I don't know what Cherie was hoping to achieve with her autobiography, apart from a big, fat paycheck, but if she was hoping to win public sympathy then she has got it sadly wrong. Yesterday I told you how she claimed to have 'Bonked at Balmoral', now be prepared for even more salacious gossip.
Regarding seducing Tone she writes,

"Tired though I was I decided to sit it out until Derry went home on his own. Eventually he did. Then Tony and I took the bus...
It was a double decker and we went upstairs. It was completely empty and by the time we got off we knew each other better than when we got on. And even better the next morning."

So that would be 'know' in the biblical sense one surmises.

Then she goes on to say that she was already dating two other blokes, and it sounds as if Derry might have been fancying his chances if she 'decided to sit it out and wait for him to go home on his own.'

Only one thing to say really.


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