• If It's In The Daily Mail It Can't be True

    Just for fun, during the recent exposures of cover ups of cover ups relating to the elm House / Dolphin Square / Westminster / Dickens dossier / Brabara Castle dossier paedophile allegations, I have been posting quite a few links to coverage in The Daily Mail just to see how many lefties would screech, "But you can't believe anything you read in The Daily Mail, that horrible right wing rag makes up all its stories."

    It's kind of a knee jerk reaction for them.

    I of course, being a more thoughtful and less jerky type had checked that broadly the same version of events was being reported in other papers including The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Independent, Daily Telegraph and The Currant Bun.

    Did they, I have to wonder, all make up the same story?

    Why do I mention it now you might well ask. As it happens about half an hour or so ago I followed a link that took me to The Daily Mail website and the reported death, aged 90, of gangster Mad Frankie Fraser. Lefties, I want to assure you this is not true, it can't be, after all I read it in The Daily Mail.

    Mad Frankie Fraser

  • National Security damaged if elities crimes investigated?

    I’ve written before (not here for quite a log time) about how the incidence of sociopaths within a group of humans becomes greater the higher you you look in the social hierarchy. At the highest levels of political power then, obviously, we would expect to see those who take the greatest delight in inflicting misery on othrs, simply "because they can". This tendency is greatest it seems among those who crave political power (Humanity is Rising).

    Why is this, why must the most privileged in society abuse the least privileged, the most powerless. What happens to our humanity in sich cases?

    Those with the sickest minds, and who wish to act upon their destructive fantasies, sem to instinctively understand they can most easily get away with their deeds if they are protected by an aura of power and ostensible respectability. They believe that as a result of their status, no one would dare accuse them of horrific activities, and if it ever came to that, they could use their power quash any investigation. Unfortunately for us all, this has been shown to be so in th e Jimmy Savile scandal, the cyril smith affair, the loss of dossiers on a paedophile ring operating within government,compiled by Labour MP Barbara Castle and conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens (both now dead unfortunately).

    Now we have evidence of yet another case.

    The Guardian reports that:

    The security services are facing questions over the cover-up of a Westminster paedophile ring as it emerged that files relating to official requests for media blackouts in the early 1980s were destroyed.

    Two newspaper executives have told the Observer that their publications were issued with D-notices – warnings not to publish intelligence that might damage national security – when they sought to report on allegations of a powerful group of men engaging in child sex abuse in 1984. One executive said he had been accosted in his office by 15 uniformed and two non-uniformed police over a dossier on Westminster paedophiles passed to him by the former Labour cabinet minister Barbara Castle.

    Ah, national security. Remember that the next time you are lectured that we need to give up our civil liberties in the name of “national security.” Think about what that really means and, if you have not already done so read Steig Larssons Millenium Trilogy (The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo etc.)yiu should do so NOW.

    The invocation of 'National Security' really means the security of the status quo to continue to behave like insane criminals with zero accountability.

    The Elm Guest House: How an Establishment paedophile network was covered up for 31 years
    The New World Order Paedophile
    Why do the left love paedophiles
    New World Order Paedophile appointed to investigate his own crimes

  • Climate Lies - A Popular Category At The Daily Stirrer

    Try as they might, the climate science crooks and liars cannot come up with any plausible reason why the global temperature has not warmed for eighteen years. That of course was because their original claim that climate change was caused by Carbon Dioxide from human activity was totally false (see menu item on ant farts). Their latest stupidity, a claim that the missing hear is hiding at the bottom of the ocean would require Newtonian laws of thermodynamics to go into reverse. The pointy heads are paying the price for looking at computer models instead of reality.

    This happens more often that the Warmageddonists care to admit (image source)


    UN IPCC Climate Change Report Will Warn Of 'Severe, Pervasive' Effects Of Global Warming
    The final, published draft of the latest United Nations IPCC report on climate change has abandoned the empirical evidence that effects of increased atmospheric CO2 have been exaggerated, to return to the previous level of politically motivated scaremongering.

    Renewable Energy: So Useless That Even Green Loons At Google Have Given up on itGoogle have always been in the vanguard of the green energy movement just as they have led the push for transhumanism because they want to install a direct brain / server interface in our heads. So when Google give up on green energy we know it is significant.

    Climate Change: CO2 Is Less Significant Than An Ant's Fart

    An ant's fart cannot change the climate any more than a butterfly flapping its wings in the rain forest can cause a storm in the arctic. But put together trillions of ant's (well termites actually) and added together their farts (and the little buggers are always farting) and they emit far more carbon dioxide than human activity.

    The Wonderful, Climate Science Defying Vikings
    Climate change lie number one must be that the ecosphere has never been as warm since the last ice age and the warming is because of carbon dioxide emitted by human activities. Ask a Warmageddonist how can it be that the Vikings were growing farm crops (turnips, oats, barley, and farming sheep and cattle in Greenland a thousand years ago and they hysterical response will give you a laugh at least.

    Science Fraud And The Climate Perpetual Motion Engine
    The laws of science - physics specifically) state a perpetual motion engine is impossible. But we live in a perpetual motion engine, the universe, so why do warmageddonists get so uptight when it is pointed out that the earth is a self regulating mechanism and will deal with short term climate blips as it always has in the past.

    Climate Science Fraud: Feynman Said ...
    The late Richard Feynman is often said to be the second greatest physicist ever, after Einstein. Pity the climate change fanatics don't revisit his work which highlights the flaws in their methods.

    Bad News for the alarmists: 'Missing Heat' from Non-Existent 'Global Warming' isn't Hiding in the Ocean After All
    When we asked the Warmageddonists why the earth's atmosphere has not warmed for nearly twenty years while CO2 has gone on increasing, they said the missing heat was hiding at the bottom of the ocean. That would contradict Isaac Newton's law of thermodynamics of course, heat rises, it does not sink. Which is why it is no surprise the theory has been proved wrong by empirical studies.

    Climate Change is Not Our Fault, So Let's Just Deal With It, says California Professor
    There are of course some sensible voices crying out for a hearing amid all the nonsensical, research. grant phishing babble of the science community

    Climate activists Claim US Deep Freeze Is Due To Global Warming
    Really? And how to they explain that nonsense

    All our posts on climate change

  • The Left Are So Hopeless They Can't Even Sneer Properly

    In view of recent public relations disasters and with a General Election just six months away I can see this phrase "The Left Are So Hopeless ..." spawning a series of posts as the elitists of the Labour Party, out of touch with voters to the extent that they constantly insult their white, working class core vote and think those despised 'lowlifes' will rally to the cause and get them elected to government.

    Yesterday's by election in the Kent constituency of Rochester and Strood produced the expected victory for UKIP, the expected humiliation for the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties. The Biggest disaster however was a Labour own goal own scoreed be Labour's Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry.

