• Poldark star: Obsession with topless Aidan Turner is 'sexist and undermines the show'

    BBC's Poldark costume drama series main female suporting actor Heida Reed has said the national obsession with her co-star Aidan Turner's well formed torso is reverse sexism. Reed added that she's a supporter of international movement ‘Free The Nipple’, which sees women baring their breasts on social media to prove that men and women should both be allowed to be walk around topless.

    Ross Poldark gets em out for the girls
    Ross Poldark gets em out for the girls.

    Turner, who plays Ross Poldark and numbers a Vampire named Mitchell (Being Human), a Hobbit (or dwarf perhaps) named Killi (The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies) and Dante Gabriel Rosetti (Desperate Romantics) among his credits, has attracted millions of viewers to the hit BBC drama every Sunday night and his regular topless appearances on the programme have made headlines.

    Icelandic actress Reed, who appears as Elizabeth, the wife of Poldark's useless cousin said “I think there should be the same standard for both sexes when it comes to things like this."

    Well us lads might be all for Poldark's female characters going topless so long as its Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza Poldark - left) who gets 'em out for the boys and not the frigid, simpering Elizabeth who has all the sexual allure of cabbage soup.

    And FFS don't mention that women might actually like seeing the body of a physically attractive a male, oh no! Women are just so far above that kind of thing, a puritanical spinster who has never worked in a factory or large office might think. To suggest women might like to look at attractive men and enjoy a little fantasy as much as men like seeing attractive females is unthinkable. Because that could mean women are guilty of sexism and lets face it, sexism is racism!!!.

    By the way, how is it, the human race hasn't become extinct yet? Could it be anything to do with the fact that most of us (the ones whose genes we want to survive anyway) like a bit of totty?

    Do these whining, emotionally constipated women ever take a break from their screeching to actually think about what they are saying? "Free the Nipple" campaign is about inequality, apparently. Women should be allowed to walk around topless because men are free to do so - but half naked women on Page 3 of The Sun or in lad mags like Loaded or Nuts are male chauvinist piggism? Appreciation of the male is "reverse sexism" - not being able to get your tits out in church or the supermarket is "gender inequality". Typical double standards from the hypocritical left.

    It's hard to know whether feminists are surreally stupid, so shallow they'd evaporate on a warm day, or simply so full of hatred for all things male they have lost their reason.

    And while they are screeching about 'equality' do they ever stop to think that in a truly equal society, lefties would be constrained by their own 'hate speech' laws to stop spouting irrational shite like this?

  • The UKIP Surge Is Under Way - Boggart Blog's Work Is Done For Now

    Two weeks to the election and despite all the screeching from sub - idiotic lefties in mainstream media about UKIP's support collapsing (on the strength of one outlier poll that showed UKIP down 2 points (the same poll showed a Conservative lead of 6 points but the lefties were strangely silent about that) the people's army does seem to be on the march. In other pols however ...

    An old poll but it illustrates the point – Image Source

    An article from Sky News owned Breitbart London online news site goes a long way towards explaining why:

    from an article by Martin Daubney

    Just last week, on the day of the Labour manifesto launch, I probed Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls live on Sky News, telling him the tale of my father, a lifelong Nottingham coal miner and, until recently, Labour voter who, along with the rest of my family and all their friends, have switched to UKIP, as many in the working classes feel abandoned by an aloof Labour party that is increasingly out of touch with the commoner.

    I said to Balls: "Why do so many of the working classes feel abandoned by your party? I'm a working class lad who's done well, and now I've done well you want to hammer me with more tax. Lots of people like me are being lost. Where my parents live, lots of people are switching over to UKIP. We see the Labour party as not representing the working man any more. What are you going to do for the working classes?”

    What I got was a parrot-like rendition about the mansion tax and zero-hours contracts before adding UKIP's decision to leave the EU is "stupid for working people”. Read more ...

    Then there was a big media hoo-ha on the basis of a single poll about how the race was very close in Thanet South, the seat being contested by Nigel Farage with Conservatives one point ahead of UKIP, two ahead of Labour.

    Unfortunately that was from a poll conducted by Com Res was commissioned by a Conservative Party donor. The latest poll from Survation and commissioned by a UKIP donor showed a very different pictures:

    from Anthony Wells, UK Polling Report:

    As well as today's GB voting intention polls Survation have released a new poll of Thanet South commissioned by the UKIP donor Alan Bown. The poll shows Nigel Farage with a nine point lead over the Conservatives in second place, full topline figures are CON 30%, LAB 26%, LDEM 2%, UKIP 39%, GRN 2% (tabs).

    The poll is broadly in line with Survation's previous poll in Thanet South, which was conducted back in February and showed Farage with an eleven point lead. However, it contrasts with the ComRes poll of the same constituency earlier this month which showed the Conservatives, UKIP and Labour all neck-and-neck.

    I wrote about the differences between the ComRes and Survation polling in Thanet South earlier this month here. In short there are some obvious contrasts between the two companies approaches ... Read all ...

    Does this mean polling companies give the result their customers want?

    Not at all, they'd have no credibility if that was the case. But where customers do have influence is in framing the questions responsents are asked. And I have learned that while the Com Res poll asked people to state which prty they were voting for, Survation named candidates and their parties, e.g. Joe Bloggs, The Silly Party.

