The Economic situation may not be as bad as you think.

Years ago the world economy was based on the gold standard, every mark or frank or buck or a pound (cue song: tum tiddle um tiddle um tum tum) was worth a specified amount of gold. A pound was worth maybe a pea sized bit of gold, a frank guaranteed you a grain of rice sized lump of gold and a lira would be worth, on a good day, a grain of salt sized lump of gold. It sounds clunky but it worked quite well. Everybody knew what their money and investments were really worth compared to the price of fish.

With the global economy collapsing an Amercan economist has proposed a new standard against which currency values can be compared. Well Boggart Blog thinks he has anyway.

Washington Times finance writer Bob Battle has done some reasearch and found that $1000 invested in Delta Airlines a year ago would now be worth £49; the same $1000 invested in AIG stock would be worth just $33 while had it been used to buy Lehman Bros stock you would not have had a sausage, zilch, eff all.


If one year ago you had bought £1000 worth of beer in and saved all the aluminium cans you would not only have had the pleasure of drinking the beer but you could now weigh in the cans for scrap and they would be worth $214.

Quite clearly instead of having our currencies underpinned by debt and fancifully valued assets we should base the global system on beer.

Now that's what I call economics.

(The person who feeds me the best reply pertaining to Arab countries being dry can treat themselves to an extra tinnie tonight.)

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