    The Hapless Thornberry, a senior lawyer, tweeted a picture of a White Van outside a house draped with Cross Of St. George flags so beloved of Englan football supporters. With it she posted the message: "Image from #rochester" (a reference to the UKIP voting steroeotype created by the sneering left.)

    rochester white van

    The house with flags and White Van in Rochester, Kent, that Labour MP Emma Thornberry referred to in her offensive tweet.

    The media luvvies are naturally horrified that a member of their superior caste, the metropolitan elite, should be citicized for stereotyping the working classes as ignorant, xenophobic, shaven headed oiks with British Bulldogs tattoooed across their arses and have leaped to Thornberry's defence - with typical ineptitude of reality deniers.

    Mary Riddell writing in the right of centre Daily Telegraph tried to excuse the Labour MP's offensive tweet thus:

    "No matter that Miss Thornberry was brought up by a single mother on a housing estate or that she has done good work in helping her poorer constituents. "(Read full report)

    That apologist drivel was quickly demolished however by a quick wiki which revealed Thronberry's privileged and elitist background.

    From Wiki
    Thornberry was born in north Surrey to Cedric Thornberry, a Visiting Professor of War Studies at King's College London, and his wife Sally Thornberry, a teacher [...] Her father went on to become United Nations Assistant Secretary General and to work for NATO.

    In a way it should be comforting to know Thornberry, like so many other prominent Labour politicians is a member of the privileged elite. It at least makes her sneering contempt for the lower orders understandable even if such an attitude is never going to be justifiable.

    The Party Of Working People
    Left wing intellectuals have always despised the masses
    The Authoritarian Left And The Threat To Personal Liberty
    Here's How The Labour Movement Was Hijacked By Elitist Control Freaks
    Left wing elite contempt for democracy
    Ersatz Culture Created By World View Theorists To Undermine Western Values
    The Hate And Prejudice The Bourgois Left Find Acceptable
    Is lack of diversity responsible for left wing hate of opponents?

  • The Left Are So Hopeless, They Can't Even Conspire Properly

    I was in a thread about the Westminster paedophile cover up earlir this week, one of the subjects being discussed was the Geoffrey Dickens dossier that was conveniently lost when the current controversy over cover ups of Cyril Smith's activities arose.

    Naturally the name of ex Home Secretary and Former Future Prime Minister Leon Brittan started to be bandied about then, as Smith was not tho only MP about whome rumours had circulated since the 1980s (another, to make it a genuine all-party affair, was Greville (now Lord) Janner.

    There was much good humoured banter of the nudge-nudge, wink-wink variety going on (I contributed a couple of Hush Puppies references) when a commenter who tagged himself 'Andy' decided to put us all straight about the Dickens dossier and sill conspiracy theories in general (and no I'm not going to give him a link, the tawt will only think he impressed me.)

    He seemed to think that a statement made by Dickens in 1987, saying he believed the Home Secretary had acted properly and the dossier had subsequently gone missing when a UFO hovering over Dolphin Square had lifted three boys who had complained of being abuse and other evidence relating to Parliamentary paedophines in a tractor beam before going into warp speed and entering a wormhole that took it to a galaxy on the other side of the universe. Or something like that.

    Lies, lies, and more lies. The facts are that Dickens went to see the Home Secretary in November 1983 and the following year (March 20th) a letter was sent to him from the Home Office stating that any relevant information had been passed to the Police. In Parliament Dickens acknowledged that he had always found the Home Office very cooperative and on 31 March 1987 said “I should like to place on record my thanks to the Home Office and the departments within the Home Office for following up the many cases that I keep sending to it. I should also like to thank the Attorney-General. They have been very helpful and a strength to me in my campaigns.”

    As Dickens remained a member of the Commons until he died in 1995 and at no time (as far as I can see) did he object to the way the Home Secretary had acted. As you give no evidence to refute this your comments must be regarded as rubbish.

    Poor Andy was blissfully unaware that since the current scandal blew up, several witnesses (including a serving Labour MP, John Mann of Bassetlaw) have said Geoffrey Dickens confided to them he had been pressured to make that statement and had 'feared for his safety.

    In fact our conspiracy theorist theorist was quite convinced the fact that Dickens statement was recorded in Hansard, the record of Parliamentary proceedings, should have put the matter to be and only right wing nut jobs kept going on about it.

    Funny that, who would have thought that a lie is recorded in Hansard would make it true. Does anyone else remember a certain A C L Blair standing up in The House Of commons, waving a folder and claiming it was a dossier on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. It was recorded in Hansard.

    And of course when Cyril Smith was questioned about his obnoxious appeties, Hansard records his denials. And recently, when David, (now Lord) Steel, one of the few politicians of the past 50 years that most people trusted) was asked why he did not act to ensure the Smith allegations were properly investigated he told The House Of Lords he had heard no allegations against Smith.

    A few days after that a former Lib Dem employee leaked a meno steel had sent while still the leader, recommending that the party in Rochdale do whatever was necessary to cover up the Cyril Smith story. But Steel's denial is in Hansard so it must have been true according to our reality challenged friend.

    And then there's ALL THIS:
    Metropolitan Police detective’s fears of Westminster paedophile ‘cover-up’

    Then there was this:
    Westminster Paedophile Network update; Dolphin Square - liveleak

    I really have nothing against very stupid people who readily swallow the propaganda pumped out by mainstream media, but I do wish they would not interrupt with their idiotic conspiracy theories, ("Oh yes, it's that David Icke you know, he's in it up to his neck, conspiring with Farage and Guido Fawkes.") when the grown ups are trying to have a bit of fun.

  • Google Goggles - Too Nerdy Even For Nerds?

    We told you so. When Google announced its most insane product to date, Google Glass (Google Goggles) two years ago we said even the nerdiest nerds would soon get iritated with having Google in their faces all day every day, offering helpful advice and suggestions for the benefit of the terminally indecisive.

    Imagine it, you turn towards a classy sandwich shop thinking you'll get a freshly made snack and a cup of coffee, up pops a Google alert on the postage stamp scren an inch from your eye, and in the manner of Harry Enfield's comedy character The Irritating Father In Law (see below), says, " I do not believe you wanna do that. What you really wanna do is go and get a three day old Turkey, Bacon, lettuce and mayo baguette from Pret a puker, which gives Google advertising revenue."

    It seems even nerds are finding being told what to do by Google servers irritating:

    After two years of popping up at high-profile events sporting Google Glass, the gadget that transforms eyeglasses into spy-movie worthy technology, Google co-founder Sergey Brin sauntered bare-faced into a Silicon Valley red-carpet event on Sunday.

    He'd left his pair in the car, Brin told a reporter. The Googler, who heads up the top-secret lab which developed Glass, has hardly given up on the product — he recently wore his pair to the beach.

    But Brin's timing is not propitious, coming as many developers and early Glass users are losing interest in the much-hyped, $1,500 test version of the product: a camera, processor and stamp-sized computer screen mounted to the edge of eyeglass frames. Google Inc itself has pushed back the Glass roll out to the mass market.