    So what these polls prove really is that Nigel Farage has a name people recognise. but few among us could not have guess that. As for who will wing the seat, we'll have to wait and see. but the ballot paper will bear candidates names as well as the party they represent.

    Meanwhile numbers from polls published today are as follows:

    Panelbase CON 31%, LAB 34%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 17%, GRN 4%
    Survation CON 33%, LAB 29%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 18%, GRN 4%
    ComRes CON 36%, LAB 32%, LAB 8%, UKIP 10%, GRN 5%
    YouGov CON 33%, LAB 35%, LD 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 5%

    Clearly UKIP are not dead in the water as those left wing screechers are saying, other than that if you think you can discern a trend in any of those numbers that might point to a likely election result, you're welcome to try. Although ................ there could be something in this story:

    UKIP ‘Will Be Second' in Many Northern Seats

    A theme repeated here:

    Ukip are on track for a huge success on election night

  • I've been trying to warn you for years but would you tech heads and science heads listen?

    Posted by Mary Bradley McCaulay on Facebook

    Know for sure Google earth is following me. Went to the Dentist in Mufreesboro this AM. When I got back to my sons house and got online with my Kindle, first thing I saw was a Dental ad.

    I knew they followed my online moves, and now I know they follow me physically. Is Google the Big Brother in 1984?

    Well yes mary of course it is. The fairy story about two semi autistic nerds getting together in college and deciding the world needed a new way of organising information is bollocks, Google was funded, set up and promoted by the US Government and their security agency, the CIA, with the intention of spying on the people.

    Which is why its search results are shite as far as relevance goes, but produce far greater numbers of results than other search technology.

  • Could Corrupt EU-US 'Free Trade' Deal Be Extended To Israel?

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has encountered stiff opposition in Europe. Picture credit: <a href="">Jakob Huber, flickr</a>

    There are many reasons to oppose the planned ">Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), not least because references to 'free' in the text of leaked drafts does not refer to freedom in any conventional sense but to giving global corporations the ability to operate outside the jurisdiction of sovereign governments and override national law.

    TTIP isdesigned to make corportate capitalism the only permissible system in both the US and the European Union. It is being negotiated in a secretive and anti-democratic fashion; not even the elected members of national governments will be allowed to know what is in it before they are required to vote on it. (And as when the European Union's integration framework was voted down, you can bet if our lawmakers, in the public interest, vote down this step towards global tyranny the bureaucratic Nazi shits who are promoting it will say, "Wrong answer - vote again."

    The groundwork for TTIP and its equally evil twin, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been laid by an unholy alliance of banks and the manufacturers of cigarettes, cars and chemicals. These corporate pirates have even had representatives involved in the negotiations which are supposed to be a government level but from which elected members of governments have been excluded.

    The latest information to leak out of the negotistions suggests a way is being sought to extended the treaty to include Israel.

    Cecilia Malmström, the EU's trade commissioner, stated earlier this year that "other countries close to us could link into the agreement” after the contents of TTIP are finalized.

    Israel enjoys an extremely close trading relationship with the EU. A deal approved by the European Parliament in 2012 paves the way for Israel to be integrated into the Union's single market for goods and services.

    The idea that Israel would be eligible to join TTIP is being mulled over by the cognoscenti in both Brussels and Washington.

    After TTIP Signed, Corporate Sovereignty Will Trump National Laws
    TTIP and the destruction of democracy
    New Book Exposes GMO Corporate Fraud

    TTIP will make national sovereignty foklore says EU official

    TTIP threatens UK National Health Service

    Corporate monopoly men want everything

    The Euronazi TTIP will kill democracy

    America going for global hegemony ahead of US$ collapse
    The Free Trade conspiracy that spells the end of freedom
    Global government? The Conspiracy Is Winning
    Transatlantic fascism coming to an EU member near you
    Is the Europe Canada Trade Deal Dead?

  • Labour Brownshirts Descend On South Thanet To Intimidate Voters

    Oo - er, looks like Nigel is having a slash in the ballot box (Image source)

    Info largely supplied by Roger Nichol, Boggart Blog's man on the spot in Kent:

    Thanet South is already one of the classic battles of the 2015 general election. According to the polls the Kent seat is a classic three way marginal. Any of the three candidates could win – the Conservative Craig MacKinlay, Labour's Will Scobie or Ukip's Nigel Farage. It is a fascinating race that tells us much about how our politics is changing. And this is why the story of the campaign needs to be told accurately.

    While mainstream media are reporting the UKIP vote is collapsing, Labour are nevertheless jumpy enough to have pulled their extremist fringe Anti - Nazi League (ANL) and Unite Against Fascism neo - Nazi thugs into the constituency.

    Rather than quietly support Labour's Will Scobie from a distance, the anti-fascist fascists have been standing outside the UKIP local campaign office, uttering threats to anyone who shows interest, or attacking Farage. Being lefties they are, of course, too thick and ignorant to see the irony in those claiming to oppose fascism using fascist tactics to silence supporters of a democratic party.

    Nor do they see any contradiction in their trying to intimidate voters while claiming to defend democracy.

