Good grief, knee deep in Christmas cards, wrapping paper, cheesecakes baking, pate pattying, teenagers squabbling and cleaning my shitpit of a house from, well, not quite the top to the bottom, but getting rid of the first layer of dust at least, when there is a knock on the door.
Not being the sort of person to say, "Well who could that be?" I hasten to the door to find a tall, slender man with a white fur trimmed red cap, accompanied by a very small mutant reindeer, who looks suspiciously like a small boy with a black nose and a set of antlers.

"Santa collection!" the chap beams at me.

"Sorry, clean out of santas this year." I reply and close the door firmly.

Bloody odd the people round here.

Hope you all have a merry Christmas, It is your duty after all, give the government something to moan about.

The Social Christmas Matthew Harwood argues for the kind of traditional Christmas celebrated by an older type of Chistianity that saw Jesus not as our personal salvation buddy but as the binding spirit of humanity and so made the celebration of his day about compassion, tolerance and helping each other. Harwood ses the irony in America, the most piously Christian nation on earth celebrating their Christmas in the most crassly materialistic and selfish way imaginable. It's hard to disagree with him even for a pagan like me.