• Another Election Success For France's National Front

    Here's a news item I'm posting just to piss off those extremists who believe all our problems will magically disappear were Ed Miliband's British National Socialist Workers' Party returned to power.

    They hate France's Front National, and its leader Marine Le Pen, dismissing the French opinion poll leader's politics as extreme right wing. I used to think these people were politically illiterate, now I believe they are just illitarate. The french National Front are a statist, interventionist, big government party that is almost an exact copy of old Labour if you can disregard the Labour Party's love of immigrants and paedophiles.

    So you would think if the lefties would be celebrating the latest success for Ms. Le Pen's Party.

    from The Local (France)

    After the local elections and the Europeans, Sunday's Senate ballot made it three historic poll successes out of three for France's far-right National Front in 2014. Is the presidential palace the next stop?

    While the National Front just won two seats of the 178 up for re-election on Sunday, it was the first time the 42-year-old anti-immigration, eurosceptic party has entered France’s upper house.

    Whatever political muscle those two senators will be able to flex is less significant than the symbolic value of the victory and what it says about the future. It is, after all, the third French election in a row that saw the National Front achieve an historic result.

    Continue reading at The Local

    We wonder what lefties in Britain are getting so worked up about unless they are really angry that the French National Front are not in favour of lettimg immigrant men have sex with little French girls without fear of legal sanction for their crimes.


    Vaclav Klaus, the free world's last honest politician: the West’s lies about Russia are monstrous.
    There are few people in politics who will say in public the things that really think, thanks to the hypersensitivity of the American political establishment and their enthusiasm for bombing the crap out of anyone who upsets members of their anointed minorities. Its refreshing then to learn of comments made by veteran Czech Republic leader, putting the boot into the cowardly mealy mouthed sum who pass for conservative and libertarian politicians in the English Speaking countries.

  • Farage Reckless Facing Rabid Left Wing Fanatics

    Reckless confronted by pissed off Conservatives in Rochester (Source: Channel 4)

    Following the defection to UKIP of Conservative MP Mark Reckless, who yesterday shocked the media and political establishment (everyone else knew it was on the cards.) by announcing his switch from con to Kipper from the podium at the closing session of UKIP's conference, the Kippers latest recruit and his new leader yesterday faced angry but ineffectual protests today from far left and far right extremists during a walkabout.

    Mr Reckless and Mr Farage were joined by UKIP supporters for a day of campaigning for the upcoming by election in the constituency of Rochester and Strood. Mr. Reckless will resign his seat and fight the election as UKIP candidate rather than impose his switch on constituents. Lacking the same level of personal popularity that fellow defector Douglas Carswell enjoys in Clacton, Reckless might not find his return to Westminster quite so easy.

    Whilst the former Tory MP was met with cheers and applause on the final day of the conference in Doncaster he met with quite a different reception in the town he, until yesterday, represented in Westminster.

    Nigel Farage told media representatives "There was an organised protest by the Conservative Party,” Mr Farage said, "including Craig Mackinlay who lives in Rochester and who was beaten to the Conservative nomination by Mark Reckless.”

    "Also supporters of the extreme left who have been busy on social media after they were notified that I would be in Rochester today decided to turn up.”

    "Because of that I had to be removed quickly from the situation,” Mr Farage said, adding, "Kent Police were excellent”. He explained that the situation would not be taken any further.

    At the core of the protest were members of the Socialist Worker Party and other left wing extremists who were also involved in violent scenes at UKIP meetings earlier in the year which resulted in a magistrate finding Andrew Scott guilty of common assault.

    Mr Farage and his security team have made it clear that UKIP will continue to hold public events despite the threats of violence.

    It is notable that as is the case with EDL and Britain First demonstrations, it is always the left that start the fighting. Are these people so insane they can't control their anger when anyone disagrees with their fascistic world view ... or are they just a bunch of rent-a-mob thugs who are trying to suppress free speech.

    UKIP and Immigration
    UKIP racist smear backfired
    Threat to free speech from mainstream political parties
    Threat to free speech from left
    Free speech under attack
    Left's hatred of diversity is a psychosis
    The left are not immune to being bigoted
    What makes lefties think they have a monopoly on goodness and truth

  • Shellshock: Can anything stop the hackers? Yes, me and you can.

    Shellshock bug could be bigger than Heartbleed (Picture Source)

    As a former Digital Networks Consultant I was one of the first to warn of that the path our business and political leaders were taking us on led into a wilderness of swamps, mires and quicksands.

    The early viruses and malware were not that serious and really were only the equivalent of 'tombstoning', jumping off cliffs or bridges without first checking the depth of the water was you would land in.

    The early internet (or internetworking technologies) were very secure. For a start they did not have Windows PCs attached to them. We did not have 95% of the computers running the same operating system. And we did not hve companies set up by US Government agencies such as DARPA and the CIA for the purpose of persuading us to buy systems that would allow US Government agencies such as the NSA and CIA to monitor our every move.

    I could go on at length (and will elsewhere) but for now I will ask a few simple questions.

    "Does anybody really believe that it was sheer brilliance that won the contract from US Government bedmate IBM to supply an operating system for the IBM PC for a spotty little nerd with no qualifications, no experience and more than a few personal hygiene issues and his equally malodorous mates. Was it a sound business decision to choose the untried MS DOS against better and already proven products from established software houses established software houses that employed professionals? And was it good luck that these nerds, having failed to deliver the system required managed to find a bunch of idiots to sell them a clunky, amateurish operating system to offer instead? And do you think it is just a coincidence that the spotty kid behind this deeply flawed and not-fit-for-purpose operating system was the son of a CIA director.


    The latest shock horror existential threat to our world, thanks to our reliance on a single network and a single technology is the Shellshock bug which hackers may be able to exploit to grab your credit card details, empty your bank accounts or bring business and commerce to a standshtill.

