• Israel May Be Guilty Of War Crimes - UN Human Rights Chief

    May be guilty? This could be the understatement of the millennium

    Israel maybe committing war crimes in Gaza, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says. Speaking in Geneva, Navi Pillay said house demolitions and the killing of children raise the "strong possibility" that Israel is violating international law.

    Opening an emergency debate at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, she citied cases of Israeli air strikes and shelling hitting houses and hospitals in the coastal enclave: "These are just a few examples where there seems to be a strong possibility that international humanitarian law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes,” she said.

    She hit out at both sides concerning their conduct during the conflict, which is now in its 16th day, having started on July 8. Some 643 Palestinians, many of them children and civilians have died in the conflict, including a seven-year-old hit by a shell in southern Gaza early on Wednesday, Reuters reports.

    The Israeli army has been accused of targeting civilian areas, as well as using flechette shells during its offensive in Gaza, which can cause widespread harm and death to civilians. Some 29 Israeli soldiers have been killed, including a tank officer shot by a Palestinian sniper early on Wednesday.

    "Every one of these incidents must be properly and independently investigated," Pillay said in some of her strongest comments on the carnage. She also condemned the indiscriminate firing of rockets and mortars by Palestinian militants into Israel and expressed concern at the “rise of incitement for violence against Palestinians by Israeli’s on social media.”

    Funny thing about these atrocities being committed by Israel. I don't hear any screams from Obama demanding that the Israelis be punished. The old double standards operating again are they?

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  • The Importance Of Punctuation

    We encounter two kins of grammar cops on the web, the grammar brownshirts who will jump on any minor error and try to claim it invalidates your entire post or comment and proclaim to the world (though sane person actually cares) that single aberrent apostrophe's(!) in otherwise perfectly punctuated pieces reveal the writer as an ineducable, knuckle dragging oaf.

    To those who pick up my trivial errors I usually reply, "Fuck the fucking fuck off," and then warn them that before they start pontificating about my profanity showing I am inarticulate to bear in mind the line is not only gramatically and syntactically correct, it is a perfect trochaic triameter and therefore qualifies as poetry. That usually shuts 'em right up.

    The other kind are the progressives who say that punctuation does not matter and will call writers out for too precise grammar and punctuation which, they claim, makes the writer appear pompous and condescending. These are a weird lot and most of them seem to be left wing schoolteachers.

    A few days ago our friends from the neo - fascist left were holding a two minutes hate session to celebrate the removal of Michael Gove MP from his job as Education Secretary. The teaching profession, displaying the kind of groupthink that can only be brought on by a diet of propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, hated Gove with the kind of passion that should be reserved for reunions with long - absent lovers.

    Why? Who knows, but maybe it was because Gove looked at the salaries teacher pick up and thought, "Time these CHIMPS* got some work done."

    Or maybe it was just that Gove was trying to reintroduce the idea of learning basic arithmetic and English grammar and comprehension into the curriculum which would mean spending less class time on things like multiculturalism, history of feminism, race awareness and gay rights studies. After all none of those are any use if you can't read, write or solve simple calculations.

    But with an estimated 20% of secondary school leavers officially illiterate and innumerate maybe Gove had a point. As is illustrated by this Tweet from a professional journalist at Associated Press

    BREAKING: Dutch military plane carrying bodies from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash lands in Eindhoven.

    See if you can punctuate or rearrange the sentence so it reads the way it is meant to.

    *CHIMPS: Completely Hopeless In Most Practical Situations

  • MH17: America's Evidence - We Read It On Social Media

    This is absolutely effing brilliant

    US State Dept. Annoyed at Press Questioning MH17 Narrative

    Spokeswoman Angrily Refers Press to Social Media for 'Proof'

    Boeing 777 like flight MH17

    The Obama Administration continues to reiterate its narrative on what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 with more certainty (and often different details) every day, but there is a stark lack of evidence, beyond a handful of “authenticity could not be verified” images floating around on social media.

    With Russia denying the allegations, the US must have some really damning evidence to be so certain, right? Just so, insists the State Department, just don’t ask them to show any of it.

    Defending the charges at today’s press briefing (links to US State Dept transcript) in an increasingly testy exchange with reporters, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf referred the press to social media, while reiterating that there was totally better evidence out there that they just can’t see.

    When pressed on the array of theories on social media, and why the US is embracing just the one, Harf insisted that none of the other theories made any sense, because the State Department totally knows it was Russia’s fault.

    When pressed further on Russia’s denial, Harf turned visible hostile toward the press members at the briefing, angrily insisting that it was unfair for the media to even consider Russian statements that contradict the State Department, when everyone is supposed to know the US is more credible. When pressed further on that line of reasoning, Harf angrily barked “I’m not even dignifying that question with a response.”

    Read more from

    So there we have it. The "compelling evidence" they had that the pro Russian separatists in Ukraine were responsible for downing Flight MH17 was that the CIA read it in Facebook and Twitter and common sense told them it was right because America is great and Russia sucks. Naa Naa Na Naa Naa.

    All I can say is relying on social media chitchat for evidence of responsibility shows a marked lack of common sense FFS.

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  • MH17 - Nothing is ever what it seems to be

    MH17 - Nothing is ever what it seems to be

    Having crossed swords this morning with someone who is quite sure that every word of propaganda is absolute gospel truth and he works in a university so knuckle dragging oiks such as me, who do not spend their lives insulated from reality in universities have no right to disagree with him (Boggart Blog tip: If you want to play the intellectual bully the first requirement is to actually possess an intellect,) therefore there can be no doubt whatsoever that Vladimir Putin personally fired the missile that brought down the Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine (I love hyperbole).

    I love the naive belief of these "evidence based thinkers" that the inability of us sceptics to prove the Russian separatists did not do it serves as proof that they did. But I would remind readers that Boggart Blog has never said the pro Russian rebels in Ukraine did not bring down the plane, only that the evidence they did that has so far been offered is flimsy and full of holes. There is also much stronger evidence emerging which implicates the Kiev government. This may turn out to prove nothing more that the Kermlin propaganda dept. is more competent than the British and American propaganda departments.

