The latest magic pill promoted by the Pharmaceutical industry, a simple, no dieting cure for obesity marketed as Acomplia, has been proved to cause depression and suicidal feelings.
This is a double whammy for folks who think they can solve their problems without changing their lifestyle, it means the same people who made you fat by adding saturated fats and sugar to junk food to make it palatable are now planning to make you unhappy too.

You may think the new anti obesity pill is a disaster for the industry, given the track record of instant slim medicines, previous remedies have included among their side effects depression, heart failure, high blood pressure, addiction and arse dribble.

But forget all that. The new pill is in fact a marketing triumph. Why do people get fat?
They eat lots of pizza, ice cream, burgers, chocolate, fries, cakes, fried banana sandwiches, Chinese takeaways and more ice cream, not necessarily in that order.

So they get a pill to make them slim.

And the pill makes them slim but unhappy.

And what do unhappy people do? They reach for the ice-cream, chocolate or cake or order a pizza or Chinese takeaway. With an extra large portion of ice-cream to follow.

Acomplia is not the work of an incompetent pharmacist but the brainchild of a marketing genius.

BTW Acomplia causes arse dribble too.

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