As the Olympic records tumble faster than the front crawl swimmers in the Olympic pool one has to wonder about the legitimacy of the new hydrodynamic suits that just about everyone is wearing.
The suits have been designed to be more hydrodynamic that even the smoothest skin, so the more you cover up, the faster you go.
But what happens when the racers don't all choose the same style of suit? We've seen full body suits, knee-length body suits or just leggings, on the boys that is, the girls tend to keep their top halves covered. Is this an unfair advantage?
Should their be a handicapping system for the different type of suits, say a one second start for those with a short legged suit and a two second start for those who choose to bare their chests, and perhaps a four second start for anybody who dared to swim in a pair of micro Speedo trunks.
Or perhaps we should get back to the spirit of the original competition where athletes competed in the nude? It'd make the games more eco friendly too as they wouldn't want the pool to be too warm, it would create too much drag.