    Google Wants To Change Your World - And Make Us All Slaves to Technology

    Google World Domination Plans: The Resistance Begins

  • Was CERN A False Prophet - Laugh, I Nearly Shat

    Looking for a needle in a haystack the size of the universe (image source)

    Some of you may remember the stick we have taken from The Church Of Scienceology Cult member when in taking the piss out of the over educated idiots at CERN, who are looking for "The Answer To Life, The Universe and Everything," by comparing their quest for The Higgs Boson to someone looking for a needle in a haystack when:

    They don't know if there is a needle in the haystack
    They don't know what a needle looks like
    They don't know what a haystack is.

    Turns out that as usual we were right and the people who think we live in a univese made out of scientific theories were wrong.

    From Mysterious Universe - Published under Creative Commons licence

    On reviewing data from last years discovery by CERN of the Higgs boson particle, an international research team now claim that the particle discovered may not have actually been the mysterious "God Particle”, but instead something quite different.

    Last year, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN)revealed that a new sub-atomic particle they had discovered fit into the measurements of the then theoretical Higgs boson particle. However, a new international research team evaluating the data now believes that it may have been something different; something with implications that could alter the fabric of our scientific understanding.

    "The CERN data is generally taken as evidence that the particle is the Higgs particle. It is true that the Higgs particle can explain the data but there can be other explanations, we would also get this data from other particles,” explained member of the research team Mads Toudal Frandsen, associate professor at the Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Southern Denmark.

    "We believe that it may be a so-called techni-higgs particle. This particle is in some ways similar to the Higgs particle — hence half of the name,” says Mads Toudal Frandsen.

    The Higgs boson discovery was originally thought to be the missing link in a model for how the universe was created. The Standard Model, as it has become known, postulates that all forms of matter and energy are governed by small set of laws and theories. The major goal of physics working to comprehend this model is to unite all these theories and laws into a "theory of everything”, by which the behavior of all matter and energy can be better understood.

    The techni-higgs is something completely different... (Continue reading at Mysterious Universe )

    Ah well, back to square one for the pointy heads.

    Quantum Metaphysics, not the God particle but...
    Quantum soul - the connectedness of everything
    Philosophy: Mind outside time
    Biocentrism - an alternative theory of everything
    Science: Consciousness and the role of the brain

  • Mainstream Media Myths and The Power Of Belief

    by Simon Black via Zero Hedge,
    (in reading this article you have to adjust specifically American reference to fit the current state of the EU, but all the points made apply equally to this side of The Atlantic)
    Years ago, an elderly, frail Japanese martial arts master once boasted a 200-0 record against his opponents.

    He claimed to have a unique power that allowed him to inflict serious injury on people without actually laying a finger on them.

    Was it Chi? Magic? None of the above. It was a total scam. But that didn't matter.

    You see, the legend of the master's powers turned out to be far more powerful than reality.

    His core following of students believed in the master so much that they would fling themselves across the dojo whenever he raised his pinky finger.

    And anyone who saw the display would become transfixed by the perception of the master's extraordinary abilities. It was an incredible case of mass delusion.

    Everyone believed it, including the master himself. He was so confident in his skills that he put up a $5,000 challenge that he could beat any fighter in the world.

    A mixed martial arts champion accepted the wager, and the result wasn't pretty. As you can see in the video (below), the master is quickly knocked to the ground with a broken nose and a pool of blood.

    You can almost hear the sound of reality quickly taking hold from the gasps of his students. No one could bring themselves to believe that the master had been so quickly beaten.

    To an outsider, it seems so obvious that this guy is a phony (just watch the video). But mass delusion is an incredibly powerful force.

    We see the same effects in the West today—mass delusions everywhere.

    People seem to believe their governments are almighty beings capable of performing magic—water into wine, debt into wealth.

    Here are some of the biggest myths we see in the system today:

    1. The dollar will continue to be the dominant currency.

    This is a total farce. Grumblings grow louder around the world to establish a new non-dollar financial system, and China has taken the lead to make this a reality.

    2. The US is still the dominant military power in the world.

    If you measure by the quality of trained personnel, this is true. But what good is all of that military power if you can't afford to do anything with it?

    3. The police exist to protect the people.

    Wrong again. With so much civil asset forfeiture taking place at the point of a gun (federally funded assault rifles), it's clear they're far more concerned about protecting those that maintain the status quo than protecting you.

    4. Elections make a difference

    Completely false. Most Western governments borrow money to pay interest on the money they've already borrowed.

    In the US, they spend so much on mandatory entitlements and interest they could eliminate almost the entire government and still not run a balanced budget.

    At that level of desperation, it matters not who's in power.

    5. Your bank is safe

    Your bank might HAVE a safe. But if you look at objective data, many banks in the West have incredibly thin levels of capital and liquidity—the exact opposite of what a safe bank is supposed to have.

    Oh yeah, they're backed by poorly capitalized deposit insurance funds, which are guaranteed by insolvent governments.

    And bear in mind that even if your bank is reasonably capitalized, you are still guaranteed to lose money on a tax adjusted, inflation adjusted basis if you you're holding your savings there.

    6. You have to go to college in order to get ahead

    Quite the opposite—going to college in many cases can get you behind; just ask any 36-year old still paying down that $100,000 student loan debt.

    The world is a big place full of opportunity. Skills and experience matter more than pieces of paper.

    Here's a better option, especially for young people: head overseas, and become an apprentice to a successful, knowledgeable individual that you respect.

    Any young person who thinks that going to college is a good idea should just ask any of their unemployed friends saddled with $100,000 of debt if it was worth it.

    7. I saw it on TV so it must be true.

    Ufff. The mainstream media exist to paint a distorted version of reality so that people are kept placated, docile and largely clueless about what really goes on in the world.

    8. Debt doesn't matter because we owe it to ourselves

    Whoever first said this must have a lot of whips and chains in his closet because he seems to enjoy pain.

    If we owe the debt to ‘ourselves,' that means that we will need to default on ourselves.

    This means no more Social Security, Medicare, etc. It means causing the US Federal Reserve to become insolvent and spark a currency crisis. It means causing the collapse of every bank in the country.

    Sure, no biggie.

    9. The United States is the Land of the Free

    Draconian surveillance efforts on its citizens. Punitive taxes, fines and regulation. Rising police state. Telling people what they can or can't put in their bodies, how to grow their food, who to adore, who to hate. Preventing them to collect their own rainwater and live off the grid.

    The imminent collapse of the petrodollar
    Iran, oil and the dollar
    Why the US dollar is being dumped as reserve currency
    Ukraine's problems with Russia are due to the USA trying to defend the petrodollar
    The Elite's Global Takeover Plan

  • Red Cross To Be Renamed Red Swastika?

    Another once respected charity abandones its mission to focus on promoting bosses left wing political agenda.