    Saying "Our guys are wearing white hats so the other guys are guilty," is not how scepticism works however. And the problem our "evidence based" chums often encounter is that evidence does not necessarily confirm their wild assumptions.

    Take a look at this for example:

    The Los Angeles Times:

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was cruising just 1,000 feet above restricted airspace when it was struck by a missile in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, according to aviation and intelligence officials.

    Despite ongoing violence in eastern Ukraine, including the recent downing of two military aircraft, Ukrainian aviation officials had closed the region’s airspace only below 32,000 feet in altitude.

    The Boeing 777, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, with 298 people aboard, was at 33,000 feet when it vanished from radar screens, according to European aviation authorities.

    Read all

    That report does not prove responsibility but it does show the failure of western governments to make commercial airlines aware of the risks of overflying Ukraine's conflict zone. It does however note that western intelligence was aware the only SAM equipment the rebels have is the MANPAD shoulder held launcher which fires missiles effective up to altitudes of 17,000 feet.

    Reuters comments:

    Malaysia Airlines filed a flight plan requesting to fly at 35,000 feet throughout Ukraine airspace but was instructed by Ukraine air traffic control to fly at 33,000 feet upon entry ….

    While CBS, in an article entitled “‘Big Question’ Is Why Plane Was Flying Over War Zone” asks the question many bloggers have been asking:

    The Atlantic raises the competence issue:

    Did aviation authorities know that this was a dangerous area?

    Yes, they most certainly did. Nearly three months ago, on the “Special Rules” section of its site, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration put out an order prohibiting American pilots, airlines, charter carriers, and everyone else over whom the FAA has direct jurisdiction, from flying over parts of Ukraine.

    So we see that it is not quite so clear cut as White Hats and Black Hats. I must admit to not having a clue who was responsible for bringing down Flight MH17 or whether it was a deliberate act of terrorism or a terrible accident.

    What I find obscene however is the eagerness of politicians and media commentators in the west to blame Russia (and possibly provoke a global war - yesterday I wrote about what the mainstream media are not telling you, forgetting to mention that the Chinese have condemned the FUKUS axis rush to blame Russia). Has everyone forgotten already the false flag gas attack in Syria, the 'humanitarian mission in Libya which turned into a regime change war and turned Libya into a failed state and the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan initiated by the western powers.

    Western leaders don't just want war, they're mad for it. Perhaps they think that as in the 1930s, a global conflict will pull the west out of a prolonged economic depression.

  • What The Media Is Not Writing About Flight MH17

    Only hours after the tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine, Western politicians, led by the dickhead in chief Barack Hussein Obama were jumping up and down screaming "It was Russia wot done it." The sycophants in mainstream media were quick to join in, stating that the US / EU backed fascist government in Kiev had compelling evidence that pro Russian separatists in east Ukraine, with the complicity of The Kremlin were responsible for the outrage.

    What immediately struck the more level headed and intelligent commentators of new media was that political leaders and their tame political hacks were just too quick off the mark.

    "But it It had to be Russia; it had to be Putin, we so desperately need it to be Putin" they howled when the voice of common sense pointed out that the government of Ukraine saying it was pro Russian dissidents it hardly the compelling evidence they claimed it was

    President Obama held a press conference to remind everyone that he is the most wonderful human being that ever lived and reiterate that if world leaders who just accept his supremacy and do what he told them there would be no more conflict. he went on to claim – even before an investigation – that it was certainly pro-Russian rebels in the region who were responsible. His ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, did the same at the UN Security Council – just one day after the crash and at a time when the back box flight recorders were still missing.

    While western media outlets rush to broadcast government propaganda on the event, there are a few things they will not report.

    They will not for example remind you that the crisis in Ukraine started late last year, when EU and US-supported seditionists led moves to the overthrow the elected Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Without US-sponsored “regime change,” it is unlikely that hundreds would have been killed in the unrest that followed. Nor would the Malaysian Airlines crash have happened.

    The media has also reported unequivocally that the plane must have been shot down by Russian forces or Russian-backed separatists, because the missile that reportedly brought down the plane was Russian made. But they will not report that the Ukrainian government also uses the exact same Russian-made weapons. They will not report that while it is known that the Ukraine army have Buc missiles, launchers and trained crews, there is no evidence that the Pro - Russian dissidents did.

    When lack of evidence of the rebels is pointed out the media luvvies scream "but that isn't proof that they didn't have them."

    Exactly. It is impossible to prove a negative. And the fact that the Ukraine Army did have SAM launchers capable of firing they type of missile allegedly responsible for bringing down the aircraft does not prove the Ukraine Army fired it. just because the rent boy President, brack Obama wants a thing to be true does not make it so. The fact that he can belive a thing is true because he wants it to be true only proves he is a solipsist.

    We had a solipsist as Prime Minister of the UK not long ago, the traitor and war criminal Tony Blair. And he was as keen on war and killing as Obama. but I digress.

    Mainstream media will not report that the EU / US sponsored government in Kiev has killed 250 people in the breakaway Lugansk region since June, according to OSCE monitors nor that the USA has strongly backed the Ukrainian government in these attacks on civilians, which a State Department spokeswoman called “measured and moderate.”

    Their hysterical commentators will not point out that Russia and the pro Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have anything to gain but everything to lose by shooting down a passenger liner full of civilians, thus bringing down on their cause the anger of the world. Nor will they comment that the Ukrainian usurper's government could give itself a kind of legitimacy gain by blaming the attack on Russia, or that the Ukrainian leader is openly gloating about Russia being blamed for the attack.

    They will not report that the missile that apparently shot down the plane was from a sophisticated surface-to-air missile system that requires a good deal of training that the separatists do not have.

