Politicians are always the first to jump on any bandwagon and the last to notice it is rolling towards a precipice and there is no brake. Thus it was yesterday in Parliament as both Gordon Brown and David Cameron both jumped on the Obama “Change” bandwagon and each set about trying to push the other off. Each claimed the other is pushing a discredited set of policies and theirs is the only party that can bring “change” to Britain.

The failed social worker who will shortly assume the mantle of the Most Powerful Man In The World managed to wing the election across the pond by promising oodles of change without actually spelling out what would change. Perhaps Bazza does not know what changes he will implement because his Saudi paymasters have not told him yet. For the past 48 hours he has simply run around like a headless chicken that “America can change.”

What into we wonder? A white rabbit, a fairy prince, a fried chicken supper? (halal chicken of course for Barry) Whatever, you can bet Americans will not like it when it comes .

As for Gordie and Dave, we can only wonder what kind of change they have in mind. Since 1979 we have had far too many changes and none of them for the better (Thatcher fans who want to tell me what a great job Maggie did for this country are invited to go to Wakefield, Barnsley, Rotherham or Liverpool and tell them that.) The rest of you should remember change can work against you as well as to your benefit. And magicians live by deception and are expert at creating diversions to distract us from what is really going on.


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