In a particularly cheap, crappy type of 1950s spy film, secret messages always ended with the words "burn after reading". This was picked up by movie makers The Coen Brothers in their film Burn After Reading which was a Brad Pitt movie (Brad Pitt movie isn't British rhyming slang BTW, I like Coen Bros films.)

A news story today reports New Zealand man has landed himself in a real-life version of Burn After Reading.

Technology geek Chris Ogle inadvertently found 60 US military files, including names and telephone numbers for American soldiers after buying an MP3 player in a secondhand shop in Oklahoma, USA. He came across the data when he connected the $18 (12) device to his Windows PC - hardly the rock tunes, snapshots and video of the last owners and his girlfriend one might expect to see.

Cleartly somebody had burned the data (after reading?) into the player's memory at some time. But should we expect Americans to be tech savvy when most of them still prefer a Macintosh or Windows driven computer to Linux.

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