    They will not report that the separatists in eastern Ukraine have inflicted considerable losses on the Ukrainian government in the week before the plane was downed.

    And they will not even breathe a word about how similar this craptangle is to last summer’s US claim that the Assad government in Syria had used poison gas against civilians in Ghouta. Assad was also gaining the upper hand in his struggle with US-backed rebels and the US claimed that the attack came from Syrian government positions. US false claims and unsubstantiated accusations led us to the brink of war in that case too. Public opposition and support for Assad from Russia, China and Iran forced Obama to back down then, we have learned since then that US claims about the gas attack were false.

    The word of a liar and a bunch of fascist thugs is not evidence so let's all calm down for one simple reason. For decades we have been brainwashed with propaganda about American military supremacy. But now with a US President who seems hellbent on starting a real war with Russia and it's allies are we sure we are willing to bank on the US wiping out their enemies without any return of fire.

    We are very foolish if we are.

    Russia Says Has Photos Of Ukraine Deploying BUK Missiles In East, Radar Proof Of Warplanes In MH17 Vicinity

    Whistleblower: U.S. Satellite Images Show Ukrainian Troops Shooting Down MH17

    Was The Missile Attack On Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Over Ukraine A False Flag Event.
    What Mainstream Media Will Not Report about Flight MH17 MH17
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    The stink of rotting fish is permeating the mainstream news

  • The stink of rotting fish is permeating the mainstream news

    Can you smell it, that distinctive miasma of rotting marine life, the kind of thing you only expect to get a whiff of in fish markets around The Mediterranean on hot summer days. Strangely it seems to be everywhere.

    fish market
    Fish market (source)

    Do you smell it yet?

    Today the news is full of the Israeli assault on Gaza. Israel's armed forces have invaded Palestinian territory with tanks under cover of aerial bombardment of Gaza's shanty towns by missiles and airborne assaults. It has been going on for a few days, well over a week if we are being honest.

    Do we hear screams of protest from the Obama, stern condemnation from Cameron, does Hollande remove his lips from the nipple of his latest mistress long enough to express outrage? No, the mealy mouthed equivocal comments we hear seem to suggest that the Palestinians should surrender and agree to all Israeli demands including granting the Israelis the right to kick the crap out of Palestine any time they feel like it.

    In fact it is only outrage in the blogosphere that has woken up mainstream media, where most of the luvvieocracy have been happy to suck up to The White House and Whitehall by calling for the head of Vladimir Putin by way of retribution for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

    In spite of all the inconsistencies surrounding that story and the question everybody is asking but nobody wants to answer, WTF was a civilian passenger flight doing on a route that took it over a conflict zone, all the luvvieocracy want to talk about is the "compelling evidence" that pro Russian separatists acting on direct order from Putin. This compelling evidence seems to be that a bloke on combat fatigues who carries an AK47 everywhere told a reporter that a Russian bloke in a self propelled SAM launcher drove up and said, "My name is Putin, I want you to use this fully armed bit of kit to shoot down the next passenger aircraft that flies over." Well OK, I'm paraphrasing a bit.

    Final moments of Flight MH17 - The Russian Version Of The Story

    So while the luvvieocracy have been running round like headless chickens trying to find a way to blame Putin for the Flight MH17 outrage, the Israelis have as usual been getting a free pass to slaughter Palestinians. (Read more at BBC News)

    So if we join up the dots the picture that emerges is somewhat confused, if fact all that emerges with any clarity is that for those who had an interest in diverting attention from what was happening in Gaza (i.e. Israel and its only international ally, the USA) a major disaster such as the shooting down of Flight 17 could not have happened at a more convenient time. If you know what I mean.

    Now do you smell the rotting fish.

  • Flight MH17 - a little common sense amid the politics

    sam missile launcher
    Surface to air missile launcher - Ukranian military have them and men trained to use them. The East Ukraine separatists are nutters who are still trying to work out how to throw a Molotov Cocktail.

    Looking for common sense on the Ukraine Malaysia Airlines downing I found in a Times Of India article the views views of experienced airline pilot Jaideep Banerjee. Veteran passenger flight commander Banerjee has come up with a pretty simple rule of thumb. He has told The Times of India's reporter that civilian aircraft should avoid flying over any area that has a strong presence of UN Peace Keeping Forces.

    "We are not dealing with Naxalites here. The rebels and militia in these areas are equivalent to state actors who have brute weaponry. Billions of dollars that Somali pirates get through ransom from hijacking ships is ploughed into the arms industry. What happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is unbelievable but true. We are now vulnerable and need to do everything possible to stay out of harm's way," Mr. Banerjee said.

    Which is exactly what Boggart Blog (and anyone else with a smidgin of intelligence) was saying yesterday.

    Trouble is the world is led by people who love and are addicted power and see war as a path to power. So while the decisions they make may seem insane to us, they are quite rational to the power elite's warped world view.

    The latest we have from the elite insane asylum is this via Reuters:


    Really? how could they know that? Presumably Ukrainian intelligence staff were not at the launch site taking note or filming events on their smart phones.

    My guess is they got the information from the US Government or the CIA. Which means of course the evidence is as compelling as that which 'proved' the poison gas attract in Syria was launched by Assad's troops. Funny how that story went quiet when real evidence emerged that the atrocity had been a US/Israeli false flag event.

    Or maybe even as compelling as the evidence that Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq had Weapons of Mass destruction that threatened the west and gave another US President and another set of European arse lickers an excuse to start a war.

    Flight MH17 - this is very interesting

    Whatever War Crimes Obama Accuses Russia Of You Can Bet America Has done It First.

    World policitical leaders and media sycophants are lining up to condemn Russia for the dowing on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine. Here are a few snippets from our coverage:

  • Here We Go Again - Crazy Official Story Of Flight 17 Triggers Conspiracy Theories

    Was The Missile Attack On Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Over Ukraine A False Flag Event

    The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine shocked the world. A second disaster for the airline within six months involving the same type of aircraft? Those things are probably coincidence, but when we start to dig a little deeper, the coincidences are quickly stretched to breaking point. So as the conspiracy theories start to emerge we look at the bizarre train of events leading up to the disaster.

