A caller today on the Jeremy Vine program had a little rant about how stupid this government thinks the populace are. Well you get what you deserve, after all we did elect Tony not once, which could have been forgiveable, not twice which was a genuine head-in-the-sand moment, but three times, which has to be the epitome of stupidity.

To further prove my point, a majority of the people who voted thought they were getting a man of integrity, resolve and high principle, instead they ended up with someone little better than a schoolboy who can't kleep his pecker in his pants, if Cherie's memoirs are to be believed.

Cherie asks us to believe that she, an educated, professional woman with a practically grown up family, was too embarrassed to pack her 'contraceptive equipment' for a stay at Balmoral, as on her previous visit her bags, including her toilet bag, had been unpacked by the staff. (This does beg the question what sort of 'contraceptive equipment' was she using, pills, diaphraghms. sponges and condoms could all be carried in her handbag and an IUD would have been worn anyway, I didn't think anybody still used douche bags, and as for the methods of contraception condoned by the catholic church, the rhythym method and coitus interruptus I believe, these require no outside accessories other than an ability to count and self restraint.)
However, even if we swallow that, she still asks us to believe that a woman in her forties had no idea when her period might be due and therefore whether it was worth taking the risk of having unprotected intercourse, or that her husband was not responsible enough to settle for a hand or blow job on finding out that she didn't have any contraception with her. Obviuosly she and her husband were so full of lust they could not restrain themselves for one night to give him chance to pop out to the local shop and buy some johnnies, or more discreetly to send one of his bodyguards perhaps. More like the behaviour of two frustrated teenagers rather than a world leader and his partner.

Doesn't it strike one as odd that Cherie professes this embarrassment now, yet there have been no stories in the press from royal flunkies detailing the medievalesque contraptions that Cherie carries around with her in order to avoid pregnancy, nor any accounts of lurid sex sessions heard through closed doors.
Could be a lesson in discretion for you there Mrs. Blair
On the other hand you don't think she might be making it all up do you? Me, I've always thought little Leo was knitted by the WRVS.