    And they are blissfully unaware that all these tactics were used by the Nazis during Hitler's rise to power.

    One sure way to fire up the kind of people the left assumes will vote UKIP however is to daub their walls with swastikas, damage shops and shout abuse before fucking off back to London to smoke some skunk and brag about how they put the shits up a few old blokes and biddies on zimmer frames. This is not just not very clever. It shows an inability to learn from history. In the European elections, in Clacton and in Rochester Labour turned the bully boys out and it backfired on them.

    The anti-Farage barrage that has taken place in recent weeks frames the battle as between Labour and Ukip. But the real contender to Ukip in this seat is the Conservative MacKinlay. It is tribal Tories in places like Sandwich and Broadstairs who threaten Farage. But outsiders from the London leftie hate squad throwing their weight around while handing out literature that writes off MacKinlay is more likely to push the traditional Tory vote to UKIP. Scobie was running a very strong campaign but since the extremists got behind him, he seems to have lost his way.

  • If Sturgeon Is Jerking Miliband's Strings, Who Will Be Prime Minister

    The puppet and the puppeteer: Image Source: The Daily Telegraph)

    Since the second division leaders' debate last week, The SNP's Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon has been leading the news every day. With Labour facing wipeout by the nationalists in Scotland, according to polling figures, the possibility of a Labour / SNP coalition along the lines of the Conservative / Lib Dem coalition that has governed since 2010 has become the obsession of the media.

    Few are sanguine about the prospect, the SNP are Europhile, spendthrift, globalist Marxists whose political position on the relationship between Scotland and England makes Pol Pot look moderate.

    Sturgeon has tried laid to offer Ed Miliband a deal that would put him in Downing Street for just as long as he was prepared to accept all the SNP's outrageous demands for special treatment for Scotland in relation to England and Wales. So far Ed, sensing the likely backlash from English voters has not said yes, although he has not rejected such an arrangement completely.

    The SNP leader demanded Mr Miliband replace the Tories with something better and not just the "Tories light" before she would throw her support behind him. This means she wants labour to abandon their pledge to show greater fiscal responsibility than they did last time when the country was only days away from needing a Greek style IMF bail out by the time the party was thrown out of office.

    Setting out her key conditions for working with Labour, Ms Sturgeon said the Labour leader needed to be "bolder" in fighting austerity and she could not support his spending cuts.

    And she made clear she would not support paying £100bn to retain the Trident nuclear deterrent saying she would rather spend the money on childcare, education and the health service.

    In other words, were there to be a Labour /SNP government, Ed Miliband would have the job title but The Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon would be pulling the strings.

    Miliband leading Labour into the wilderness
    Labour no longer the party of beer and pies
    Labour out of the closet - party of elitism and authoritarianism
    The left do not have a petent on goodness and compassion
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  • It Starts At The Finnish

    Finnish UKIP Equivalent Defies Predictions And Grabs Second Place in National Election ...

    Conservative, Euro-sceptic party True Finns (PS) have come second in a national election in Finland. They may now be asked to join a ruling coalition with the liberal, anti EU Centrist Party which knocked pro-Europe, pro-federalisation conservative party off the top spot.

    Taking 38 out of the 200 seats up for election, PS grabbed 17.6 per cent of the vote, a huge surge after the lat round of polls in the second week of April, predicted them coming a distant fourth place.

    The news of their convincing result, despite the concerning figures given by pollsters will be cheering for British Euro-sceptic party UKIP. They hope to take a number of seats at the general election in May, despite slowly declining poll ratings.

    This is not the first notable election victory for PS, who as recently as 2007 only had five members of parliament before breaking through and becoming the second largest party. Since then they had dropped back largely because of scaremongering and smear campaigns from parties of the centre and left.

    The victory of PS and the Centre Party, both Euro-sceptics and strongly opposed to the anti - democractic, corporate friendly the United-States led 'free trade' treaty the TTIP which would give corporate business the power to overturn any laws of sovereign states that interfered with corporate thefts of taxpayers money.

    Oppose global fascism, vote UKIP, Podemos, Liga Nord, FN, AFD, Sweden Democrats etc.

    Death of Democracy
    Europe: Unity coming unglued
    EU on fast track to fascism
    Europe Bureaucratic dictatorship
    The Euronazi Superstate
    Euro - Fuhrer Schultz
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  • Why Does Scotland's Mad Wee Hag Frighten The Establishment Parties

    Nicola Sturgeon, The Mad Wee Hag who could destroy Britain if Miliband lets her (source)

    Labour and the Conservatives are kakking themselves. For Miliband to be talking to the SNP, who hate the Labour Party as much as Labour hate ......... well everyone who is not Labour I suppose, must surely be an indication that yesterdays story of how UKIP are threatening to score surprise wins in northern industrial areas. Labour have some common policy areas with the SNP, but the fundamental difference on the future of the union ought to prevent any deal.

    While the Lib Dems would seem like more comfortable bedmates for Labour, such is the irrational nature of the left wing mindset that most Labour supporters would rather get into bed with a Redback Spider than a Lib Dem.