    There may be nothing in the speculation of course, the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 might simply be a case of Ukraine rebels shooting down with a surface to air missile (of a type they don't possess, a Boeing 777 aircraft that was flying above the height that any missile the east Ukraine rebels do possess could be effective.

    And then the question remains, WTF was the civilian flight doing overflying a combat zone in which several aircraft have been shot down recently

    Read a full investigation of the catalogue of fantasies, fabrications and bullshit that makes up the official version of events.

    Was The Missile Attack On Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Over Ukraine A False Flag Event.

    In Case You ThoughT We'd Forgotten Ukraine

  • Giant Russian Hole Overshadows News From Ukraine, Gaza

    malteser honeycomb centre
    Maltesers: Does the Earth have a honeycomb centre like these sweets? (Source)

    Russia Today reports that a major project is to be launched to investigate a mysterious huge hole that suddenly appeared in one of the most remote and inaccessible regions of northern Russia's . It was unclear what had caused the gaping crater, about 100 meters in diameter, filmed from the air (see YouTube video below) in Yamal, which means "the end of the Earth" in the local Nenets language, where arctic temperatures winter temperatures regulrly plunge to -55 degrees Fahrenheit. Yamal, inhabited by indigenous reindeer herders, is one of Russia's richest regions in natural gas.

    The hole was found near the Bovanentsky gas field, leading to speculation that it could have been caused by an underground explosion. No Thor's Hammer found as yet, not a secret passage to a 'Stately Pleasuredome' (where Aelph the sacred river ran, through caverns measureless to man, into a sunless sea - h/t Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Kublai Khan) in sight.

    And, to the great disappointment of certain American conspiracy sites I like to look at, there was no evidence of an underground city built by The Nephilim millions of years ago, nor the secret headquarters of a megalomaniac, paraplegic, billionaire psychopath who rolls around in a nuclear wheelchair with a white Persian Cat on his knee as the plots to seize control of the world.
    Other theories we are dismissing at this stage include Godzilla breaking loose from his thousand food deep tomb to terrorize Tokyo again, and the Norse Demon Angrbodr bursting out of Niflheim to summon the forces of darkness to Ragnarok , the final battle between good and evil.
    So what caused the hole. Well I'm going to suggest that all the science and mythology up to now has been wrong and the planet is really a giant Malteser offered by the God Cronos to his consort Rhea. Or maybe not.

    What I really want to know however is how can you be a helicopter pilot who shot that video and not want to go down that hole and hover to get a better look. Health and Safety issues I suppose. People are such wusses these days.

    Story source Russia Today

  • Google Driverless Wankermobile Will Be Controlled by Darth Vader

    FBI warns driverless cars could be used as 'lethal weapons'

    google wakermobile
    Google Wankermobile - built for The Dark Side

    from The Guardian
    Google’s driverless car may remain a prototype, but the FBI believes the “game changing” vehicle could revolutionise high-speed car chases within a matter of years. The report also warned that autonomous cars may be used as “lethal weapons”.

    In an unclassified but restricted report obtained by the Guardian under a public records request, the FBI predicts that autonomous cars “will have a high impact on transforming what both law enforcement and its adversaries can operationally do with a car.”

    In a section called Multitasking, the report notes that “bad actors will be able to conduct tasks that require use of both hands or taking one’s eyes off the road which would be impossible today.”

    The restricted (but not secret) report obtained by the Guardian under a FoI request states that the FBI predicts driverless cars “will have a high impact on transforming what both law enforcement and its adversaries can operationally do with a car.”

    Continue reading:

    The report states:

    One nightmare scenario could be suspects shooting at pursuers from getaway cars that are driving themselves.

    The report, written by agents in the Strategic Issues Group within the FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence, says, “Autonomy … will make mobility more efficient, but will also open up greater possibilities for dual-use applications and ways for a car to be more of a potential lethal weapon that it is today.”

    Well that certainly proves Guardian writers will be potential customers for Wankermobiles. These monstrosities, (designed for Google by the people who make Kinder Surprise toys) will do a maximum of 20mph flat out. I cannot see how the FBI's fears that Darth Vader or other intergalatic criminals will want them.

    Who the fuck in their right mind other than a middle class, left wing, safety craving wuss would use one as a getaway car?

  • I'm no fan of the Royal Family but - Two Words

    Saw a post today on Hang The Bankers Blog that, while i have no objection to what the guy is saying I think he is simply not seeing the bigger picture.

    He writes:
    Look at the photograph (of Phil The Greek). This picture will fill Millions of Brits with pride, nostalgia and patronism. Women, old and young will inevitably coo. Men, no doubt with a look of steely determination on their faces will give a quick nod at the photo and say to themselves; “Yes mate, you know”. I look at it and want to wring the hypocrites scrawny neck. The mere sight of him makes me want to puke.

    You will not spot a single tear in this abomination’s eye. And for the Daily Mail newspaper and no doubt the vast majority of others to even suggest it, is tantamount to fraud. Worse still, it officially costs the tax payer nearly half a million pound a year to view propaganda like this. Unofficially, the true cost is in the millions.

    You have no idea how hard I find it to write about The Duck of Edinburgh and his family of parasitic in-breeds without descending into a torrent of foul mouthed abuse. Continue reading:

    Well yes, as I said I'm no fan but his argument can be totally demolished in two words ...

    President Thatcher

    or alternatively

    President Blair

    If you know what I mean.

  • What Happened To Battling Barbara's VIP Paedophile Dossier

    battling barbara castle
    Battling Barbara Castle

    Isn't it great to see the elite on the rack. Not often we feature a story broken by The Daily Star but the Mail and the Mirror don't seem to be onto this one yet. I learned of it through private sources. Seems back in the 1980s it didn't matter if you were a Labour or Tory MP. a Radio One DJ or a social worker, mention paedophiles in high places and people in authority would stick their fingers in their ears and start la-laaing Land Of Grope And Furore.