    The Red Cross is getting some well deserved stick after sacking 71 year old Brian Barkley, a volunteer for over twenty years. His crime was to have an opinion that differed from the politically correct dogma espoused by the self righteous, self interested left wing troughers who line their pockets via generous expenses and salaries for running the charity. .

    Mr. Barkley, was seen by the Politically Correct Thought Police while protesting against gay marriage outside Wakefield Catheral. He was not involved in Red Cross activities nor was he in any way identifying himself as a member of The Red Cross.

    A motion has been tabled in the House of Commons expressing "deep concern" at Barkley's treatment and urging the charity to reinstate him.

    Coalition for Marriage (C4M), which led the campaign against redefining marriage in the United Kingdom, says that it has received nearly 50,000 messages in support of Mr. Barkley and that many people are considering boycotting the charity. (I'd like to join the boycott but I have boycotted The Red Cross for years, ever since I found out how much of the money we donate directly or via out taxes is taken up by the generous salaries and bonuses the scumsuckers management pay themselves.)

    Newspaper reports state that Mr Barkley had been photographed mounting a one-man protest outside Wakefield Cathedral, holding a placard reading "No same-sex marriage", in May this year after the gay weddings took place in the UK. This is still allegedly a free country and he is antitled to his opinion. as in so many other recent cases, nobody seems to have told the authoritarian left what free speech actually means.

    The Red Cross summoned him before a disciplinary panel where he was told his actions went against the group's values.

    A spokesman for C4M said that although Mr Barkley has not called for a boycott of the Red Cross, he does remain "deeply upset" at his treatment after working with it for many years.

    However, the charity said in a statement that it did not dismiss Mr Barkley "specifically for his views on same sex marriage", although it did fear his stance would have a "negative impact on the way its services are delivered to a particular community."

    Colin Hart of C4M is not impressed, though. He said: "This is a shocking case – Bryan was a senior volunteer, undertaking very complicated and technical work for the Red Cross.

    "For nearly two decades he helped to reunite people with lost family members. Yet after voicing his opposition to the Government's undemocratic plans to rip up the traditional definition of marriage he was fired.

    "He broke no law and his only crime seems to have been that he was one of the millions of ordinary people who opposed this change. There has never been any suggestion that Mr Barkley acted inappropriately while at the charity, or even pushed his views while volunteering.

    "Indeed just 24 hours before he was notified of a disciplinary meeting, he attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace with other volunteers, employees and supporters of this organisation."

    The Red Brigade Cross has responded, by whining self righteously and hypocritically that Mr Bickley's supporters are distracting the organisation from its work dealing with international disasters.

    A spokeswoman said: "The British Red Cross is working internationally tackling enormous issues like the Ebola crisis, Syria and the food crisis in South Sudan.

    "Orchestrated actions like this inevitably divert us from our humanitarian mission."

    In response to the final two statements above Boggart Blog asks and how do the Red Cross hypocrites feel about their 'humanitarian mission' helping people in South Sudan, Syria or the nations affected by the ebola crisis who believe homosexuals should be stoned to death. Because that, I have read, is the majority view in those societies.


    The Great British rake-off... what really happens to the billions YOU donate to charity

    The figures are astonishing. There are more than 195,289 registered charities in the UK that raise and spend close to £80 billion a year. Together, they employ more than a million staff – more than our car, aerospace and chemical sectors – and make 13 billion ‘asks’ for money every year, the equivalent of 200 for each of us in the UK.

    But many charities have become hungry monsters, needing ever more of our money to feed their own ambitions. And while registered charities claim that almost 90p in every pound donated is spent on ‘charitable activities’, many spend at least half their income on management, strategy development, campaigning and fundraising – not what most of us would consider ‘good causes [Continue reading]


    Aid Organisations Using Ebola to Line Their Own Pockets
    Just a couple of days ago The Dily Stirrer was slamming charities managers for using our money to line their own pockets. Now in a devastating attack on the charity sector, a Liberian official accuses charities of exploiiting ebola for gain.

    The actress and the fascist charity millionaires
    Nick Clegg proposes global war on poverty
    Hate and hypocrisy - the priniciples of left wing politics
    Is it lack of diversity that drives left wing hate
    The left do not have a monoply on morality

  • Are You Eating Shite That Would Make You MacVomit If You Knew It Was On Your Plate

    Are you eating pure unadulterated shite.

    McDonald’s Transparency Campaign Backfires. Prepare To Be Shocked

    from True Activist: (coz I'm too busy)

    It would be fair to assume that there are three ingredients in McDonald’s French fries: potatoes, oil, and salt. But if you assumed that you’d be far from correct

    McDonald’s began a transparency campaign which was intended to market a more health conscious image of McDonald’s Corp. and utilize social media more effectively. However, instead of talking about their love for the brand, the hashtag became a forum for people to talk about how disgusting the food is.
    (Make sure you don’t miss the video at the end of this article and share this with your friends and family who still eat this stuff to wake them up!)

    McDonald’s recently released a McRib video attempting to convince consumers that it’s not as bad for you as it seems, but they failed to talk about the toxic ingredients discussed in this article.

    Furthermore, it turns out that there are 17 ingredients in MaccyD’s French fries! They contain:

    -Potatoes: (So far so good…until you watch the eye-opening video below)

    -Canola oil: Genetically Modified (GMO)

    -Hydrogenated soybean oil: Again, GMO! Plus the hydrogenation process makes the oil even more unhealthy than it would be in its natural form.

    -Safflower oil: The root cause of most diseases is inflammation. One of the quickest ways to become inflamed is by eating too much Omega-6 fatty acids and not enough Omega-3’s. Safflower oil contains a high level of Omega-6’s (10073 mg per tbsp) and absolutely no Omega-3’s!

    -”Natural flavor”: McDonald’s natural flavor is apparently obtained from a vegetable source, but the “natural” moniker means nothing since it can even potentially contain the nerve- and brain-toxin monosodium glutamate (MSG).

    -Dextrose: a type of sugar.

    -Sodium acid pyrophosphate: This ingredient is apparently used to maintain the color of the fries. On the chemical industry’s own safety data sheets it is listed as hazardous for ingestion. It causes inflammation and over-consumption leads to elevated blood phosphorus levels, which may contribute to osteoporosis.

    -Citric acid: Does that mean they’re using lemon juice? Perhaps in a perfect world, but it’s likely that they’re taking the more profitable road like their corporate brothers and using GMO black mold. Follow this link to learn more.

    -Dimethylpolysiloxane: You’ll find this in almost any fried fast food menu item and also in silly putty, contact lenses, caulking, shampoo and conditioners, cosmetics, polishes, heat resistant tiles, and the list goes on… Learn more about Dimethylpolysiloxane by following this link.

    -Vegetable oil for frying: which is a blend of 7 ingredients, including: canola oil (GMO), corn oil (GMO), soybean oil (GMO), hydrogenated soybean oil with tert-butylhydroquinone (GMO), citric acid (GMO), and dimethylpolysiloxane. We discussed most of these ingredients above.