    This is not some recent development by a bunch of malignant dwarves who spend all their lives in basement apartments plotting to take over the world unless the United Nations gives them ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. Oh no, the flaw which the Shellshock but exploits is contained within a piece of software called Bash, which is used by the UNIX and Linux operating systems and internet servers around the the world and IT companies have been aware of it for over twenty years.

    The problem really is that so much of our commercial activity has been pushed onto the internet, so much of our social interaction is now online that we are all vulnerable.

    BTW I don't mean to suggest that all information technology professionals are unwashed idiots, the vast majority I knew were perfectly reasonable people who washed their armpits, changed their underwear every day were good at their jobs and could see a system with single channel motherboard architecture was never going to be safe when connected to a public network. It was the generation of fuckwits who thought playing DOOM and reading PC Wanker magazine made them computer experts that are responsible for the mess we are in.

    All we need do however is stop using the internet for business until such time as the corporate bosses recognise they have some responsibility for the security of users and stop using the net solely as a means to drive costs down and shed staff. None of the threats that are reported every few months would be very difficult to fix if we did not depend on a system that is like a house with no doors.


    Why Do Government Information Technology Projects always Screw Up? Because Everything Governmrent Touches Becomes Political
    While scientists burble excitedly about the internet of things, computer-brain interfaces that will enable the government to control us from data centres, creating human / computers hybrids and other science fantasy rubbish as if any of it stands a chance of becoming reality, government Information Technology managers, with almost unlimited resources at their disposal, can't even manage to cobble together a simple database and search routine. The failure of the e borders project is the latest in a long line of screw ups.

  • Gallup: 58% of Americans Want a Third Party.

    How to win elections and influence people (Source)

    On September 24th, a Gallup poll reported that, "A majority of U.S. voters, 58%, say a third U.S. political party is needed because the Republican and Democratic parties ‘do such a poor job' representing the American people.'”

    In other words: Ever since the American public started to learn in 2003 that George W. Bush had been lying about his being in possession of conclusive evidence that Saddam Hussein was building a new stockpile of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), American public sentiment switched drastically from belief that the two major "Parties do an adequate job,” to belief that "A third party is needed.”

    We have to warn them they will be sorely disappointed. We had a third party and what a load of shits they turned out to be as soon as they had a sniff of power. Now we have a fourth party with a fifth on the rise, and we are hoping UKIP and the Greens are not corrupted by corporate money as easily as the Liberal democrats were.

  • Only Prostitutes Can Save The European Project

    rconomics statistics

    Entrepreneurs working to boost economic growth (source)

    Some time ago our minds were boggled by the news that according to European Union economists prostitutes were the economic driving force behind the much hyped 'recovery' in the Eurozone economies.

    Faced with deflation, stagnant economic performance, rising unemployment and mounting civil unrest, the Academic Village idiots who advise governments on how to run national economies ans who all believe that two and two can equal five if you just wish hard enough, hit on the idea of including in GDP figures the amount of money turned over in illegal activities including prostitution, drug peddling, alcohol and tobbacco smuggling, internet scams and illicit gambling should be included in the GDP figure.

    The six per cent added to GDP to cover illegal trade is not a reliable figure however, prostitutes, pimps, pushers and con men are not known for filing accounts or registering their business for VAT.

    The move is a further sign that panic and desperation are the main drivers of the Eurozone Ponzi scheme. EU bosses have demanded the bloc includes all illegal activity to boost lagging GDP performance.

    Prostitution, drug trafficking and other illegal activities have boosted Spain's gross domestic product by €9 billion according to the latest statistics.

    Overall, when the GDP figures are adjusted to inclued (del>made up bullshit data from mathematical models estimating illicit activity Spain's GDP increased by €26.2 billion to €1.05 trillion, reducing country's debt ratio of 98.9 percent to 96.4 percent, according to the Bank of Spain. Italy and Germany are to include illegal activity within weeks into GDP figures with an expectation of an increase of at least 3% each.

    People should remember here that GDP does not measure prosperity but only how much money churns around the economy. This was how by using Ballsonomics and mass immigration the Labour Government managed to create the illusion that the economy was health. The reasoning was that if you recruit a million immigrants, borrow money on the finance markets to pay them £100 a week and hand it out in benefits to the aforementioned immigrants, the economy will have grown by £100million a week.

    And if you wisely point out that the debt, on which we must pay interest has also grown by £100million a week, they wave their PhD* at you and scream, "You're not an economists so you can't understand economics."

    *PhD stands for Phenominally Dumb - take it from someone who does understand economics thanks to a combination of education and real world experience.

    New Global Crisis Imminen, New Geneva Report Warns

  • War In Iraq? Lard Bombs Away

    ultimate deterrent for middle east war
     How to prevent Islamic State fighters raping non Mulim women. (source: cdnlolzbook)

    As usual Boggart Blog is totally against Britain becoming embroiled in another sectarian conflict in the middle east (the theme tune of which will be I Hate You Babe by Sunni and Shia.)

    It looks however very much as though or parlimentarians who are debating the issue of whether we should join in the Obama administration's air strikes on the Islamic State forces in Iraq will approve our return to the killing fields of Iraq.

    But rather than send our clapped out, thirty year old warplanes to fire rockets and heavy calibre cannons and drop bombs on the IS, bearing in mind these guys are all fundamentalist Muslims we have a better idea. We can beat the Islamic State without shedding blood.

    All we have to do is get our Kurdish allies fire bacon rolls from Mortars while US and British cargo planes drop Lard Bombs from cargo planes. At meddle east surface temperatures the lard will be soft when it hits the ground and will splatter over a wide area, taking out many IS fighters as their Imams declare them unclean.

    Better still, to drive the fundamentalists out of the occupied area altogether liquify the lard by mixing it with vegetable oil, stir in pureed SPAM and spray the whole area with the resulting mixture from high flying planes adapted for the job. If the Islamists touch anything or even breathe in any droplets they are unclean and cannot fight because if they die they can't get into heaven, no eternal life singing the praises of Allah, no virgins, nothing.