    (paraphrased from The Daily Star)
    Latests revelation in the rapidly escalating paedophiles in politics scandal is that the former (and much loved) MP for Blackburn, 'Battling' Barbara Castle drew up her own dossier on VIP paedophiles in the 1980s: Sources to whom ms. Castle spoke at the time claim the file was seized by Special Branch personnel.

    Officers seized and confiscated a file in which names of establishment figures involved in a elite paedophile ring were revealed, it was claimed yesterday.

    Citing ‘national security’ as just cause, Special Branch men removed the file which listed 16 MPs along with senior policemen, headteachers and clergy. Baroness Castle of Blackburn handed it to Don Hale, the editor of her local newspaper, the Bury Messenger. Mr Hale claimed a ‘heavy mob’ of Special Branch officers raided his office in 1984 and took away the file, threatening him with prison if he resisted.

    Mr. Hale is no stranger to controversy, it was he, as editor of the Matlock Mercury who was responsible for getting an innocent man pardoned on the notorious case of 'The Bakewell Tart murder', in which the a local clique closed ranks and protected the real culprit while stitching up Stephen Downing, an educationally sub normal man for the murder of

    Many people are calling for the current investigations into cases of historic child abuse to be dropped as many of the people involved are dead or too frail to face questioning. We disagree, while ascknowledging that it would be difficult to prosecute the accused, what is of even greater concern that the abuse (vile though it is) is the culture of cover up among the various elites and the attitude that certain people are above the law.

    The investigations must go on, names must be named and evidence revealed.

    Meanwhile (from The Daily Mail) a retired detective has revealed he was involved in investigations into an elite paedophile ring because of his determination to question Members of Parliament and senior people in the civil service, justice system and business.

    What A Wonderful Result
    Forget the World Cup (well done Germany though) the big result of the weekend is another great win for the conspiracy theorists as former appeal Court Jude and Cover - Up artist par excellence Baroness Butler - Sloss is forced by a torrent of public outrage to step down as chair of the official whitewashing of inquiry into sexual high crimes and misdemeanours among the elite.
    Simon Danczuk Becomes A National Hero
    Leftie paedos and the New World Order
    Left Love Paedophiles
    NWO Paedophile

  • Told You So - You Wouldn't Vote UKIP, Now Tha Nazis Are In Charge

    BERLIN (Reuters) - The head of the European Parliament said on Wednesday that the "radically anti-European" views of Jonathan Hill, British premier David Cameron's nominee for the European Commission, might prevent him getting onto the EU's executive body.

    As the progressive liberal (aka authoritarian fascist) bandwagon rolls on through the ancient nation states of Europe, Hitler and Mussolini, Stalin and Sultan Suyeman must be laughing their megalomaniacal heads off in whatever firey pit or dark abyss they inhabit.

    First we had the new President of the EU Commission, Jean - Claude Drunkard telling European leaders he wanted half the new Commissioners to be women and would veto appointments if he did not get his wish. It has always been the prerogative of member nations to nominate their own choices.

    jean claude drunkard e u commission
    Jean - Claude Drunkard prepares to address the European Parliament (source)

    Now we have the Kraut who says democracy must not be allowed to stand in the way of creating a European federal Superstate (run, no doubt, by a committee of unelected bureaucrats).

    Martin Schulz, the German socialist president of the parliament, warned national leaders on Tuesday that unless they nominate what he calls "enough" women as commissioners, the parliament will reject the entire incoming college of commissioners.

    Schulz, who was one of the organisers of the new system of "Spitzenkandidat" or lead candidate which in effect chose Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the commission despite opposition by British Prime Minister David Cameron, says that the three or four women’s names now circulating are not enough.

    According to EU Observer, Schulz said: "Looking at the information currently available on the number of female candidates, the commission would not receive the backing of majority in the European Parliament. I will make that point to the [EU leaders] tomorrow."

    Schulz meant the heads of state and government who make up the European Council, which meets today, Wednesday, in a special session to discuss candidates for the other top jobs in Brussels which become vacant later this year.

    Although commissioners are nominated by member states, they must be approved by a majority of the European Parliament.

    If these shits are allowed to have their wait we will no longer have democracy in the sense rule according to the will of the majority but democracy of demographics, or label politics. In order to maginalise the majority, wannabe dictators will demand that the correct number of women, GayBLT, Muslims, Jews, Black, Asian, and Orientals in government.

    Quotas (aka tokenism) have long been a dream of the authoritarian left. One might think even people as stupid and self centred as the 'progressive left' would have learned from the example of the incompetent, war mongering, child murdering, cocaine addicted rent boy who is posing as President of the USA the folly of selecting people for top jobs by demographic.

    But no, according to the EU having tits is the second best qualification for a job. The best apparently is being a neo Nazi piss head who is usually so rat arsed after lunch he falls asleep in meetigs and dribbles on his order paper. And its all in the name of 'diversity'.

    The more "diverse" these cherry picked commissioners get, the less they will pay attention to such trifling matters as fixing the economy, creating jobs, reining in the rampant greed of corporate industries and anything else that voters might think is important. They will all have politically correct proportions of XY and XX chromosomes, melanin, and sexual preferences. And they'll all have spent at least eighteen years being brainwashed with globalist propaganda in state run educational institutions so that they think exactly the same way.

    Some people are suggesting Cameron ought to veto any European Commission nominee not suported by the national assembly of their country. Boggart Blog would go further. Cameron should veto with immediate effect the £52million the Euronazis get from our tax money.

  • Today We Should Pray For The Lefties

    Yes today the left of British politics have suffered a crushing bow. Education Minister Michael Gove has lost his job in Cameron's reshuffle. As Gove was the primary target for the left's irrational hatred and without irrational hatred the left have nothing in their weaponry, this is a massive setback with an election only a year away.