    -TBHQ: A petroleum-based preservative. It has been linked to asthma, skin conditions, hormone disruption, and in long-term animal studies to cancer and damage to DNA. This additive can be found in 18 McDonald’s menu items. It’s potentially lethal, but don’t worry, the FDA says it’s generally regarded as safe (GRAS). Learn more about TBHQ here: The Petroleum Byproduct You Are Most Likely Eating.

    Contrary to what McDonald’s may claim in its slogan, I’m NOT lovin’ it!

    In the video below, Michael Pollan, author of the The New York Times top five bestselling book, “Cooked”, tells a horrifying story about how McDonald’s French fries are made. If you don’t have much time skip ahead to 3:10in the video and prepare to be shocked.

    Read More:

  • Children In Need or Keep silent night

    I hope most of my late afternoon readers are off out to the pub for a few drinks with some witty and entertaining mates, or better still going to a restaurant with a charming and engaging partner. Unforturnately Mrs T has not been very well and so on this night of all nights I shall be stuck indoors with only the television for entertainment.

    And entertainment on TV will be more sparse than usual because tonight is the annual charity telethon Children In Need.

    Or as Jimmy Savile used to call it, CHRISTMAS!

    Paedophile TV presenter Jimmy Savile with two scared looking victims excited fans

    Bassetlaw MP John Mann's campaign to expose Westminster child abuse
    Retired Scotland Yard detectives back up claims that paedo MPs murdered boys at sex orgies
    One of the worst aspects of the Westminster Paedophile Ring cover up was the way mainstream media caved in to political pressure and did not digigently pursue their investigations when rumours first began to circulate.

  • "We Are Not At War With ISIS Or Russia, We Are At War With The ECB": says Grillo

    People sometimes ask me why we gave up making this blog funny or satirical most of the time. The answer is simple: While the world situation is highly dangerous at the moment our western leaders are such inept clowns it is hard to make fun of them as they do increasingly accurate impressions of The Three Stooges.

    Beppe Gillo, leader of Italy's Five Star movement (the Italian UKIP) is a comedian and he agrees that there is no point slapping a pie in the faces of Obama, cameron and Hollande (the FUKUS axis leaders) when left to their own devices they will do a Norman Wisdom style stumble and fall face first into a cowpat whenever a situation that requires a modicum of intelligence is required.

    Beppe Grillo (Source)

    Grillo also feels, as this blog does, that wile our leaders beat the drum for war in Ukraine, war in Syria, war everywhere, the real war we are involved in right now is with our own elites.

    Italy's Grillo Rages "We Are Not At War With ISIS Or Russia, We Are At War With The ECB"

    Next week, Italy's Beppe Grillo - the leader of the Italian Five Star Movement - will start collecting signatures with the aim of getting a referendum in Italy on leaving the euro "as soon as possible," just as was done in 1989. As Grillo tells The BBC in this brief but stunning clip, "we will leave the Euro and bring down this system of bankers, of scum." With two-thirds of Parliament apparently behind the plan, Grillo exclaims "we are dying, we need a Plan B to this Europe that has become a nightmare - and we are implementing it," raging that "we are not at war with ISIS or Russia! We are at war with the European Central Bank," that has stripped us of our sovereignty. (from Zero Hedge)

    Beppe Grillo said yesterday:

    It is high time for me and for the Italian people, to do something that should have been done a long time ago: to put an end to your sitting in this place, you who have dishonoured and substituted the governments and the democracies without any right. Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? A crumb of humanity? Is there one vice you do not possess? Gold and the "spread” are your gods. GDP is you golden calf.

    We'll send you packing at the same time as Italy leaves the Euro. It can be done! You well know that the M5S will collect the signatures for the popular initiative law - and then - thanks to our presence in parliament, we will set up an advisory referendum as happened for the entry into the Euro in 1989. It can be done! I know that you are terrified about this. You will collapse like a house of cards. You will smash into tiny fragments like a crystal vase. Without Italy in the Euro, there'll be an end to this expropriation of national sovereignty all over Europe. Sovereignty belongs to the people not to the ECB and nor does it belong to the Troika or the Bundesbank. National budgets and currencies have to be returned to State control. They should not be controlled by commercial banks. We will not allow our economy to be strangled and Italian workers to become slaves to pay exorbitant interest rates to European banks.

    The Euro is destroying the Italian economy. Since 1997, when Italy adjusted the value of the lira to connect it to the ECU (a condition imposed on us so that we could come into the euro), Italian industrial production has gone down by 25%. Hundreds of Italian companies have been sold abroad. These are the companies that have made our history and the image of "Made in Italy".

  • It Doesn't Take Much To Get Scientists Excited

    Space probe Philae of the Rosetta mission on the comet (or Yoda's House?)

    Yesterday we saw on television news bulletins pictures of scientists jumping up and down, screaming and shouting and generally behaving they way we would expect from Liverpool football supporters if they heard Mario Balotelli had been transferred to another club.

    What was the cause of this celebrationete? You might well ask.

    It seems the pointy heads were worked up because they had landed a space probe, The Rosetta Mission, on the surface of a comet. Or maybe not, later news reports said the capsule had not attached itself to the surface of the comet, some even said it had bounced back into space again.

    No matter, today we hear it is down once more. The scientists are in a somewhat calmer frame of mind though still ebullient.

    ‘Rosetta mission could unlock key to alien life,' says lead Philae lander scientist

    "For Jean-Pierre Bibring, the astrophysicist who has worked on the Rosetta mission for over two decades, the crucial question of our very existence could be found on that relatively tiny spot in the solar system.

    "When you observe the solar system now, actually we do not understand why life started here. We are convinced that really the keys were in the origin of the system itself; the process that's really governed the modeling of different pass-ways,” Bibring said on Wednesday."

    "We are essentially convinced that these molecules, with their specific composition and structures, when they were fed in the oceans of the earth and possibly of other planets, were the missing link to the emergence of life,” he continued.

    Bibring extols the "beauty” of the comet, saying it has the ability to preserve the composition of the ingredients out of which the entire solar system formed." (Source)

    There seem to be far more dogmas and established truths in that than the detached objectivity we expect from scientists.

    While other scientists are chanting the "mantra "We will learn so much from this," the way they do when asked what the moon landing actually achieved (forgetting that all we learned from putting men on the moon was that it isn't made of cheese). Its the standard justification for flushing shitloads of taxpayers' money down the toilet on pointless projects run by people who make no distinction between research ans science fiction of course. WTF possible benefit can there be in having another few thousand theories about the origins of life? They are emerging already.


    Last April, NASA's Kepler Space Telescope team discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the "habitable zone" – the range of distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet. (Really they observed a change in the radiated light from that star which suggested a planet sized object had passed between it and earth. As it would take our fastest spacecraft about 100,000 years to reach that star system we ain't going to be finding our for sure any time soon.

    Some scientists theorize that five stars in our galaxy have Earth-sized planets in the habitable or Goldilocks Zone.