    Our solution is humane (although not very good for pigs used to make bacon, SPAM and Lard), non lethal, biodegradable, and quite cheap compared to smart bombs that cost £2million a bang and no matter what target they are programmed to hit will seek out and destroy the only wedding party in a ten thousand square mile area.

    Disaster Dave's Latest Screw Up On The International Stage
    Tomorrow (26 September, 2014) the UK Parliament will meet to vote on whether Britain should support Prime Minister David Cameron and US President and Warmonger - in - Chief Barack Hussein Obama in launching yet another war in the middle east, this time against the forces of the Islamic Caliphate, a fundamentalist organisation set up by groups funded armed and trained by the USA and its allies in their quest to overthrow the regime of Bashar Al Assad in Syria.

    War In Iraq: Confused? You Will Be

    Why Do The 'Progressive Left' Support Those Who Use Rape As A Weapon Of War

    USA Is Arming Both Sides In The Current Iraq Conflict.
    Can Washington Change Three regimes At Once
    War On Syria: Standoff Shows America Is No Longer The Global Superpower

  • War In Iraq: Confused? You Will Be

    Picture Source: tpnn                                                                               

    I'm always a bit wary about referring to The Daily Mail because mere mention of that rather sensationalist but immensely popular newspaper (compare its circulation figures with those of The Guardian or The Independent) is likely to attract a Two Minutes Hate session from Britain's biggest fascist movement, Unite Against Fascism, Britain's biggest Nazi movement, The Anti Nazi League and all the left wing Sheeple who unthinkingly follow their rabid attempts to prevent intelligent conversation.

    Many of us are confused about what is going on in the Middle East however, and The Mail has run an article that sums it up perfectly. I don't read The Mail myself but sometimes follow links to specific items of content and unlike our Labour and Lib Dem supporting neo -fascist friends I'm open minded enough to know that the fact something has been published in The Daily Mail does not necessarily mean it is wrong.

    So as clueless Dave prepares to follow Obama into yet another unwinnable war (lets hope Parliament kicks him in the balls again) and I know my leftie readers are too bigoted to follow a link to the Mail I'll summarise the article for you.

    We support the Iraqi government in it's fight against Islamic State (IS/ISIL/ISIS/Alky Ada/The Silent Three/The Famous Five/whatever they are called this week). Our leaders say IS poses an existential threat to the west (now where have we heard something like that before?) but IS is supported (i.e. funded) by Saudi Arabia whom we do like (because they have oil, lots of oil.)so even though they are a bunch of fanatical Islamist theocrats we are their allies.

    We don't like President Assad in Syria because he only has a bit of oil, but our leaders can't fight him because he's best mates with Putin (who has oil AND gas and threatens to turn off the tap if we attack his friends).

    IS are fighting Assad. We support their fight against him by giving them weapons and sending military advisers to train up human organ noshing terrorists on how to use them. But though we don't want to fight the IS terrorists who are trying to overthrow the Syrian government because assad is our enemy, we do (we are told) have to fight the IS terrorists who are fighting the Iraqi government who are our puppets friends.

    We don't like Iran because like Saudi Arabia they are a bunch of Islamist Theocrats except they are the wrong sort of Islamists, but the Iranian government supports the Iraqi government against IS and we support the Iraqi government against IS.

    Therefore some of our friends are our enemies and some of our enemies are our friends, and some of our enemies are fighting our other enemies, and some of our friends are fighting our other friends. We don't want our friends to lose unless they are fighting our other friends, and we don't want our enemies to win unless they are fighting our other enemies.

    If we respond to Obama's demand for support we will not know if we are fighting our friends or our enemies because they change their names more often than they change their shirts.

    If we join Obama's coalition of the terminally confused and help our friends defeat our enemies we may find our friends are even more repugnant than the enemies we helped them defeat (remember what happened in Libya)

    What more obvious reason could there be for going to war.

    The Public Face Of ISIS - The Daily Mail

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    Disaster Dave's Latest Screw Up On The International Stage

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    Work With Assad To Combat ISIS? Laugh, I Nearly Shat
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    Syrian Rebels Say West Is Already Aiding Thier Uprising.

  • Climate Change: The scam that will let the rich take everything you have

    What if I told you there was a scam afoot that will let the obscenely rich steal everything you have so they can live in even greater luxury while you and your family go hungry and sit shivering in the dark.

    There is just such a scam, it is called Climate Change. Look at this and think it through for yourselves:

    The recently appointed United Nations 'peace envoy' Leonardo di Craprio addressed the United Nations today on the subject of climate change.In his speech he said: "This disaster has grown beyond the choices that individuals make."

    'You can make history ...or be vilified by it,' he dramatically told world leaders. So will the pug - faced little stink - bomb be vilified? You might well ask when we tell you some to the choices he has made that go waaaaaaaay beyond choices you or I could ever make.

    Hollywood star's took at least 20 trips across the nation and around the world this year alone - including numerous flights from New York to Los Angeles and back, a ski vacation to the French Alps, another vacation to the French Riviera, flights to London and Tokoyo to promote his film Wolf of Wall Street, two trips to Miami and trip to Brazil to watch the World Cup. We don't know how many of those trips were made in his private jet, if he took only commercial flights however his plane travel would have spewed out 40million metric tons of carbon into the air. And if you take into account the fifth largest private yacht in the world and five luxury homes, you can bet the hypocritical little shit his having a right old laugh up his sleeve at the Warmageddonist dupes who cheer him on as he funds more hideously expensive and highly polluting jollies for himself through his United Nations expense account.

    Remember climate change is a scam, a fiction spun because super rich shits like di Craprio, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Emma Thompson, George Clowney, Lady Gaga, Al Gore and a host of others can feel good about themselves while their mates in government take the little you have and add it to the much they have.

  • In Praise Of Sluts - Tits Out For The Boys Miley

    In the last 24 hours both Marianne Faithfull and Jacqueline Bisset have criticised today's young women for dressing provocatively, the teasers for a story in today's news said.