    For Cameron to be demonising Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP's Mad Wee Hag, and in a sure sign of desperation asking the Conservative Party Official Necromancer to bring back John Major from the other side to warn that Scottish Nationalists are a bigger threat to civilization than a Walking Dead style zombie apocalypse, shows desperation bordering on panic.

    Conservative leaning newspapers have taken to using dirty tactics to undermine the popularity of Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon.

    The Mad Wee Hag (as we dubbed her) and jimmy krankie lookalike contest winner has even been awarded Britain's top anti-establishment accolade by the Daily Mail newspaper, who branded her "the most dangerous woman in the country.”

    The title of "most dangerous man in Britain” was once given to the late left-wing stalwart Tony Benn, who died last year.

    London Mayor Boris Johnson used his Daily Telegraph column to call the SNP "lefties on steroids,” and at one point went fully biblical, saying "You wouldn't get Herod to run a baby farm, would you?”

    Piers Morgan described Sturgeon as a "diminutive but sharp-witted woman [who] has rampaged through the UK election campaign like a mini-Godzilla, breathing fire and brimstone.”

    The Mail also headlined a story concerning Sturgeon "Little Miss McHypocrite,” while the Murdoch-owned Sun took off the Miley Cyrus song ‘Wrecking Ball' to depict Sturgeon riding said demolition tool while clad in skimpy tartan.

    Meanwhile, the supposedly left-leaning Mirror (trying to salvage one or two Labour seats in Scotland perhaps) said "She's got a natty new wardrobe of suits with matching stilettos and confidence way beyond her abilities.”

    So should you be afraid of The Mad Wee Hag. We say no, our CEO (Chief Ectoplasmic Officer) Jenny Greenteeth fears none. But if Miliband does a deal with the SNP he should fear a similar wipeout in England next time votes are cast to the one that awaits Scottish labour MPs on May 7. We don't like traitors who do deals with England's enemies.

    NB in the celtic languages a Hag is a witch or wise woman, aka a kelda, cailleach, nix etc.

    Miliband leading Labour into the wilderness
    Labour no longer the party of beer and pies
    Labour out of the closet, an elitist, authoritarian party
    The left do not have a monopoly on goodness and compassion

  • A Nice Little Bet On A Long Shot

    Political Betting (image source: bbc)

    The Boggart Blog bookie does not much care for political betting, there are too few serious contenders and it is too easy for the kind of operators who buy money betting on very long odds on. Spread betting is a different proposition but he has not ventured into that yet.

    Still, things may change, the imminent election has so many uncertainties it throws up opportunities for the eneterprising bookmaker. One area our market making friend may get involved in is laying odds on surprise results in Labour held northern working class constituenceies. Why, you might well ask, when those seats are so safe?

    Well here's a news snippet that is in the public domain, the bookie knows more of course but bookies rely on inside information so he's not sharing anything beyond this snippet.

    ... comments came as rumours spread that UKIP possess secret polling showing them ahead of Labour in a number of seats in Northern England.

    While the party is not revealing the seats in question, a UKIP insider told Breitbart London that Labour have "taken either eye off the ball” in a number of areas that were previously considered safe. UKIP bosses are now expecting a number of shock results on 7th May that will dent Labour's dominance in Northern England ...

    If you fancy a modest wager on one particular constituency, go for Bolton North East. Plans for a Super Mosque and a 500 pupil all boys Muslim madrasa school has awakened voters there to the Islamisation of their town

  • Hypocrites: Green Party Voters Take Most Long Haul Holiday.s

    I was going to give blogging a rare miss today (trouble with mobile technology is it follows you everywhere) and have a quiet weekend but I just had to post on this story of hypocrisy and double standards from followers of a left wing party who are always telling us we must reduce our carbon footprint. no surprise of course, we'd actually be shocked if lefties showed any sign of honesty or even awareness of the double standards they operate.

    In spite of The Green Party's professed affection for the environment and hatred of CO2 emissions, their penchant for rope sandals and hemp knickers (designed by Versace or Armani of course, and expensive enough to reassure the leftie poseurs of their status) Green Party supporters are most likely to book a long-haul holiday, flying thousands of miles round the globe so they can patronizingly lecture people who cook over dried dung fires on the need to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions.

    The survey by website Travelzoo (details not available online - h/t our travel expert and marathon girl Cleo Hart who works for a firm that arranges very expensive, CO2 intensive jollies for rich people) found that Green Party supporters were more likely to book a gas-guzzling hire car rather than take a bus or tram and were most likely to steal hotel toiletries (which isn't climate relevant but shows what a bunch of twunts Greens and lefties are).

    Travelzoon questioned 3,000 Brits about their travel habits and political allegiance. UKIP supporters were the most likely to prefer a hot a destination, with 90 per cent of them admitting to being sun-seekers, however they were much less likely than Conservatives so go for luxury holidays, preferring budget breaks instead (Coz they're real people who are no so insecure or self loathing they have to pretend to care about third world peasants and polar bear to court the Facebook likes that give them self-esteem.

    Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats were most likely to book a cruise and Labour supporters most likely to go all-inclusive (What? Labour, the party of the working class, don't make their supporters take holidays at Mrs. Vinegartit's Charnel House B & B in Carbuncle on the Groyne - disgraceful.).

