Oh what a love in as the NuLab media circus goes into overdrive to praise their new hero. Just as it was looking as if Christmas was cancelled this year (to the delight of the NuLab politically correct stormtroopers who are sure it mortally offends Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and DGAFists) our Darling Chancellor produces an economic package that will end the economic meltdown, prevent the economy from falling into recession, heal the poor, lead the sick and feed the blind, turn lead to gold and make X – Factor contestants sing in tune. He has cut VAT by 2.5% and reduced the average Christmas shopping basket “by ten pounds.” Or if we consider the fact that most of the Christmas shopping basket is made up of zero rated foods and essentials, by about 35p.

Ten pounds, ten shiny pounds, what a Christmas we shall all have. A family on medium incomes will be able to have a slice of spam and a whole boiled potato each for their festive meal. even the poorest families will be able to afford a bowl of thin gruel. Pensioners will be able to turn on their heating for five minutes a day over the twelve days of the festival and so remind themselves what it is like to be warm.

Every child will be able to in their stocking a gift wrapped clothes peg which they can make many amusing toys, and a mini mars bar as an extra treat.

Yes just as it seemed the evil Merchant Bankers had put a curse on Christmas you, Chancellor darling, with one twitch of your magic eyebrows, have dispelled the gloom. Thanks to the generous tax cut you have given them, ordinary little people can go forth and max out their credit cards safe in the knowledge that you, Chancellor Darling, will be there to support them when the bailiffs come knocking on the door.

Merry Christmas Chancellor darling.

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