among non-governmental organizations were sparked when they were ordered to register by Nov. 10 under a Mubarak-era law regulating such groups. The law gives the government and security agencies sweeping authority over staffing decisions, activists and funding. It also forbids the organizations to conduct activities that affect "public morals, order or unity" — vague terms that could be used to stop many NGO operations, particularly those by human rights groups.

    "Operating under the current law is impossible," said Mohammed Zaree, the Egypt program manager for the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies.

    On one level this trend of politicians waging war on free speech is a major concern to all who believe in freedom and demcracy, from another perspective it is encouraging. The powers that be would not feel any need to remove the kid gloves and handle freethinkers roughly if they were not afraid the oiks have sussed their global totalitarian government agenda and actually speaking truth to each other.

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  • Hollywood Luvvies accused Of Politically Correct Hypocrisy.

    It is always amusing when Hollywood air heads who thinks his celebrity status make him an expert on everything gets torn to sheds by people who actually know what they are talking about. Latest example was when Ben Affleck, winner of several worst actor awards, a man who in real life is more vacuous that the people he plays, and New York Times columnist Nickolas Kristof started to berate 'the right' for their 'bigoted Islamophobia'.

    News anchor Bill Maher (a man not noted for his love of the USA's religious right) and writer Sam Harris another left leaning journalist jumped all over Affleck and Kristof's politically correct hypocrisy.

    Harris argued, "liberals have really failed on the topic of theocracy, they'll criticize white theocracy, they'll criticize Christians, they'll still get agitated over the abortion clinic bombing that happened in 1984, but when you want to talk about the treatment of women and homosexuals and free thinkers and religious minorities in the Muslim world, I would argue that liberals have failed us.”

    He added "the crucial point of confusion is that we have been sold this meme of Islamophobia where every criticism of the doctrine of Islam gets conflated with bigotry toward Muslims as people, that's intellectually ridiculous.”

    Affleck then jumped in and accused Harris of denying the existence of Islamophobia (if Harris had denied the existence of Islamophobia, which he didn't, he would have been right, it's a made up word for a made up prejudice;) and accused Maher and Harris of being racist, arguing that their comments on Islam were the equivalent of calling someone a "shifty Jew.”

    Affleck did not need to be accused of having more testicles than brain cells, his idiotic outburst was effectively a confession.

    Harris countered by saying that bad ideas should be criticized, and that "Islam, at the moment, is the motherload of bad ideas.”

    Kristof argued that Maher and Harris were giving an "incomplete” picture of Islam and pointed to Muslims who have fought against extremism. Harris responded by pointing to polling data on the beliefs of Western Muslims, and argued people have been "misled to think that the fundamentalists are the fringe.”

    Against the argument that moderate Muslims do not receive enough coverage, Maher responded that this is because Islam is the "only religion that acts like the Mafia that will f*cking kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture, or write the wrong book. There's a reason why Ayaan Hirsi Ali needs bodyguards 24/7.”

    After Affleck accused Maher and Harris of taking a similar mentality to those who stereotype people based on race, Maher responded "I can show you a Pew polls of Egyptians, they are not outliers in the Muslim world, that [says] 90% of them believe death is the appropriate response to leaving the religion. If 90% of Brazilians thought that death was the appropriate response to leaving Catholicism, you would think it was a bigger deal.”

    Kristoff then argued that Maher's and Harris' rhetoric "does have the tinge a little bit of the way white racists talk about African-Americans,” to which Maher stated "what you're saying is ‘because they're a minority, we shouldn't criticize.'”

    The most reassuring thing about this exchange is it shows the left are turning on each other. As holy wars rage in the middle ease are we in the west about to be treated to holier-than-thou wars from the left?

    See the video of the exchange - click if the embed does not work


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