    Miley Cyrus - another half arsed publicity shot

    Marrianne Faithfull, no slouch in the sluttiness stakes herself back in the 1960s but to a teenage male all the more appealing for that (I still get a little tingle when I look at a Mars Bar), told ITV News that Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and other good looking young pop tarts are, quite simply, sluts.

    She gave her reasoning thus:

    "I've no idea what they think. I cannot understand that way of thinking. That they want to be so much in the music business that they're prepared to make complete fools of themselves. I'm amazed. I think they are complete rubbishy sluts actually."

    Marianne has a point, the videos made to promote these girls' singles seem to consist of them shoving their hardly covered lady bits into the camera lens (there's even a girl called Nikki Minge or something) waving their arses in the air and being dry humped by male dancers.

    Dark, sultry and mysterious Jaqui Bisset took it even further, saying in a an interview that young women as a whole are showing off too much. "Girls today are so attractive and sexy, and they show themselves off in such an obvious way, men feel that they are in a sweet shop.

    "I feel that this obsession to be ‘hot' is more prevalent than ever it was in my youth. It's not, ‘I want to be charming and magical and romantic and beautiful'. It's ‘I want to be hot'. "In other words, ‘I want men to want to screw me'.”

    Jaqueline Bisset may have a point. Every town centre in Britain is inundated with young girls in crop tops, mumble pants (you can see the lips move but you can't tell what they're saying) and skin tight shorts that show half their arse shorts. And there is more than a grain of truth in that line "Girls running round with no clothes on, trying to borrow a pound for a condom," from "I predict a riot" by The Kaiser Chiefs It is beyond doubt that there's more flesh on show than ever before.

    There can be no doubt that the easy availability of so many young women these days has helped our moral guardians in their quest to eradicate prostitution from the streets but are amateur slappers really preferable to pros?
    One wonders also what the long term psychological effects of behaving like horny, adolescent males will have on young women. In my experience women who do behave like that find it difficult to form stable relationships and seldom lead happy lives. I should say here that I am not religious and by no means morally opposed to pre or extra marital sex but surely it is wrong for men to use women as a masturbation aid? And it does not seem very feminist or egalitarian to me. I know that feminists and stupid, neo Nazi lefties are convinced that womens' consciousness is wired in the same way as mens' and only repressive social values have prevented women from behaving like unpaid whores in the past.

    Like most things the 'left' believe, it is so stupid and detached from reality it is beyond comtempt. It is the kind of thinking that led Labour politicians in big towns all over Britain to turn a blind eye to sexual abuse on an industrial scale of vulnerable young girls.

    A series of casual, emotionally disconnected fucks has become the replacement for an emotionally fulfilling relationship, and Hollywood, the television industry and the music business seem to be committed to pushing the idea that people can treat their genitals as toys in the way Aldous Huxley predicted in his novel Brave New World.

    MK Ultra - the propaganda program the highheidyins don't even try to deny
    Oh Brave New World That Has Such Creepiness In It
    The corruption of the music industry by corporate control freaks
    You might think authoritarianism is the opposite of liberalism. In the modern world it isn't
    Science fans shout conspiracy theorist when anyone talks of mind control experiments. Can they explain this?
    How the new elite are planning to create an evil empire in which lesser mortals are enslaved

  • The Inevitable Claims That The Scottish Vote was Rigged Are Gathering Momentum

    No one on the Boggart Blog team or even at The Daily Stirrer actually expressed an opinion on which way we wanted the Scottish independence vote to go. That's because none of us are Scottish and didn't have a vote, nor did we have an opinion.

    We all love Scotland for different reasons and would hate to see our countries divided but were all aware that whichever way it went would be divisive. And we were all aware that with the EU and USA absolutely dreading the break up of the UK there was no way the Yes campaign would be allowed to win. Even if the Scots had voted Yes, somehow the result would have been overturned (remember the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which itself was just a rehash of the European Consitution thrown out by referendum in France and The Netherlands anyone?). Which explains why the No vote looks like it will turn out to be more divisive in the UK than a Yes vote might have been.

    After Allegations Of Indyref vote fraud – Petitions gain traction for recount

    Scots wha hae when votes were rigged

    A petition demanding a recount in the Scottish independence referendum has been signed by over 150,000 people after videos purporting to show evidence of vote fraud went viral on the internet in the aftermath of last week's referendum vote.

    Several video clips appear to show sporadic examples of potential vote fraud, feeding into existing suspicions that the British establishment was prepared to go to any lengths to prevent Scotland from gaining independence from Westminster. After the alleged vote fraud videos went viral, online petitions popped up, with tens of thousands rushing to advocate a recount. Scroll to the bottom of this City AM page to see a video which shows several examples of alleged cheating

    A petition started by Scottish voters demands "a revote of the Scottish Referendum, counted by impartial international parties.” Can't see them getting one but it indicates there is a lot of bitterness in the wake of the vote that will last for a long time.

    The petition has been signed by nearly 90,000 individuals. A separate petition which demands an independent enquiry into vote fraud allegations has topped 62,000 signatures.

    A comment posted by the person who started the petition, appealing for an end to the hate attacks, was posted on Facebook.

    A personal word.
    by Kirstie Keatings
    Petition organiser

    I would like to respectfully ask that people stop contacting me on my facebook regarding this petition just because they don't agree with it. I am merely the one who started this petition, not the voice behind it. For that, you should look to the (currently) 81,000 signatories, as it would be nothing without them. If there is no truth to the evidence of vote rigging then you have nothing to fear, do you? Let democracy take its course and do not harass anyone to do with this petition or its subsequent groups and rallies.

    WTF? What is happening to free speech in our country? Kirstie is right about the evidence or lack of, and she has a right to her opinion and to express it even if she is wrong about the vote rigging.

