Should Britney Spears and not Barak Obama be U.S. President – elect?

After all that hype and hysteria about the deification by public acclaim of the dimwitted (his lips move when he thinks) junior senator, after all those ludicrous internet polls showing that if we in Britain had had a vote in the Presidential election 275% of us would have voted for Obama, after a million squillion sychophanic meeja commentators have told us that the world is changed forever now Obama is President (he’s not actually, infact he is not even President-elect until Dec. 15) because he can turn water into Stella Artois, feed the starving millions (and fatsally’s cats) with a tin of sardines and five barm cakes and solve the economic crisis with hope’n’change, at last sanity is returning.

Figures revealed by UK end of the internet search company Yahoo today show that the top search term for the UK so far in 2008 is Britney Spears. Second was reality TV show Big Brother and third came talent show for the talentless The X Factor.

The whole US election only made seventh on the list and you can bet searches for Sarah Palin Mooseburger Recipe were responsible for pushing it so high.

So much for The Obamessiah. Some evangelical Democrat blogger last week suggested we British are “mad about
Obama.” Mad, we’re effin’ furious. The sight of that stupid, grinning face makes most of us want to punch him. Hard.

So in spite of all the talk of hope'n'cchange, after all the brainwashing and the passing round of free kool aid, nothing much has changed.

Nothing much ever does.

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