If we are honest with ourselves, we all knew The Royal Family's Ginger Gobshite is a bit of a dick. So why does there have to be such a fuss when he says something dickish? I mean, it's what dicks do innit?

The Prince's use of the trm "Paki" has really made the Politically Correct police kick off. I even saw a post yesterday in which an Asian journalist (by Asian I mean a Pakistani because knowing people from India rightly hate being referred to as Asian as much as Pakistanis hate being referred to as Indian I'm careful) claimed he was "shocked and disgusted" that anyone would use such a "hate word."
As this is utter bollocks I suggested in a comment to this smug, prissy meeja professional that he should stay away from working class areas of cities and big towns and avoid the countryside altogether. What effing planet do these people live on?

WTF is a hate word? How can a word hate? It is tone and intent word is spoken with that conveys the emotion behind it. We all speak insensitively at times, but no mstter how careful we are somebody somewhere will be upsey by anything we say.

One think I'm sure of is the type of crackfarts who set themselves up as moral arbiters of what society will accept are going to proscibe colloquial speech the gobshites are asking for trouble. If any politically correct scablouse went into a pub in Accrington and started working himself about "hate words" he would soon find HATE heading his way, tatooed on the knuckles of one of the local lads.

Incidentally the Indian sub continent is the second most racist place on earth after Africa. So isn't it time the Politically Correct Police started lecturing the dark skinned races on their inability to live side by side without killing each other. We Europeans (and Americans)as a race do quite well by comparison really.

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