University lecturers are in one of those professions hat does not enforce retirement at sixty five. In many ways this is a good thing, if the official state retirement age was imposed there would be nobody teaching history at a higher education level. So while a flexible retirement age can be a good thing we think York University is pushing things a bit beyond the limit.

A 2000 year old brain was recently discovered on the York campus during preliminary excavations for a new extension to the University.

Age is no bar to intellectual brilliance and there are many examples of people whose intellect only flowers as their physical prowess begin to wane. In this context the name Bruce Forsyth does not sping to mind.

People like David Attenborough, Germaine Greer, Joan bakewell, Alan bennett and Sir Gandalf McKellen all demonstrate there is plenty of life in the over sixty fives so we must resits ageism as we resist other isms when we consider the future of the 2000 year old brain.

It will not be possible to resume teaching duties without undergoing some retraining of course, a lot has happened in the past 2000 years. Once the brain is up to speed on the Roman era, Christianity, the dark ages, the renaissance, the industrial revolution and klingon studies it will then be placed on a sphere filled with biotic fluid, like Davros in Doctor Who, and with the aid of one of those Stephen hawking voice synth widgets it will be able to return to giving lectures and tutorials.

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