    Other news from the cabinet reshuffle. Ken Clarke is gone. I put on the radio this morning to catch the 8:30 news bulletin and all I could hear was the sound of a pair of hush puppies slapping against the pavement as a portly septugenarian clutching an airline ticket for Cambodia ran for Heathrow, pursued by The Hounds Of The Morrigan*

    Environment Secretary Owen fracking Paterson has been sacked after encouraging councils to ride roughshod over the democratic process in granting fracking permits to companies in which his family members have an interest.

    Liz Truss has been promoted, presumably to give Cameron or Osborne some support. Esther McVeigh who I am aware of only because before she went into politics I once saw her cavorting about on a celebrity game show, filling a very tight pair of leather trousers perfectly. So what will she do in government? Do we need a minister for pert bottoms? I'd say yes we do, although I'd prefer the job to have gone to Cheryl Cole.

    Esther McVeryhot gravitas
    Esther McVeigh - will bring much needed gravitas to the government

    Big surprise is the departure of William Hague. Was her really so deeply hurt when Boggart Blog said he looked like The Mekon in the Eagle / Dan Dare comic strips? Or is he jumping ship before the next batch of sexual misdemeanours come to light?

    One amateur pundit rather unworthily suggested all this reshuffle proves is that having a pair of tits is now the best qualification for a top job. If that were true surely Katy Price would have been made Chancellor of The Exchequer. Sorry, what am I thinking, Ms. Price has shown a great deal of business acumen and proved her ability to manage money, she's massively overqualified for the position. Sadly then George (Gideon) Osborne remains chancellor.

    Kevin Brennan, Labour's Shadow schools minister says that following the reshuffle every minister in the Department of Education was privately educated . Oh well, at least we can be sure they'll all be able to read and write.

    As someone who has often complained about the mealy - mouthed, politically correct equivocation of modern politics I have to celebrate the elevation of Claire Perry MP, the former City trader who led the Government's campaign for filters on online pornography. Perry is said to have walked into a Commons tea room and asked the assembled stuffed shirts (the regular guys would be in the members bar): "What do I have to do to speak, give the Speaker a blow job?"

    Ms. Perry must be in good physical shape if the thinks she could bend low enough to do that to Tyrion Bercow.

    *The Morrigan - Celtic goddess of retribution whose hounds pursued those guilty of crimes against the weak.

    Poor white pupils put off school by multicultural timetable
    Diversity' Does Not Mean Quotas. Why Do The Left Have To Rewrite The Dictionary.
    What drives Left Wing Hate
    Liberal Bigots
    How the left moved to the extreme right
    Illiberal liberals

  • What A Wonderful Result

    Forget the World Cup (well done Germany though) the big result of the weekend is another great win for the conspiracy theorists as former appeal Court Jude and Cover - Up artist par excellence Baroness Butler - Sloss is forced by a torrent of public outrage to step down as chair of the official whitewashing of inquiry into sexual high crimes and misdemeanours among the elite.

    With allegations that have been simmering since the 1980s now coming to the boil, and Butler - Sloss having been involved in a previous cover up while her brother, former Attoney General to Margaret Thatcher's government Sir Michael Havers having been accused of cronyism for his failure to prosecute diplomat and known paedophile, the late Sir Peter Ancram andgoing way beyond his job description in his efforts to prevent Tory MP Geoffery (honourable-but-dim) Dickens using Parliamentary privilege to name Ancram, surely David Cameron's decision to appoint Butler - Sloss for her expertise in covering up investigating allegations of sexual abuse committed by members of the elite must be an indication of complicity in the cover up rather than pure and simple incompetence.

    Whichever way you look at it, the way all this has at last expoled in the establishments face (and driven another million or so votes to UKIP) is a great result for those of us who have been talking about corruption at all levels of the establishment for thirty years now (I was doing jokes about Havers and Ancram, Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, Leon Brittan and hush puppies (any a numberr of Labour figures) in the early 1980s (and getting pulled offstage for going too far over the line on one occasion).

    But forget the establishment and their cover ups, let's do a bit of examining the evidence of our own:

    Butler-Sloss ‘kept allegations of bishop’s abuse quiet because she she ‘cared about the Church

    Why Do The Left Love Paedophiles

    Judge Butler - Sloss Best To Head Elitist Paedophile Cover Up Inquiry - Cameron

    No Conspiracy Of Silence On Elitist Paedophiles

    Organising a Cover Up to Cover Up a Cover up? Just call The Establishment

    Conspiracy: What Has Induced The BBC paranoia about paedophiles

    What Happened To Battling Barbara's VIP Paedophile Dossier
    The Greenteeth menu of conspiracies

  • A Special Post For Those Who Say Britain Is Xenophopic

    Yes I'm talking about you UKIP haters again, you are not going to be allowed to sweep under the carpet that insane hatesfest in the run up to the European Parliament elections. I know you'd rather all the evidence of your bigoted hatred of anyone who dares point out the folly of your utopian fantasies be forgotten so because I'm a bastard, today I'm going to take one of your biggest lies and ram it down your throats.

    Remember how you all cheered when the lying wusses of the Gaybour party tried to claim we British were the only European nation the only European nation not welcoming with open arms the masses of immigrants from the east.

    Well this extract comes from Der Spegel's online edition. And guess what, it shows what absolute liars the left are. Why do you people hate your own country so much. Is it a way of offloading your self hate? Well tough, because it's coming right back at you. Mass immigration causes massive social problems, it's a no brainer and no amount of bleating from the sheeple will change that.

    from Spiegel

    Growing Influx: Germany Caught Off Guard By Surge in Refugees

    Last Friday, the state interior ministers of Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) convened for a meeting at the stately Westin Bellevue in Dresden, with a view of the Elbe River and the baroque historic city center. But they weren't here to discuss the views -- the subject at hand was much grimmer: packed school gymnasiums, dwellings made out of shipping containers, cots and other logistical aspects of Germany's refugee crisis.