    Whether life could have formed in liquid water on one of these ‘Goldilocks' planets, or if it hitched a ride across the solar system on a comet, Philae potentially offers a key to the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe. What's more, if life on Earth came from microbes that hitched a ride on a comet, then ironically, human beings would in fact be the alien life they have always been looking for.

    I'm sure it will not dampen the excitement of science heads if I reveal that theories claiming the whole comet landing stunt was filmed in a Hollywood studio have already been posted on the internet.

    The Truth Is Not Out There So Stop Wasting Our Money
    New Physics Theory Proposes Time Is Disappearing From Our Universe.
    Wormholes: The science behind Interstellar Travel
    Infinity And The Myth Of Space And Time
    Alien Life? Who Needs Lizard Men There Is A Universe Of Ideas Out There
    Quantum Metaphysics or The God Experiments
    Not Intelligent Design But A Designer Universe.
    Before Big Bang - part 1
    Science & Technology index

  • Scientists Predict Robot Brains to Match Humans in 25 Years

    The scientists have been wrong about robots with better-than-human intellgence before of course but this time they are sure they have it right (just as sure as they were all the other times when they got it hopelessly wrong).

    Not long after the first modern computers evolved from bead boards via medieval water clocks in the 1940s, the science-is-God brigade started predicting that in just a few years / decades machines would be as smart as humans or more likely smarter than humans. Every year someone comes along and says the same but the prediction gets pushed back another year. The consensus now, according to a survey, is that it's going to happen in ... you guessed it, just a few more decades.

    There may be more reason to believe the predictions today. After research that's produced everything from self-driving cars (well not quite cars and not quite self driving) to Jeopardy!-winning supercomputers, scientists have a much better understanding of what they're up against. And, perhaps, what we're up against.

    Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, laid out the best predictions of the artificial intelligence (AI) research community in his new book, "Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies.” Here are the combined results of four surveys of AI researchers, including a poll of the most-cited scientists in the field, totalling 170 respondents who were asked:

    So if Human-level machine intelligence is defined as "a machine that can carry out most human professions at least as well as a typical human,” then the only answer to the question 'when will human level machine intelligence be availabe' is "haven't a clue, probably never". Unless of course we were to redefine what we mean as intelligence, equating it to an ability to parse vast amounts of digital information amazingly quickly and match defined binary strings.

    If however we were to ask "When will computers be as clever as scientists," the answer is "In evolutionary terms, computers are already a couple of million years ahead. A computer would never committ the folly of trying to design an intelligent scientist."

  • Covering Up The Cover UP

    So the cover up inquiry into the lost dossier on paedophiles in parliament allegedly handed to former Home Secretary Leon Brittan by the late Geoffrey Dickens MP and subsequently lost by Home Office staff (Brittan's name figured in the list of kiddie fiddlers named by the dossier allegedly) has concluded that there is no proof the file was deliberately destroyed and therefore we must accept there was no cover up, neither this nor any previous or future government is, was or ever will be involved in wrongdoing of any kind and bloggers who keep asking awkward questions can fuck the fucking fuck off.

    These conclusions have naturally aroused some sceptical responses,and not only from the blogosphere. Even some sections of the normally servile mainstream media are gobsmacked at the blatancy of the cover up.

    But the story has raised one laugh for me. In the comment thread on the report carried by Breitbart London, which contained this composite picture of Dickens and Brittan ...

    Geoffrey Dickens Leon Brittan
    Geoffrey Dickens (left) and Leon Brittan (image source)

    ... somebody tagged as Englebert has commented:

    "Is Leon Brittans face real? It looks like he's wearing a mask made from bits of dead people."

    Read full story and comment thread at Breitbart, London

    Westminster child abuse and murder claims 'tip of the iceberg' in scandal, Home Secretary May warns
    Birmingham Child Abuse report awaited
    Cochdale Child Abuse Case posts
    Rotherham child abuse case posts
    The New World Order Paedophile Who Used His Status To Dodge Justice
    Why do the political left love paedophiles so much

  • So Who Practices The Politics Of Evil

    I'm always gobsmacked at the number of UKIP Haters and Leftie Screechers in blogs and comment threads (mostly comment threads ~ left wing bloggers usually tent to have a little more intelligence) who insist on comparing UKIP to that American phenomenon The Tea Party, a phemonenon because while it does not actually exist as a political organisation in the way that our Labour, Conservative, UKIP, SNP and Green Parties exist (I don't think we have any other true political parties :> ) the Tea Party holds a powerful grip on the left wing mindset.

    Tea Party this, Tea Party that, these distinctly unoriginal thinkers grizzle, echoing each other until Owen Jones dictates the next meme for them. The strange thing is, these people, like America's illiberal and intolerant 'liberals' are quite convinced their autoritarian ideology represents all that is good and just in society and set themselves up as defenders of the freedoms of anointed minorities while damning mainsteam society.

    Let's take a look at how American democrats, having hypocritically accused Republicans (referred to as The Tea Party) of electoral fraud, terrorism, anarchism and arson (?) for the crime of opposing the 'liberal' agenda, have been caught red handed promoting the politics of hate, printing lies about opponents (we know all politicians tell lies, by lying about opponents personal lives in print is so utterly beyond stupid only self righteouss zealots would try it) and committing blatant electoral fraud themselves. To set the scene take a look at this snippet from online news site the ironically named TPNN, which reports on the battle on Taxas between whhelchair bound Republican Greg Abbott and his Democrat opponent Wendy Davis, nicknamed Abortion barbie for her plastic looking fearures and obsession with pushing abortion as the preferred means of birth control:

    "Democrat Wendy Davis’s empty wheelchair ad against her disabled Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, represented a new low in gutter politics. Davis even doubled down on her despicable ad, even defending it in the face of extreme bipartisan criticism.

    "As bad as Abortion Barbie’s ad is, she may have just outdone herself with this tweet from her official Twitter account on Monday, which accuses Greg Abbott as being against interracial marriage, an obvious desperate ploy to deceive minorities into voting for her.

    "But there’s just one tiny, little problem which annihilates Davis’s charge. Abbott’s wife, Cecilia, is of Hispanic heritage, the granddaughter of immigrants from Mexico. Abbott IS in an interracial marriage, and Davis knows it.


    The next story is from my fiend, US Political journalist Renee Nal, look at it and ask yourselves can the people who attempt such things be sane:]

    "After being accused of “photoshopping” the featured image which illustrates that newly-elected Governor Greg Abbott’s name was missing from a voting machine in Bexar County, Texas, San Antonio voter Jade Stanford is vindicated, as reported at MySanAntonio

    "Bexar County also made the news after Democratic Party Chairman Manuel Medina admitted to creating a political ad referring to the Tea Party as “radical terrorists.