    Louise Hodges of Travelzoo said: "We were very surprised to see that Green Party supporters are the most likely to fly long-haul. Perhaps less surprising was the tourist profile of a typical UKIP supporter, which appears to be that of a sun-loving, bargain-seeking traveller who likes an English breakfast and is more inclined than others to speak English when abroad.”

    Well if you are not going to vote UKIP I suggest you STF up about green issues, you hypocrites, or perhaps just fuck the fucking fuck off because we are sick of you habitual polluters telling us we must do as you say, not as you do. And on your way, redistribute wealth by giving all you money to hard up Third World Tyrants; they need a bit of help with the task of slaughtering half their people . Welcome to planet refuckingality.

    And you elitists who talk about 'making the world fairer', us little people, you know, we can't afford to jet off round the world so we aren't happy at being told we should give up our budget holidays to help 'the poor'. So really its down to you overpaid, underemployed, hand wringing, breast beating, wailing, gnashyteething, breastbeating do gooders. Try practicing what you preach for a change.

  • There Ain’t Nothing Like a Dame… (from Anna Raccoon)

    We’ve spent enough time discussing the hypocrisy of the main politicians – Emily Thornberry, proud owner of an ex-housing association property in North London campaigning against the Conservative manifesto pledge to allow the sale of, er, ex-housing association properties; Miliband wooing the Jewish voters by, er, backing the recognition of Palestinian statehood, to say nothing of mangling a bacon sarnie; Cameron promising a referendum of the EU in 2017 ‘after negotiations’ that the EU say can’t be held before 2019…

    I thought some light relief was the order of the day – and the Green party seemed a likely provider of hypocrisy with a side order of cant.

    No sooner said than done – and over to Bristol. I was halfway through a turgid article on the Green Party’s Bristol Candidate – Darren Hall – ‘Big Green Week co-curator‘, organiser of the ‘Biggest Bike Ride’ (naturally) featuring Professor Windy (it’s the Soya beans…) who starts each day with ‘The Morning Muse’ (‘Should I have had the Soya Beans and the lentils?’) (‘Is Movicol suitable for vegans?’) – enough already, when I fell in love with their main funder.

    Dame Vivienne Westwood – a master class in Hypocrisy.

    read full article at

  • The anti - UKIP squad and the politics of hate.

    Earlier in the week The Torygraph published a map purporting to show that while UKIP present themselves as the party that will control immigration, if fact UKIP's support is strongest are those areas where immigration is lowest. A former blogger who spent far too much time in higher education and thus ended up completely stupid and brainwashed posted on Facebook:

    "Inevitable. Nobody who lives and works alongside immigrants is against immigration."

    ukip map

    The first comment under that post was from another former denizen and consisted of an irrational hate rant against UKIP.

    Because I do not wish to associate with those who spread the dumbed down lies of the political establishment and parts of the media loyal to them I had to respond:

    Oh FFS spend some time in the real world both of you. LOOK at the map, UKIP support is in rural areas. Illegals, who are heavily indebted to criminal gang masters are bussed into rural areas to do farm work for less than minimum wage, thus depriving locals of work.

    Meanwhile the map shows most immigrants live in former industrial areas which have always been solidy Labour. Fortunately for Labour most of their core voters are either too think, too tribal or too dependent on benefits to ever think of voting any other way.

    And for all your self righteousness I have yet to hear a word of condemnation for the Rochdale and Rotherham rapists. Oh, but i forgot that to brainwashed lefties like you those girls. being only white working class are completely worthless and therefore it is irrevelvant that your beloved immigrants were allowed by a politically correct LABOUR council to use them as sex toys.


  • Greens Encourage People To Vote For What They Believe In - UKIP

    Green Party members on the campaign trail - 1997

    Natalie Bennett, front woman of the Green Party car crash campaign (Come back Caroline, we all appreciate how good you were now) was on World At One today, fielding calls from listeners, most of whom were eager to tell the leader that a vote for the Greens was a waste. This is what she replied to one caller :

    The Green Party


    .@natalieben encourages people to vote for what they believe in on #ElectionCall 'a very strong mood we need a different type of politics'
    1:44 PM - 17 Apr 2015

    Yes, thanks nutty Natalie's swivel eyed looniness in expounding the Maoist policies of the Watermelon Party (green on the outside, bright red on the inside,) voters are now aware of how crazy the authoritarian left's dreams of an Orwellian Oligarchical Collective truly are.

    And many of those crazy, anti - democratic, illiberal, globalist ideas are shared by Labour, Lib Dems and Cameron's anti - British, pro European superstate Conservatives-in-name-only gang.

    So people who believe in freedom, justice and equality and love Britain for its culture, traditions and way of life should feel encouraged to vote UKIP, the only party that cares about their country.

    Green Party members, 2015

  • Internet Privacy: could Your Online Porn Viewing Details Go Viral

    Even if you are using privacy tools is your internet browsing safe. How secret are your financial transactions, are the off colour jokes you share with friends really private, and what about the kind of sites you would never tell your mother you visit? While you are watching porn, who is watching you?

