A couple of weeks ago we reported on the American / Kenyan, Indosnestian / Irish / British politician Sidi Barak Hussein Obama, President-elect of the Universe and everything else not knowing much.
"I did not know anything about that," said Sidi Obama when his campaign was accused of sexist smears against Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, "I did not know anything about that," said Sidi Obama when Blagger Blagojevich was arrested for trying to sell a seat in the U.S. Senate to the highest bidder, "I did not know anything about that," was his reaction to allegations that the campaign had accepted illegal donations.
Rather predicably, when one of his appointees had to step down because it was revealed the man had been the subject of a long running fraud investigation Sidi Obama claimed he did not know anything about it.

We wonder what the hell he does know anything about. Certainly not economics or US Constitutional Law.

Boggart Blog has said many times that Obama is from the same school of politics as Tony Blair who likewise "did not know" anything about the many scandals that enveloped members of his team.

Last week Obama adopted another favourite Blair ploy, moving swiftly. He promised to move swiftly to reduce unemployment, move swiftly on the conflict in Palestine, move swiftly to kick start the economy and move swiftly to build a new relationship with Iran.

By the sound of it, once inaugurated he will move swiftly in all directions at once. Should be worth seeing, but in Blairite terms what does moving swiftly involve? Well for Blair it involved prancing about waving his arms and making a lot of noise, skills Obama seems to have perfected.

The aim of this technique is to convince people you are on top of things though you really do not have a clue what to do. For Blair it had mixed results, some of us were never fooled, some were fooled but not for long while a few remain convinced he was a dynamic and effective leader.

Will things be different for Obama? Providing he can move swiftly enough to dodge the bullets that are bound to go his way we should know in about twelve months.

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