    "Medina, of course, is only following in the footsteps of prominent Democrats who have referred to the Tea Party as radicals, anarchists, extremists, terrorists, unbiblical, legislative arsonists, committing jihad, have bombs strapped to their chests, committing extortion, taking hostages, want to “tear down the house our founders built,” want to “blow up the global economy,” and are “holding a gun to the head of Americans.”

    "As reported at the Brenner Brief, voting machines across America experienced “calibration” issues which changed Republican votes to the respective Democrat candidates across the country. In tight races in particular, a few faulty machines could sway an election."


    Read all ...

    For the record Abbott won without raising a sweat.

    UPDATE from Renee

    UPDATE: Bexar County acknowledges Greg Abbott’s name WAS missing from ballot machine, blames a 'glitch'

    "Woman accused of altering the image: 'It wasn't Photoshop, it wasn't botched, it was real.'" [Read more]


    Is voting redundant
    British Democracy In Terminal Decline - Voting Is Redundant And Civil Liberties Are So Last Year

  • Lefties get clobbered again? Hysterical

    Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti - smiling or preparing to bit the balls off a conservative male?

    A blogger who is probably the most stupid leftie in this community once asked me did I know what 'hysterical' meant. Well he might like to brag about his educational qualifications but I'm the one who went to a really posh school and so is well acquainted with Latin and Greek. So I am aware that in the era of Hippocrates, the founder of scientific healing in the fifth century BC it refers to a disturbance of the womb. That was then, this is now however and colloquially in the twenty first century, hysteria means an extreme emotional disturbance.

    For the sake of stupid lefties who assume that because I do not agree with their crackpot, collectivist political theories I cannot possibly have had a decent education, in this blog post the words hysteria and hysterical are used in the modern colloquial sense.

    Left-Wing Hysteria Reaches New Heights as Jessica Valenti Claims ALL Republican Women Are 'Anti-Woman'

    The triumph of Republican Party candidates in the US Midterm Elections last tuesday has really caused the lefties to get their knickers in a twist. Our home - grown crop of Marxist idiots are even more hysterical about it than they were about UKIP pummeling the LabLibConsensus in the European Parliament elections.

    Lefties of course can never quite believe that any intelligent people could disagree with their political pronouncements which really are based on economic and social policies that first failed in the 1920s and have failed in every decade since.

    Thus left wing blogger Sunny Hundal (who is funnier that Frankie Boyle and all the fat, ageing, bald ex-comedians and token women on Mock The Week put together (only Sunny does not see the comedy in his babblings) took the opportunity to show what an utter arse he really is on the Daily Politics. He tried to belittle The Republican victory the by claiming the they only won because they got more supporters to the ballot box. He's right of course, what's funny is for all his claimed political expertise and intellectual superiority he does not understand that's how elections work in a democracy.

    The Guardian's wankerati chipped in to the general hilarity. Jessica Valenti's column went off on one over Republican women who are, in her words, "anti-woman".

    "Under normal circumstances, a triumphant woman standing behind a podium giving a political victory speech would thrill me to the core. After all, what feminist worth her salt doesn't like to see a woman win an election?" Valenti stormed.

    To Obamessiah worshipping American women and the pussy whippes sissies who agre with them out of fear, absolutely everything is about the right of women to abort their foetuses (modern colloquial usage again) any time up to 974 weeks into the pregnancy (think about it).

    "When the winner is a Republican being a woman does not count – because your gender doesn't make you pro-woman, your actions do. And the Republican party is not just anti-"women's issues"; it is anti-woman," Valenti raved.

    She continued; "What I'd really like is for every elected woman Republican to explain to a room full of non-rich, non-white women why restricting abortion rights is a good use of our government's time and energy, to tell them why their birth control isn't a real medical need, and to discuss how women don't really need equal pay or a fair wage because they need "real" choices."

    Honsetly, to hear or read these stupid bitches, one would think late term abortion is the only form of birth control available in the USA.

    Such is her loathing for Republican women, who she clearly sees as quislings of the worst order, Valenti proffers the worst insult she can think of. To Valenti, female Republicans are worse than men. Well Democrat men are all girlie-men so I suppose she sort of have a point.

    "In a way, female Republicans almost bother me more than their male counterparts. I can almost understand why a bunch of rich, religiously conservative white men wouldn't care about the reality of women's day-to-day lives – they've never had to. But throwing other women under the bus? For what? Lower taxes? Three minutes on Fox News in the 3pm hour? It makes me wonder what is wrong with you."

    I love the glib assumption that all the millions of black, hispanic and white working class males who voted Repubican because they believed there might be a better chance of getting a decent job, lower taxes so they can hope to pay down their debts, or they did not want their sons and daughters to die fighting The Rent Boy President's illegal, ego driven wars, were on their way to the voting station, somehow transformed into right, religiously conservative white men.

    But as I have said many times, clear, logical thinking is not a prominent item of lefties list of desirable personal qualities. In fact it come lower that tolerance, and a willingness to consider opposing views.

  • Marilyn Manson Does Not Know What Racism Is. Do You?

    Its a sad comment on our society when we need a professional weirdo like Marilyn Manson to stand up to the the neo-fascist bullying of the 'liberal' wankerati on our behalf. But any defender of free speech and freedom of thought against the left wing hate merchants is to be welcomed.

    Marilyn Manson

    This blog had often commented on the debating technique the left stole from Hitler's National Socialists, that of shutting down debate by screaming "racist" and "bigot" at anyone who challenges certain dogmas in their catechism (yes dogma and catechism are religious terms, has it not struck you that the 'progressive left' are like fanatical religious zealots?)

    The Marilyn Manson incident, covering an exchange in an online intereview for The Bret Easton Ellis podcast, was reported in The Independent. As the interview went on two hours, I'll just give the transcript of the relevant section rather than posing the video. At this stage Manson and the interviewer are discussing racism. Manson has been accused of racism by the screeching mob many times.(Spelling errors in the transcript have not been corrected.)

    Ellis: "Getting back to the idea of racism and how it's so widely applied to people now, it's just gotten crazy."

    Manson: "I don't even really know what to do with it. You know, it's the old tradition of like, 'Yeah man I got a lot of black friends, I got a lot of Jewish friends' or whatever, it's like, the people that I know that are my friends that are black are completely comfortable with my sense of humour because I think that racism is more about if something is like – whatever, it's a stupid word, it's a made up word, it's an ism. Jizm is an ism. (Um - no it's not but we knoiw what you mean - Boggart Blog)

    "But it's like if you're not doing something hateful to somebody, you're not trying to hurt somebody, then it's not really a problem. You can make comments about culture, don't avoid the elephant in the room. Stand-up comedians can say whatever they want and somehow that's a free reign but if you say it as a rockstar, say it as a writer, sometimes people misinterpret it - people interpret everything differently.

    "But it's a silly way of someone trying to – the other lesson I learned in journalism class was if you criticise something it makes you sound like a better writer than if you compliment it."