    Image source: Motherboard

    Interesting story featured in The Indy today, I did a bit more digging to the source. Having often crossed swords with science worshippers who believe all technology is handed down to us on tablets of printed circuit board stuff by The Gods Of Science, and is therefore good and should not be doubted, I was gratified to see that my repeated warnings that there is absolutely no privacy on the internet, and far from being a benign tool invented by a geek scientist to liberate information, it is in fact an evil surveillance tool developed by government security agencies in collaboration with corporate control freaks for the purpose of controlling us.

    from Brett Thomas' blog

    The premise of this post is simple: If you are watching/viewing porn online in 2015, even in Incognito mode, you should expect that at some point your porn viewing history will be publicly released and attached to your name.
    How is this possible?

    This is an uncomfortable topic to talk/write about, which perhaps contributes to how we've arrived at the current state. So, to understand the threat, start with some technical considerations:

    Browser footprints: Web browsers leave an essentially unique footprint every time you visit a web page, even in Incognito mode (and even without supercookies). This is well established; many web tools such as Panopticlick will confirm that you give a website lots of information about your computer every time you visit.

    Global identifiers: Linking your browser footprint on one website to your footprint on another website - or to a previous footprint on the same website - is straightforward. You should think of your browser footprint as a persistent global identifier, and this is particularly true if you don't take any measures to hide your IP address (eg. a VPN). The EFF has an excellent technical overview of how this works.

    User tracking: Tracking web users is super valuable, so almost every traditional website that you visit saves enough data to link your user account to your browser fingerprint, either directly or via third parties. The Economist ran an overview of user tracking in September. (Though, interestingly, there is no mention of adult websites.)

    Hacking is ubiquitous: We hear about data breaches that involve tangible harm - Target, Anthem, TurboTax - but not the (likely great majority) of cases when hackers don't want additional exposure. Or, paraphrasing the FBI director: There are two types of companies...those that know they've been hacked...and those that don't know they've been hacked.

    How might this happen?

    Read more

    Still belive the internet is a gift from benign deity do you?

  • They're Coming To A European Nation Near You

    6,000 Migrants Picked up in Med Over the Weekend

    If 'left wing' hypocrites really cared about poor people they would not condemn so many to death (source)

    As we have reported many times, the open doors immigration policy of the European Union and forced on member nations is suicidal for national cultures and the economic wellbeing of European Societies. Now we bring you news that might help convince you the only way to save Britain (and France, Germany, Italy and the rest) is to vote for anti EU political parties that will control immigration and put the interests of national communities ahead of the emotionally needy left's desire to earn peer approval by showing how much they hate their country.

    In our case that means voting UKIP of course. If you are one of those wailing, teeth gnashing, guilt addicted leftie idiots who think UKIP are racist I suggest you fuck the fucking fuck off and live under some bloody tyrant in a third world cesspit for a few years. It might make you appreciate that what we have in western Europe is worth preserving against the global elite's determination to destroy it.

    Why do you think so many people are willing to risk their lives trying to get to Italy, Greece, France, Spain and eventually Britain and Germany? Eh, why?

    Another point to remember is that by encouraging uneducated and unsophisticated people to believe Europe offers a promised land, the breast beating, clothes rending lefties (they only do it in order to be seen doing it you know) are actually helping the criminal scum who exploit and rob these desperate people. As you read the piece below, not how many people YOU have helped to condemn to a miserable death. Was it worth it for a few Facebook likes, murderers?

    from Breitbart, London
    Nearly 6,000 migrants were rescued from the Mediterranean between Friday and Sunday as smugglers took advantage of the good weather. The weekend exodus is the first telling sign of what is expected to be a record summer for migrants crossing the Med.

    At one point there were over 14 recovery missions in progress simultaneously, The Times reports. The Italian authorities said over 20 vessels set off from Libya on Sunday alone, with their coastguard struggling to respond. The 14 rescue missions involved patrol boats, spotter planes, merchant vessels and even an Icelandic ship.

    Most of the migrants were picked up in the Sicilian Channel. "The weather is calm; it's like a lake out there, which is why people are all coming now,” one Italian rescue official told The Times.

    The European external borders agency Frontex reported that 19 bodies had been recovered in three separate incidents over the weekend. Nine corpses were picked up 80 miles off the Libyan coast, according to the Italian coastguard, after a boat carrying more than 150 people capsized. Hundreds more are feared dead.

    The weekend exodus was the first real test for European authorities since the "Mare Nostrum” naval force, which patrolled close to the African coast, was scraped in November last year. The patrols encouraged people smugglers to intentionally wreck boats near Africa so they would be rescued and brought to Europe, resulting in repeat tragedies such as the one off Lampedusa Island in October 2013, where more than 500 died.

    The number of migrants crossing to Italy by sea rose from 43,000 in 2013, to a record 170,000 in 2015, according to the UN Refugee Agency. So far this year 18,000 have made the crossing. Deaths at sea rose even more sharply, from 600 in 2013, to 3,400 in 2014. Five hundred have already perished this year.

  • We've Come To The End Of The Road Says Greece

    It's the same old song.

    After the latest round of Greek pre-negotiation negotiations with the Troika, in which the Greek representative was said to behave like bob Geldof at a Live Aid fund raiser, and demanded "just give us the fecking money" because his country would soon be bankrupt and the Eurozone members expressed shock and dismay at Athens' lack of movement in its plans, probably because it finally dawned on them that Athens hasn't any plans other than to say "This single currency thing, it wasn't our idea OK."