    Part of the job of state interior ministers in Germany is to ensure that refugees who make their way into country are provided with acceptable accommodations. If you travel through Germany's cities, you can often see evidence that state governments haven't been doing their jobs well -- and that they've been overstrained by the sheer number of people seeking assistance, which has risen dramatically for months.

    Officials had been hoping that Thomas de Maizière, Germany's federal interior minister and a member of Chancellor Merkel's CDU, might present a realistic solution at the Dresden meeting. Germany's federal parliament passed a new law penned by de Maizière on Thursday that defines Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina -- the sources of a massive wave of refugees to Germany during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s -- as "safe countries of origin" and expedites the process of rejecting asylum applications for citizens from these countries.

    Although de Maizière praised the law at the meeting, it is unlikely that it will be approved by the Bundesrat, Germany's second legislative chamber, which represents the interests of the states -- the CDU and SPD do not have a majority in the Bundesrat, and the Green Party has already expressed its displeasure with the proposed law. And even if it is approved, it isn't clear if the new rules can slow the influx of refugees.

    Read full article:

    Yes Germany has a problem with immigration. And unlike our government or the Gaybour craptangle that preceded it, the Germans are doing something, they're not burying their heads in the sand or deluding themselves that the only people worried about immigration are geriatric right wing bigots. They're FUCKING WELL DOING SOMETHING because they acknowledge there'#s a problem.

  • Crooks and Liars and left wing hypocrites

    hypocrisy guardian media
    Because I do it doesn't mean it's OK for you to do it source)

    When this blog started, back in 2005 the intention was to do political and social satire with an occasional bit of surrealism and silliness thrown in. The world has changed since then and it is no longer possible to do satire because the elite have become experts in self parody and surreal stupidity.

    But far worse is the hypocrisy, politicians and business leaders have always been hypocrites but the caring, sharing, equal rights loving left have taken 'do as we say not as we do' double standards to new levels. An prime example og left wing uber - hypocrisy comes this week from those wailing, teeth gnashing leftie luvvies at The Guardian. After ranting and railing against bankers bonuses and the ridiculous rewards given to failed CEOs of loss making corporations The Guardian lacks even the basic decency to feign embarrassment about this:

    from Breitbart London

    Guardian CEO Andrew Miller has been awarded a bumper salary and bonus of £2.2m despite the company losing £33.8m. Miller, who runs the Guardian News and Media group, justified the bonus because he oversaw the sale of the company's share in the AutoTrader magazine.

    Terrible results are pretty standard for the Guardian, which has been reliant on profits from the AutoTrader for years but this year saw an especially disastrous final year loss. What is unusual is that they have chosen to richly reward their CEO despite losing a fortune.

    He got a £1.4 million "long-term" bonus, on top of his salary of £696,000, with some other benefits thrown in as well. The package made him one of the best paid media bosses in the country, whilst presiding over one of the least successful media companies.

    It was not all bad news for the group though, as turnover climbed by seven percent to £210.2 million, largely due to digital growing by a quarter to £69.5 million. However print revenues stayed "broadly flat" according to the More Media Nonsense Blog.

    Also the sale of AutoTrader means that the Guardian Media Group (GMG) itself made a profit on paper of £549.2 million. But this was only because it banked £619 million from selling its fifty percent stake in Trader Media Group, owner of Auto Trader, to Apax Partners. Had it not sold AutoTrader, GMG would also have made a huge loss.

    For all 'holier than thou' evangelical Maoist reputation and rants from the Guardian's almost exclusively Trotskyite editorial team about fairness and equality and the sheer evil of slebs such as Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow whose accountants recommended tax avoidance schemes that were perfectly legal at the time, Guardian Media has for years exploited tax avoidance (the Great Satan of tax avoidance according to lefties)loopholes involving the use of shell companies registered in the Cayman Islands in recent years. This particular gross hypocrisy was reported as long ago as 2009 on Guido Fawkes blog after Guido, stung by a particularly disingenuous polemic from uber hypocrites Polly (three mansions) Toynbee. The piece reveals how Guardian Media Group the company avoided stamp duty due to a complicated arrangement in the Cayman Islands.

    Guardian's Tax Hypocrisy Is Ridiculous - Guido Fawkes

    By employing expert tax lawyers Guardian Media Group have ensured that this year it paid just £1.4 million in corporation tax. This was in spite of the huge profit on the Auto - trader sale which the company insists were not liable for tax under the Substantial Shareholdings Exemption rule (and because the money was quietly shifted to a tax haven - a practice The Guardian publicly claims to abhor.

    In 2013 Andrew Miller admitted that the Guardian Newspaper had no future and was likely to go fully online within the next few years. And for engineering that disaster he gets paid £2.2 million.

  • GM (genocidal malfeasance) exposed as bee killer

    A very dark kind of satire here. Just a few days ago we had yet another 'prominent scientist' (i.e. one who has sold his arse for corporate money) repeating the discredited claim that there is NO EVIDENCE THAT GM CROPS HARM THE ENVIRONMENT

    And yesterday we get this:

    from Whiteout Press (where you see the news blacked out by governments and mainstream media).

    July 11, 2014. Canada. (ONN) In 2006, a global die-off of our planet’s bee population began. Bee keepers the world over reported the sudden and mysterious deaths of entire colonies. Since then, researchers have struggled to learn the cause of the death of over 500 billion honey bees and counting. With 80 percent of edible plants and 7 billion humans dependent on bees for survival, this could become a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

    death of bees
    Death of Bees by neonicotioid poisoning (source)

    The secret’s out. Catastrophe on a global scale.
    When the annual March Against Monsanto demonstration took place a few weeks ago in cities around the world, your author was surprised to see that genetically modified foods (GMOs) weren’t the number one topic of protest. Instead, millions of people in almost 100 countries around the world elevated the plight of the globe’s honey bees to emergency #1. For Whiteout Press readers, this isn’t new. We exposed the pesticides in an article over two year ago titled, ‘Emergency Motion to stop Nicotine Pesticide in Global Bee die-off’.