    Global institutions and individuals including David Cameron, corporates and major banks pulled out all the stops to sow fear about independence after polls suggested it was moving towars a Yes vote. When George Osborne, Danny Alexander, Ed bollocks and Gordon Broon agree in their predictions of economic doom, it can’t get any more insane than that.

    The elite onslaught against secession employed at least two strategies. The first involved threats and “for your own good” lectures. US Senator Mr. Magoo John McCain even sugggested that Scottish independence would help terrorists (what, by arming, funding and training them like the Obama administration has?)

    The second strategy involved pleading and begging, which, of course, betrayed how truly fearful the West’s ruling class is of secession.

    The threats that focused on the Scottish monetary system were particularly telling. The very last thing that govt’s in London, Brussels, or Washington, DC want to see is an established Western country secede from a monetary system and join another in an orderly fashion because if that happens it will allay fears about the Russian / Chinese / Iranian bit to replace the $US as the global reserve currency and encourage Eurozone nations to quit the European Single Currency system.
    Political secession is bad enough and is a constant worry for the bureaucrats who run the EU which not only hopes to expand Europe into the middle east and north Africa (or create a superstate, Eurasia as George Orwell called it in '1984') but also establish itself someday as a perpetual union governed by a totalitarian bureaucratic dictatorship with no Get Out Of Jail cards on the board. A successful withdrawal from a major global currency, even if to join the EU monetary system later, would imply that countries have monetary options other than being absorbed wholesale (and permanently) by the EU.

    When we get a vote of an independent England I'm voting 'Yes' although I'd rather see us split four ways with Anglia, Mercia and Wessex becoming a federal province of Europe and The Danelaw joining an economic union with Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We might become an economic basket case but at least WE'D KNOW HOW TO THROW PARTY.

  • A Bunch Of Self Obsessed Air Heads Only Interested In Publicity

    The headline sums up some of the speakers or yesterday's climate change protest in London. But we know scientists are vacuous wannabe celebrities. The surprising thing was the showbiz and media luvvies showed themselves even more stupid and out of touch with reality.

    Take Emma Thompson. A fine actress but we should remember her job is pretending to be somebody else. and having spent most of her life pretending to be somebody else, when she goes off script she has forgotten that the real Emma Thompson is not very bright.

    Take her banal chirruping on the subject of carbon for example:

    "Unless we're carbon free by 2030 the world is buggered," she told an ecstatic crowd of sheeple.

    Emma dear, when you come out with things like that I don't think science is something you should be worrying your pretty little head about. If the world was carbon free there would be no trees, no grass, no vegetables (that's right, no vegetables at all, not even Brian Cox) no lefties screching about their politically correct causes, no worms, no beetles, no cheese, no pulled pork, no luvvies, no nothing. It's all carbon based you see.

    And if we did away with carbon dioxide (I'm sure you meant carbon dioxide, silly tart) which is where the plants get their carbon to make leaves and roots and fruit and nuts and berries, there would be nothing to eat (no dear, you couldn't go to Waitrose and get prepared meals because they'd have nothing to prepare meal with. You couldn't eat at The Ivy or Riverside Cottage because the'd be in the same boat. Meat you say? But cows and sheep and pigs eat carbon based organisms, that's how they make meat.

    So really Emma, if the world IS carbon free by 2030 we're not just buggered, we're fucking fucked.

    See what I'm driving at here folks, only stupid people believe getting rid of carbon dioxide will stop man made climate change. For the rest of us, as that great philosopher Eric Cantona said, "He who forecasts all perils will never sail the seas."

    Life is and always has been a struggle against adversity. For too long politicians and scientists (science was ever fascism's whore) have managed to maintain the illusion that all the existential threats to humanity had been controlled and neutralised. They lied (well what else did you expect?) they were not controlling anything, just kicking the can down the road.

    It would of course be ungentlemanly of me to raise the issue of how many times a year Emma Thompson flies back and forward across the Atlantic in pursuit of wealth, fame and politically correct causes. I'd bet her carbon footprint is several million times bigger than your or mine however. Fucking hypocrite .

  • Disabled People Say Please Don't Be Offended On Our Behalf

    I've met a lot of people over the past seventeen years, being disabled myself, and when we get talking about our experiences one thing that comes up all the time is the thing we find most offensive: Not the jokes, not the remarks that could be interpreted as offensive by a shyster lawyer, but being patronised by middle class, Labour voting, hand-wringing, politically correct types who have elected themselves to think on our behalf.

    So this story of a Twitter exchange was very amusing (and I'm with the online retailer who is the target of the latest Twitter Two Minutes Hate session.

    On Saturday night, the social media team looking after online retailer Joy's Twitter account received saw fit to respond to a legitimate complaint from a customer about what she thought an offensive card for those suffering from bipolar, by replying: “then if you know someone with bipolar disorder, don’t buy it for them. PROBLEM SOLVED”. The customer then asked how people suffering from the problem would react on seeing it, to which Joy responded: “They’ll like it one minute, and hate it the next?” (Read all - including a lively comment thread)

    And so began the latest Twitter storm.

    I don't know what it is about bipolar disorder that makes every insignificant piece of shit in Islington start screeching when anyone makes a joke about the problem, but several people I know who are actually diagnosed as bipolar are very witty when discussing it, and don't mind the jokes that go back. They can see the funny side of being bipolar.

    In the same way people like me who have suffered brain damage can usually see the funny side of our problems, and we don't need some pretentious, politically correct, self righteous leftie screecher to tell us what to think and how to feel. It's fucking offensive in fact.

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    Can science save the earth?

  • GCHQ employs more than 100 dyslexic spies. So what?

    GCHQ: Setting dyslexics to catch sewer side bummers

    A lot of people in comment threads seemed eager to get their knickers in a twist this morning about a story headlined:

    GCHQ employs more than 100 dyslexic and dyspraxic spies

    The story tells how the government snoopers intelligence agency down in Cheltenham uses dyslexics' ability to analyse complex information in a 'dispassionate, logical and analytical' in the fight against terror.

    from The Daily Telegraph:

    While many people with dyslexia struggle with reading or writing, they are often extremely skilled at deciphering facts from patterns or events.