    A major problem is the reluctance of Greek government representatives to talk about cutting civil servants' pensions" which indicates the next Greek step is to fall back again to square zero: threats of an imminent default if the EU does not cough up.

    Which is precisely what, according to the FT, has happened only it has not been officially announced yet.

    Now that the Eurozone, foolishly, thinks it is insulated from the consequences of a Grexit due to the ECB's QE, it does not take to ultimatums or blackmail very well. In fact, it takes these very badly.

    As Reuters reported during the weekend news lull, "even if it survives the next three months teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, Greece may have blown its best chance of a long-term debt deal by alienating its euro zone partners when it most needed their support."

    The Greek "White Knight" Emerges: Putin To Give Athens €5 Billion For Advance Gas Pipeline Fees

    With Greece teetering on the edge of insolvency and forced to raid pension and most other public funds, ahead of another month of heavy IMF repayments which has prompted even the ECB to speculate Greece should introduce a parallel "IOU" currency, a white knight has appeared out of nowhere for Greece, ...

  • Candidate Hillary: Another billionaire socialist is what the world doesn't need

    Hillary Clinton - her happy smiling face will charm voters (Image Source)

    Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her anointment as US President Select candidacy for the US Presidency at noon today, which although as I write, the clock shows 3:15 pm, as I am in England the harpy' Clinton's announcement at noon US East Coast time means the news is still a couple of hours away.

    Will Hilly be a good president. Well the current US President was chosen on the basis of his skin colour rather that his track record and a lot of Americans seem to be convinced that now they've had a black president, the next one must possess or have possessed at some time, tits.

    I wonder how many American voters think it would be a good idea to have a president who has more functioning braincells than they have tits or testicles as the case may be. Not that I'm enitely convince Obama or his predecessor ever had a full set of testicles.

    Here's a rundown of the qualities Hillary would bring to the Presidency, from The Onion:

    Here are some key things to know about the first Democrat to declare her candidacy...

    Campaign Slogan: "I deserve this”
    Campaign Strategy: Overwhelming tide of inevitability
    Spouse: Former Arkansas attorney general William Jefferson Clinton
    Wingspan: 7 feet, 6 inches
    Ideal Running Mate: Primary opponent who knows how to gracefully step aside when the time comes

    Biggest Scandals: Deaths of four Americans at Benghazi, use of private email account for government emails, choice of Nina McLemore dress at a 1998 presidential function
    Grandchildren: One, but pushing Chelsea for one more before Iowa caucus
    Stance On Abortion: Supports a woman's right to choose for her husband's mistress
    Birthplace: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming
    Number Of Times Teeth Gritted To Date: 489,346
    Things She Personally Understands As A Grandmother: Hope, faith, future, education, children, all that crap
    Greatest Fear: Charismatic young senators from the Midwest
    Number Of Big Macs That Fit In Mouth At One Time: 2
    Biggest Challenge: Not completely blowing it.

    Corporate Capitalism has replaced democracy

  • Does Labour hate England and its heritage, questions NIGEL FARAGE

    That line used as a title represents a question I often ask myself as I am gobsmacked almost every day by the anti - British, working class loathing, bloodstained third world tyrant loving hate politics of what was once 'the peoples' party' but now is only interested in people who are lawyers, academic, media luvvies and billionaires.

    Over to The Daily Express and Nige, oh and remember if you want to live out your live as a second class citizen in a country that resembles every other corrupt, distopian third world cesspit,or you simply hate Britain, VOTE LABOUR.

    Does Labour hate England and its heritage? - Nigel Farage in The Daily Express

    Instead of standing for something. Instead of promoting ideas, and proposing positive solutions to the problems our country faces – there’s a different appeal to another special interest group every day.

    Well UKIP is different. UKIP isn’t the party that pretends to be strong on defence, while actually cutting our armed forces, and failing to commit resources to meet NATO requirements. That’s the Conservative Party.

    UKIP isn’t the party who commits to the big, corporate business interests of Europe, all the while ignoring the millions of small businesses up and down this country who are dogged by EU regulation and red tape. That’s the Labour Party. And come to think of it, the Lib Dems and the Tories too.

    And UKIP isn’t the party of smears, harassment, and dirty tactics. Again – that’s all the rest. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think attacks on individuals, for their personalities or anything other than their policies – are just plain wrong.

    Continue reading Nigel Farage in The Daily Express

  • More Proof Labour Is The Party Of Elitists And Snobs

    Which party hates the working class? Which party absolutely despises Ordinary Bloke who likes a few beers and a curry, watching football, taking the kids to the park, seeing Daenerys in Game of Thrones with her clothes off (for the uninitiated Daenerys seldom has a full set of clothes on) and daydreaming about the Bugatti Veyron he will buy when he wins the Euromillions.

    The Conservatives? They couldn't give a shit but they don't hate the woring classes; The Liberal Democrats? Too wussy to hate anyone; UKIP? They are the party of the working class; The Greens? Too busy knobbing trees; the answer of course is Labour. Labour are no longer the grass roots party of Fred Jowett,  Kier Hardie and Richard Bell that grew out of the trade unions, the Cooperative movement and the Methodist church. It is the elitist party, the party of privately educated Oxbridge graduates, lawyers, doctors, academics and media luvvies.