    Ellis: "Of course that's true and that's why I think there's so many haters on the internet, but racism, you know, let's just clarify, does exist, in a big way."

    from The Independent:

    It is true to say racism exists but accusing people who advocate immigration controls of being motivated by racism is just an attempt to deny them the right to hold their opinions, just as left wing haters deliberate misinterpretation of UKIP's policy of limiting immigration and enforcing the border controls that exist in law as an intention to ban all immigration is an attempt to shut down discussion. Sadly the left have to resort to this kind of thing because they have no coherent argument to support their position. 

    The left do exactly the same when intelligent and justified criticisms of the 'gay rights' lobby are shouted down with screams of homophobia.

    It is satisfyingly ironic that in depth analysis of polling data shows it is the left's hysterical hatred of British culture, British values and traditions, anything British and the British working and lower middle classes that is driving UKIP's surge in opinion polls.

  • Has 'Hampstead Socialism' Lost Labour The Working Class Vote

    When a traditionally left wing publication like The New Statesman turns on The Labour leader you can be sure the party is in bigger trouble than anyone involved with it is ever going to admit.

    This blog has been saying for years Labour is now more elitist than The Conservatives, the party of lawyers, academics and media luvvies, of crony corporatism and progressive ideologies taking precedence over pragmatic realism.

    Labour has not only lost touch with the working class that always made up its core vote, the intellectuals now despise the working classes whose concernes are casually dismissed as racist and bigoted. Instead they suck up to the gay and lesbian communities, extremists religious minorities (so long as they are not Christian extremists) and corporate businessmen who favour replacing democracy with a totalitarian world government and the kind of strangers to reality who think equal rights for paedophiles could ever be a vote winner.

    Miliband: ‘old-style socialist who can’t connect with public’

    from The Mole:
    Stinging attack from New Statesman as Times claims Labour backbenchers could still ask him to step aside

    In a devastating critique of Ed Miliband, the editor of the left-wing weekly, the New Statesman, has accused him of being an “old-style Hampstead socialist who has failed to find an authentic voice to connect with the electorate”.

    “He doesn’t really understand the lower middle class or material aspiration,” writes Jason Cowley in this week's editorial. “He doesn’t understand Essex Man or Woman. Politics for him must seem at times like an extended PPE seminar: elevated talk about political economy and the good society…”

    Nor does Miliband have a “back story” that might capture the public imagination, says Cowley. “[He] does not have a compelling personal story to tell the electorate, as Thatcher did about her remarkable journey from the grocer’s shop in Grantham and the values that sustained her along the way, or Alan Johnson does about his rise from an impoverished childhood in west London.

    “ ‘I went to Oxford to study PPE, worked for Gordon Brown, became a cabinet minister and then leader of the party’ does not quite do it. None of this would matter were Miliband in manner and approach not so much the product of this narrow background…”

    The attack is particularly upsetting to Team Miliband because the Statesman went out of its way to endorse Ed for the leadership in 2010.

    Read more at The Week:

    When the leading publication among left wing intellectuals is doing a hatchet job like that on the party leader, himself a Fabian Society intellectual, only six months before a general election, it does give the impression they don't want to win.

    Poor Ed, I like him as a person no matter how misguided or daft his politics may be, but he really was handed an impossible task. Nobody could hope to succeed in selling the politically correct idiocies of paedophile loving Harriet Harman and her clique to the down to earth voters of Labour's industrial strongholds.


    Labour out of the closet
    An epitaph for The Labour Party
    Moses Miliband leads Labour into the wilderness
    Labour politicians and child abuse in Rotherham
    Why do politicians of the left love paedophiles
    Ignore self righteous left, they don't have a monopoly on truth

  • Virtual ID has arrived – why you should resist taking it up

    Every human being (and their dogs) in Britain is to be provided with a government-backed virtual ID to store personal data online, file tax returns and apply for driving licences through a single portal, the lead story in The Times informs us today.

    Now you may hear Labour supporters and others of the authoritarian left screaming that the plan exposes the intention of The Conservatives to create a police state, do not be taken in; this is the idea floated by Labour under Blair to compel us all to BUY and electronic ID card which would replace our passport, driving licence and be the only way of accessing government services to claim benefits, seek healthcare or deal with any government department. That plan was shelved due to firce and overwhelming public opposition but at the time sceptics and dissident organisations were warning bureaucrats never abandoned a plan to extend their tyrannical reach.

    And now with the Conservative led coalition facing an election in less than twelve months and the civil servants and public service unions desperatle wanting a free spending (and borrowing), personal liberty curtailing, Labour government back in power because Labour always presides over a massive increase in the size of government, we see">the ID card idea back with slightly less scary window dressing. Within a year of their launch, more than half a million people are expected to start using the new “Verify” scheme to prove their identity, under a radical expansion of public services available online.

    And how many years will it be before they are compulsory and beining outside one's home without an official permit is an arrestable offence (bright sparks may recall this was part of the Labour ID card scheme)

    Most people don't have a clue what manner of government control over our personal liberty with personal electronic ID will pave the way for. A massive US government and corporate partnership has been developing “web ID,” a master password matching you with your online activities which the partnership hopes to sell to governments around the world. It is one gate by which all will enter. And one gate means one gatekeeper. The virtual ID is the final step into a world of global fascism. Why do you think the Obama administration in the USA has been so keen to try to subjugate nations whose governments are likely to resist its global hegemony?

    The purpose of this scheme is to eventually be able to verify every single person who uses the web. You will have one master password for all of your use and transactions. It will link to your biometric ID which will include fingerprints, iris regognition facial recognition and voice patterns. The intention is that the system will track and store your every action, location and much more. Without it you will not be able to buy a radio or TV, take a flight, transact money, get a job, claim benefits, pay your bills or see your doctor. It will be a universal aggregator of your data.

    And what do you think will become of your right to free speech or personal protest then? Too effing right they'll disappear, faster than a white rabbit in a magician's hat. And you too, think about it, the human you will cease to exist as far as the intitutions of state are concerned, no virtual ID, no you. Your online presence will be your only existence.

    As the system rolls out it will become 'internationalised' (whatever that means, it can't be good for our personal liberty). When Virtual or Smart ID becomes mandatory as it will because there is no point in these cards unless every human being is required to use one, privacy will be gone forever.

    As Edward Snowden said GCHQ is more dangerous than the NSA and without Snowden we wouldn’t even be aware of the curently possible privacy breaches in the first place let alone a full-on biometric ID with all your personal data in the hands of government agencies. They will use it to control you, abuse it to rob you of your human rights and sell it to corporate interests so they may more easily steal from you. People are individuals not assets to be exploited and controlled, which is what this latest corporate - bureaucratic fascist abomination is about.

    The Death Of Democracy
    Computer brain Interface - Is this what's next
    The corporate fascism conspiracy
    Government control versus individual freedom
    Elitist plan global takeover
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    Cellphone fascism, the extension of surveillance through personal technology
    Surveillance: compulsory rfid tattoos
    Surveillance the tool of totalitarian states
    The Panopticon: The arrival of the prison state


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