    IT specialist Matt, 35, chairman of the dyslexic and dyspraxic support community at GCHQ, told The Sunday Times: "What people don't realise is that people with neuro diversity usually have a 'spikyskills' profile, which means that certain skill areas will be below par and others may be well above," he said.

    "My reading might be slower than some individuals and maybe my spelling is appalling, and my handwriting definitely is ... but if you look at the positive side, my 3D spacial-perception awareness and creativity is in the top 1% of my peer group."

    Well he would say that wouldn't he?

    While that does not seem quite right, (surely it's people with Aspergers syndrome who have an innate ability for dispassionate analysis), if it is government policy to hire people who don't read very well as IT managers it goes a long way to explaining why Government IT projects always come in at a million times over budget and don't work. The project managers had obviously failed to understand the specification or manage the budget control spreadsheet properly.

    Apart from that however, if GCHQ wants to employ dyslexics to analyse my email exchanges with Janet and Kelly, that doesn't give me a problem. It's people who CAN read, i.e. lawyers working for my wife, I want to keep that stuff away from.

    What every tyrant wants - the technology for mind control
    Owell, Huxley, Dick index for Dystopianometer
    Surveillance, tool of the totalitarian state
    Surveillance software gets more pervasive
    Will nanotechnology power a surveillance pill
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    The Panopticon and the digital society

  • 1000 Scientists Break Ranks On Global Warming - Laugh? I Nearly Shat

    polar bear glacier mint

            The last polar bear clings desperately to its Glacier Mint

    You've all heard from members of the Church Of Scienceology Cult about how there was total consensus (despite a lack of empirical evidence) that the planet is warming so rabidly there are now no ice caps at either the North or South Poles, that the last polar bear perished when someone ate its Fox's Glacier Mint and that there are now 50,000,000 refugees displaced from their homes by rising sea levels, all of them waiting in Calais for the return of a Labour Government so they can come to Britain, start claiming benefits and abusing young white girls.

    Exaggerating me? Well OK, but only a little. The meta - analysis that 'proved' 97% of scientists agreed that Carbon Dioxide emissions were the sole cause of global warming was exposed as a fraud, though those global Naziism enthusiasts who specialise in the science of propaganda are still peddling it as genuine.

    The study, run by a fanatical Warmageddonist named John Cook derived its "97 per cent" figure from the proportion of scientific papers published that did not specifically state that the slight uptick in global mean temperature between 1960 and 1997 was NOT caused by Carbon Dioxide emissions.

    Which is a whole lot different to saying it was. but science was always fascism's whore and there are few scientists who are not capable of fudging the figures to provide the answer their sponsors asked for.

    Truth will out of course, and now a counter report to Cook's farrago of lies and miserepresentations shows that there are many people working in climate and environmental research who did not support the consensus, so many in fact that there was never a 'consensus' to dissent from.

    Which is what I have been telling you for the past ten years.

    More Than 1000 International Scientists
    Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming

    that is a book length pdf document. It is sumarised quite well HERE

    QUOTE: “Please remain calm: The Earth will heal itself — Climate is beyond our power to control…Earth doesn’t care about governments or their legislation. You can’t find much actual global warming in present-day weather observations. Climate change is a matter of geologic time, something that the earth routinely does on its own without asking anyone’s permission or explaining itself.”
    — Nobel Prize-Winning Stanford University Physicist Dr. Robert B. Laughlin, who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1998, and was formerly a research scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

    Climate change: The IPCC New World Order agenda
    Fifty million climate change refugees gone missing
    Mainstream media lies about climate change
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    Some clarity of thought on climate change
    Climate change: the CO2 lie

  • How To Be Totally Uncool (By TryingTo Look Cooler Than You Are)

    Many of the 4700 people camped outside the Apple store on New York's 5th Avenue in the picture above are unemployed (and very likely being paid cash in hand by others to queue for days). Few, if any, among either the campers or the buyers will spend $3,600 for a "gold" iPhone like someone in China just did. But those who are buying will gladly pay hundreds of dollars, or in the case of those who budget to the last penny every month to maintain the lifestyle their social pretensions demand, simply lease with zero money down, the latest and greatest aspirational gadget to show they are cooler than they actually are.

    If we are brutally honest, the new iPhone 6 does little that the iPhone 5 technology was not capable of doing, but some people are so enslaved by the "cool person" image they imagine owning the latest Apple technology endows them with, they simply don't care that they are junking their old gadget for the sake of a few bells and whistles.

    No doubt when the latest Warmageddonist scare goes around these folks will joing the 'save the planet' screeching never pausing to think that the fractions of grammes of rare earth metals their new gadget contains have done as much environmental damage as driving a family car for a year (I made that up for effect, its not an actual statistic.)

    Here's a typical Apple worshipping airhead talking about why he had to get an iPhone 6 on the day they were released. From USA Today:

    Chris Johnson, 53, who waited in line at the Apple Store on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the goal was to get a new phone and to get one faster than his girlfriend. "My girlfriend, she pre-ordered, so I'm just trying to beat her." said Johnson. "She thinks I'm crazy to be out here, but I think she's crazy to pre-order because you may not get yours for 7-10 days. I want to pretty much guarantee.

    How insane in are those people outside the main Apple store in New York? Well it was highly publicised that customers could have ordered the iPhone online and have it delivered on launch day. Ah but to the apple cult crowd its about being seen to be a desperate fanboy (or girl) whose self esteem depends on owning fashionable gadgets I suppose. Dunno about you, but I pity people who can't understand that genuinely being cool involves not giving a flying fuck what other people think about you.

    Apple's new SPi Phone, sounds like a spy
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  • Blame Where It Is Due - Kudos To Delingpole

    Don't lefties make you want to puke. Whatever the issue being discussed they are always unable to get beyond slagging off their hate objects, the far right this, right wing extremists that, right wing nut jobs the other. It's ironic then that most of the behaviour we associate with the fer right of politics comes from those who label themselves The Left.