    We see plenty of examples of Labour snobbery and elitism every day during election campaigns, but here's another.

    A Labour Party parliamentary candidate Huw Thomas, who is standing in Ceredigion in Wales, in a 2006 blog post called people who fly England flags “simpletons” and “casual racists” and called for their cars to be damaged.

    Thomas wrote:

    “I agree that it’s completely sickening how many England flags are to be seen around Wales. It truly shows the degree our society has been infiltrated by incomers who are not ready to integrate.

    “Very often, from what I see, some flying English flags are young people, who have been brought up in Wales, but who are loyal to England. This raises questions about us as Welsh people as well.

    “It’s true that the parents are at fault, but it’s obvious that the education system has failed to create a Welsh Nationalism in these people, and I wonder also how many of us Welsh people, in our school days, tried to bring these people (aka chavs) into the Welsh circle.

    “I can’t speak with a clear conscience by a long shot, so don’t think that I’m preaching, but it’s something to consider I feel.

    “The retail sector is also responsible for making the situation worse I think, and all across Britain not only in Wales. The World Cup, to a large extent, is just an opportunity for high street shops to ‘cash in’, using special offers and social pressure to create a fake group mentality – Nationalism Asda style!

    “Having said this, I had the opportunity, when I had the opportunity to buy an England flag for half price in WH Smith, Oxford, to answer with the phrase: ‘Since I am neither a simpleton nor a casual racist I must decline your offer’. Poor ‘Stacey’ didn’t know where to look!”

    He concluded by calling for cars displaying England flags to be vandalised.

    Wales Online reports that the comments were uncovered just days after Thomas called for a rival candidate to resign over comments he had made 14 years ago. Mike Parker, the Plaid Cymru candidate in Ceredigion, wrote in 2001: “To some extent, rural Wales has become the British equivalent of the American mountains, inhabited by a sprinkling of paranoid conspiracy theorists, gun-toting Final Solution crackpots and anti-government obsessives.”

    So he's a hypocrite as well  as a snob.  Its OK for him to dig up comments made fourteen years ago to discredit an opponent, but he protests when his much more teent hate soeech outbursts against the working class are cited.

    I can understand his point about the 'incomers' however, far too many attrative cottages in that part of Wales are only occupied for a few weeks in the years. (But me and the family go down and keep our occupied as much as we possibly can, we really do. Short of renting it out to chavs I think any family would stuggle to do more than 24 weeks a year.) Having said that, the only people who look like escapees from the set of Deliverance I've seen down there are definitely Welsh right down to the roots of their tooth.

  • Guardian and Labour Twatterati Get Excited Over Nothing

    They were terribly excited in The Guardian this morning The G's hyperbolic story accompanying this polls is a comedy masterpiece) and the Twitterati were ecstatic over an opinion poll that showed Labour establishing a six point lead over the Conservatives.

    Former Labour leader and EU gravy train trougher Neil Kinnock declaring victory on the basis of opinion poll figures in 1992 - Labour lost the election (image source)

    Panelbase have figures of CON 31%(-2), LAB 37%(+4), LDEM 8%(+1), UKIP 16%(-1), GRN 4%(-1) (tabs)

    Instantly forgetting the 1992 debacle in Sheffield when Neil Kinnock declared victory a week before the election which the Tories went on to win with a modest but comfortable majority, the Twatterati were quick to proclaim that the race was over, Labour were running away with the contest, the Tory vote was crumbling and UKIP were a lingering memory of a bad smell.

    Pity they did not look at the full result from the poll, which if it shows Labour pulling away from the Conservative, also shows UKIP positively surging.

    The other two polls published yesterday morning were not quite so full of joy for the left:

    TNS have topline figures of CON 30%(-3), LAB 33%(+1), LDEM 8%(nc), UKIP 19%(+3), GRN 4%(-1) (tabs)

    Survation have figures of CON 31%(-1), LAB 35%(+2), LDEM 9%(nc), UKIP 15%(-3), GRN 4%(+2) (tabs)

    Look at that TNS result, UKIP 19%; on that basist isn't it us Kippers who should be celebrating rather than supporters of the The National Socialist British (public sector) Workers Party. Well no,because even though Panelbase and Survation give UKIP 16% and 15% respectively, we wise old heads know better than to get carried away with a few decent poll scores when the mood is volatile and differing methods of weighting to allow for incresed support for UKIP, The Greens and Nationalists will have an unquantifiable effect.

    And just as well the Kippers are level headed and objective. Two polls published late yesterday tell a different story again, giving the Conservatives a narrow lead and puttig UKIP at they level they have been polling for some time now:

    ComRes / Daily Mail: CON 34%(-2), LAB 33%(+1), LDEM 12%(+3), UKIP 12%(nc), GRN 4%(-1)
    YouGov / Sun: CON 35%, LAB 34%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%, GRN 4%.

    Read more on the details of these polls and follow the daily polling results with UK Polling Report

    The only conclusion the objective spectator can draw from all this is that jumping to conclusions on the basis of a single poll is a mugs game.


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