Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has ordered his election campaign team to edit parts of a Conservative Party web site that showed a puffin defecating on his Liberal Party rival, Stephane Dion. Speaking at a vegetable warehouse in Winnipeg, Mr Harper apologised for the online attack, calling it “tasteless and inappropriate”. The doctored puffin now flies past Mr Dion without dropping anything.

Meanwhile in Britain politicians (Labour ones at least) abide by the unwriten commandment, "thou shalt only shit on members of thy own party."

News of a plot by Labour backbenchers to dump Gordon Brown, broken last week by Guido Fawkes who'd know a thing or two about polts, was hotly denied by Labour Party managers. As if to prove how far up that very smelly creek Labour are, several senior MPs have since stepped forward and said, "Well threy may think there is no consiracy but I've been conspiring to dump Gordon."

After many months of boredom its getting interesting again.

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