    Whenever I have seen TV news reports of English Defence ... League? demonstrations it is noticeable that while them EDL members protest peacefully and quietly it is members of the Anti Nazi League and Unite Against Fascism who, faces contorted with hatred and anger, are screaming the vilest of insults at the protestors or trying to break through the police cordon and attack the peaceful protestors.

    I'm not the only one who has noticed this, James Delingpole is onto it too. And he thinks this right wing extremism from the left is being fuelled by the BBC (Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation]:

    In Syria, two Americans and a British hostage have been beheaded by an Islamist nicknamed Jihadi John - and another innocent Briton (a taxi driver captured while working for an aid convoy) has been told he is next on the list; across Britain, in the aftermath of the Rotherham enquiry, more and more evidence is emerging that in towns and cities all over the country mostly underage white girls have been systematically groomed, raped and trafficked by organised Muslim gangs, with the complicity of local government authorities, charity workers, police officers and the broader Muslim community.

    Luckily, thanks to the BBC, we know what the real problem is here. It is, of course, our old friends, "Islamophobia" and "the spectre of a far right" backlash.

    Both of these alleged threats featured prominently on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning, including an interview with a former, self-confessed "far right" thug who revealed - presumably to no listener's especial surprise - that the organisation to which he had belonged was racist, prone to violence, and likely to react strongly to issues like the Rotherham rape gangs ... Continue reading

    Delingpole then asks some difficult questions like; "How many underage girls have been abused by "far right" groups over the past few years? How many journalists have been beheaded in Syrian by white supremacists; Where are the no go zones in places like Tower Hamlets or Bradford in which posters proclaim a different set of laws (the Anglo Saxon Liber Judicialis?) have been imposed by right wing extremists similar to those that have appeared declaring no go zones for whites where Sharia Law will be applied to offenders.

    The lefties may turn their hate generators up to eleven, these are all valid points. The problems are not being caused by 'far right' extremists, and sinnce when was it right wing extremism to love of beautiful old country and its culture and traditions?

    Sharia law zone Britain

    What we must do is make Britain the most uncomfortable place in the world for the kind of idiots who put up shite like this and the left wing extremists who support them. I don't think it is possible to strip born citizens of their nationality and right to live here, but a new government should make such a law its number one priority so we can kick religious nutters and far left extremists out of the country.

    We in Britain have since the enlightenment prided ourselves on tolerance, there should be no room for lefties and theorcrats who hate everything that is British and are determined to impose their extremism on us.

  • Independent Scotland To Lose Orkney, Shetland and Oil

    I don't know whether the post I link here is satire or some serious scaremongering promoted at the last minute by Nick Camerband in a last, desperate big to save The Union.

    It amused me however.

    Independent Scotland will lose Orkney and Shetland

    Queen Margrethe II of Denmark revives claim of right under 500 year old Udal Law to reclaim sovereignty of Shetland and Orkney Isles.

    AN INDEPENDENT Scotland will have to hand back Shetland and Orkney according to Denmark's British Ambassador.

    In partnership with Norway's King Harald V, the Danish regent Queen Margrethe II intends reviving the ancient rites of Udal Law which were ratified by the Scottish parliament in 1567.

    According to Udal law, the Scottish parliament is legally bound to return the islands to Norway upon repayment of the Kalmar Union dowry following the betrothal of Margaret of Denmark to King James III of Scotland in 1468.

    The Danish Queen claims to have in her possession authenticated copies of the 1575-7 Orkney & Shetland Lawbooks which allow the islands to revert to their previous territorial possession under the Kalmar Union.

    Every copy of these books were believed destroyed by an agent of the Scottish crown, Patrick Stuart, around 1579.

    But acclaimed Danish historian Olaf Gerritupyeson discovered copies of the books in the Soviet wartime archives in Moscow.

    He believes the Nazis looted the historical lawbooks after the occupation of Denmark by the Wehrmacht in 1940 ... Continue reading (h/t Graham lear for this story

        A delegation from Denmark's diplomatic mission arrive to demand shetland back
                                                                       (Picture source)

    Well I called that one wrong (there's a first time for everything). Last week I was speculating that with a couple of recent massive oil finds occurring in what would be their territorial waters, if Scotland voted Yes, the next step would be a big by Shetland for independence.

    Sassernachs try to influence Scottish referendum
    Why the silence about Shetland oil find?
    Drunk Friendly Streets - Why Not Driver Friendly Roads
    News that the Welsh capital city, Cardiff is to create drunk friendly streets to prevent rat arsed revellers hurting themselves as they stagger from pub to bus station full of drink and alcohol fuelled bonhomie prompted petrolhead fatsally to ask 'Why not driver friendly roads?
    Scotland's Nanny State
    Sat Nav Suzie From The Isle of Skye
    Scotland's skateboarding for the disabled initiative
    Deep Fried Twinkie Burger A Competitor For The Deep Fried Mars Bar?
    Scottish Referendum Bias Row - Boggart Blog Exclusive

  • Scotland: Reconciliation or divorce, who knows

    The polls all suggest it is too close to call, within the plus or minus3% margin of error pollsters like to allow. Have the scare tactics employed by The Three Stooges worked, has the suggestion that a nation as small as Scotland is doomed to economic decline and social decay stopped the momentum the Yes campaign had built up, or have Scots voters noticed that having populations between 5 and 10 million has not harmed Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland much while the world's wealthiest nations (Monaco, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Bermuda, are a few examples) have populations of less than a million.

    Strangely Alex Salmond has not made as much as he might have of this point, has he understood that if the Referendum goes for independence, his raison d'être is gone?

    I've also seen infographics that show the 'Yes' vote strongest in the Glasgow area. Tales of the corruption and cronyism in local government throughout this solidly Labour region, and of a paedophile gangs scandal set to dwarf Rotherham and Rochdale simmering on a back burner.