    After looking at the rapidly growing mountain of recent evidence, it’s obvious why bees were the hot topic for anti-Monsanto activists. The companies that are producing laboratory-created GMO food substitutes are some of the same corporations that are producing the pesticide now being blamed for killing off the Earth’s bees. And in turn, possibly killing off 80% of the world’s plants and plant-dependent species that rely on bees for their existence. According to a recent Huffington Post report, that includes 7.2 billion humans and 200,000 different plant species. - Continue reading

    Now before the science heads and Monsanto shills start screaming "Unscientific" let's just remind ourselves that the improved crop yield promised (but not delivered) by genetically engineered orgnisms are improved because food crop plants are engineered to resist herbicide and pesticide, thus preventing productivity being reduced by weeds and insects.

    The main crops are Monsanto Roundup Ready Maize and Soya, engineered to survive being sprayed with Monsanto's glyphosate based Roundup herbicide. A growing mountain of evidence shows that Roundup ready GM organisms make a perfect delivery vehicle to get highly toxic glyphosate into human bodies.

    Next most popular with exponents of GM (the science of Genocidal Malfeasance) are a type of pesticides named neonicotinoids that when sprayed on vegetation kill just about everything but are highly efficient at killing bees and other insects that pollinate the crops. And while the neonicotnoids stop insects eating the plants, they stop them fertilising said plants so the crop does not produce a harvest. No harvest, no food. So poison or starvation folks, no - one can says science does not give you a choice.

    Ironic isn't it that while the scienceheads and Monsanto shills and the idiots like Cameron, Obama and the Euronazis of Brussels are screaming that GM crops are needed to solve the problem of this world hunger by feeding the masses, the corporate scientits appear to have come up with an entirely different approach to solving the food supply problem.

    We Told You That GM Crops Are Harmless Claims Were Bollocks
    Only Lunatics Would Endager The Food supply For The Sake Of Corporate Profits
    Five reasons why Roundup should be banned forever
    The Insanity Of Those Who believe Genetically Modified Foods Are Safe
    Bee conony collapse
    Bee extinction due to pesticide
    Black Hat Biotech index

  • Strictly Come Cruising

    With its glitz, glamour and flamboyant routines, the world of ballroom dancing may seem an unlikely battleground for same-sex politics.

    The Screaming Queens lobby have turned the volume up to eleven for today's "We're being denied the privileged status we demand," scream, which relates to same sex couples and ballroom dancing

    The feather boas are flying over a proposal that same-sex dancing partners should be banned from competitive ballroom dancing circuit.
    Funny don't you think how it's the gay rights brigade who've decided to kick up a fuss although the ban would apply only to same sex dancing partners who may of course both be heterosexual. Are we dealing with professional victims here rather than professional dancers?

    Members of the British Dance Council (BDC) are considering changing the rules to define a partnership as "one man and one lady” (lady, how quaintly old fashioned - but that's ballroom for you), for all amateur and professional competitions, unless specifically stated otherwise.

    Critics claim that the change in rules would mean same-sex couples may be "banned” from competing in all but a handful of specially designated competitions, despite facing no impediment to their participation until now.

    Same-sex couples — both men and women — currently compete regularly across Britain, and have appeared on international versions of television snoozothon Strictly Come Dancing. Complaints have been raised arguing that, in the case of men, they have an advantage, due to their superior strength.

    Peter Tatchell, simpering doyen of the gay rights lobby, said the ban would "probably be illegal” and Heather Devine, a dancer who, with her female partners, competes in competition wrote an open letter to the president of the BDC urging the proposal be rejected as it is unfair.

    Is there going to be a similar outcry I wonder when the screaming queen lobby realise that the Lawn Tennis Association insists that "Mixed Doubles" matches may not include same sex teams?

    But as usual (and unlike the neo Nazo gay lobby) Boggart Blog doesn't demand that you agree with us, make up your own minds. Here's a video of a female couple dancing that very sexy Latin American dance The Rhumba on the Israeli version of Strictly. Now I don't mind watching a bit of girl on girl action but I think you'll agree this is a tad too close to soft porn for primetime TV. And just think how creepy two blokes carrying on like this would look.

  • Laugh? I Nearly Shat

    Liberal Democrat Defects To UKIP At His Own Election Count:

    warsame quits lib dems
    New UKIPper Sabriye Warsame.

    Somalia - born Liberal Democrat candidate made the rather surprising decision to join UKIP as he awaited to result of the election he was contesting, according to Local London. Sabriye Warsame decided to switch parties after his UKIP opponent in the election for a seat on the London Borough of Brent council made a joke about him not wanting to the a Liberal Democrat.

    Warsame failed to win the seat of Colindale, scoring just 87 votes after having been a Liberal Democrat supporter for five years. His UKIP opponent, John Baskin, also lost but did pick up Warsame as a new member. Labour won with over 2000 votes for each of their candidates.

    John Baskin told a reporter: "We were sitting waiting at the count and I was joking with him – I said to him, you don’t want to be a Liberal Democrat."

    "He said 'okay then, where do I sign up?' I was flabbergasted."

    Mr Warsame was officially welcomed into his new party last week and claims he contacted Brent Lib Dem leader Jack Cohen to explain his actions. But Cllr Cohen, who is leader by default as he is now the only Lib Dem on Brent Council, claims he has not received any correspondence about Warsame's defection.

    He said: "I'm surprised and disappointed he didn't say anything to begin with. I don't what the reasons are, or what the motives could possibly be."

    But Warsame was unapologetic about his defection and said he was "very excited" about joining UKIP. He said: "It's not a racist party. I am a proud Muslim looking forward to joining UKIP. I know it's a drastic decision, but I support them wholeheartedly.

    British politics is changing.


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