    It may be that is the Yes voters do actually scrape a wafer thin majority, it will be because of disillusionment with the out-of-touch elitism and politically correct authoritarianism of Westminster politics. Which would be the absolute worst possible reason for breaking the Union.

    There is still a strong possibility however that come Friday morning Craig and Charlie, The Proclaimers will be singing:

    When you go will you send back
    A few quid to help Edinburgh,
    Take a look up the A1
    From Islington to Balquiddhir

    Gateshead no more, Sunderland no more,
    Durham no more, York no more,
    Sheffield no more, Nottingham no more,
    Watford no more, Camden noooooo moooooooore.

    We'll miss the, but they'll miss us more.


    An Interesting Perspective From Across The Pond On The Scottish Referendum Result
    The almost inevitable accusations of fraud and vote rigging are beginning to emerge in the wake of the Scottish independence referendum. Surprisingly the likely culprit most fingers are pointing at is not the SNP, leaders of the YES campaign or the Westminster government which wanted to avoid the embarrassment of a no, but the Euronazis in Brussels whose plans for a single European nation would have suffered from a YES vote.

  • World IQ is falling in direct correlation to increase in global military spending

    This is scary, very, very scary.

    A colleague once said to me that with intelligence, common sense, perseverance and goodwill there is not challenge that human being, working together cannot overcome. This should provide a decent amount of hope that we can overcome the tsunami of shite our elites are directing our way right now. The greater challenge of course is first we must neutralise our elites and we have to do that quickly because their politicised education system is dumbing everybody down so fast we only have two generations at most before we are swinging around in trees again.

    Since the dawn of time humans have become more intelligent with each generation. But a new infographic shows that since the introduction of trendy, ideologically driven education methods imposed by the globalists we are losing IQ at an alarming rate.


    As the chart shows, average world IQ around the world has been steadily falling since the 1950?s. In fact, average IQ has fallen from 93 in 1950 to less than 85 today.

    Meanwhile an even more disturbing trend can be seen in military spending.


    Countries around the world spend nearly $2trillion a year on weapons and ammunition. The really big increase in global military spending started in 1950 - exactly the same time as our collective IQ started to fall out of our collective bottom. As a result on that there are two things we must consider very seriously.

    1)There are thousands of lethal weapons in the hands of people with little education. Many of those people are in Washington, London, Paris and Moscow, while third world intelligence is holding steady.
    2) The more and deadlier weapons the big countries possess, the easier it becomes to stop little countries becoming really problematic because ‘the pen is mightier than the sword'?

    IQ statistics: University of Hartford
    h/t for graphics Zero Hedge


    Decadent Exam Results Day
    Britain's Biggest Gobshite
    Positive Reinforcement
    Generation Of Losers

  • If a black person acts like a twat is it racist to say he's a twat.

    Examples of US rapper Kayne West behaving in ways that show what a cupid stunt he is occur to frequently for mainstream media to report them any more it seems. Or maybe it's just that because Kayne is an African American those mainstream journos were afraid of being called racist if they report his latest fuckwittery. After all, according to American 'Liberals' and British lefties all the only reason anybody would criticize anything a black politician or celebrity does is because whites are all racist and can't stand to see a black person doing well.

    It seems Krazy Kayne has done us all a favour by breaking that mould with his latest idiocy, which was outrageously stupid even by the standards of American rappers whose usual idea of a joke is to shoot their best mate in the face. Here's what the completely fuckwitted Kayne did:

    from The Daily Telegraph blogs

    Kanye West's idiotic attitude to disability is symptomatic of a bigger problem

    The Mail reports that Kanye West, and self-proclaimed “voice of this generation”, recently stopped a concert in Australia to demand that two disabled people in the audience stand up and dance.

    One was in a wheelchair. The other had a prosthetic leg, and was reduced to the indignity of waving it in the air to prove that they were in fact disabled. And proof was needed. When Kanye learned that the two seated fans had disabilities, he sent his bodyguard into the crowd to check they weren’t lying. “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.”

    It certainly is. West wasn’t just exclaiming “Everybody dance!” as singers do. He specifically stopped his performance to shame these two disabled people for not dancing. Only when convinced that they had truly “got a handicap pass” and “get special parking and s**t” did he continue the show.

    It would be easy to hear this story and simply say we cannot imagine what West was thinking. It would be easy, too, to wonder if the man who called his tour “Yeezus”, because he believes himself to be of at least equal importance to Western culture as Jesus Christ, perhaps feels that the divine power of his mere presence extends to making the blind see and the lame walk.

    But to dismiss West’s attitude as inexplicable or merely the latest comic result of his infamous egotism is to overlook the widespread beliefs that are responsible for his behaviour and for much of society’s behaviour towards disabled people.

    Many able-bodied people will read about this incident and, while admitting that it is unfortunate, ask “How was West to know those people couldn’t stand up?” The correct question is “How was he to know they could?” Why assume someone is able-bodied? Continue reading:

    Another way of looking it it is a lot of rock stars and celebrities think they have assumed divine status and must be obeyed. These people, regardless of their skin colour, deserved to be ridiculed and humiliated. We don't have to obey their commands, we don't have to worship them. Very often they haven't a lot of real talent but are overpaid idiots with overactive egos.

    For myself going to gigs became off limits when I paid good money to see a bank that had slipped down from the pinnacle of their success but were still good. The band probably did about four songs and spend the rest of the time 'working the audience'. We were told, "All stand up, everybody stand up, we're not going to start the song until you are all on your feet."

    And they didn't. Later we were all commanded to stand again and clap our hands above our heads. The same threat was made, we're not continuing until you all obey. My attitude is I go to a gig to be entertained, not to entertain the cunt up front. Although if the cunt on stage happened to be Kayne West, a younger, fitter me might have been tempted to entertain the audience by jumping on the stage and breaking his leg.

    Is the left's hatred of their own race racist
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