Tony Blair's most astute political act was handing over to Godron Brown just before the shit hit the fan. But did Blair go willingly or was he told if he did not resign he would be sectioned on grounds of galloping insanity.

Appearing alongside Barack Obama who is so deluded he thinks he is President Of The Universe And Everything Else at the National Prayer Breakfast (it could only be in America couldn't it?) Blair told the audience "restoring religious faith to its rightful place as a guide to our world and its future is of the essence."
Later in his speech he said : "In surrendering to God we become instruments of his love".

This poor, insane bastard was running our country for years remember. The man who casually lied to Parliament and the nation in order to take us into an illegal war because he thought supporting a warmongering christian US President would secure personal advantage for him imagines he is a world leader.

Blair was of course trying to suck up to the nauseatingly pious Barack Obama who manages to pull off the unique trick of being both a devout christian and a devout muslim at the same time. Obama has become a paranoiac magalomaniac within two weeks of taking office of course (it took Bush almost a year) so, considering he had been properly worshipped, he praised the example Balir's dedicated and determined leadership had set the world.

Its all a bit projectile vomit inducing isn't it. Still, nice to know Tony has not lost his talent for shit - sucking.

READ Blair Calls For A Return To Faith and see video clips of the former Prime Minister and perpetual national embarrassment getting a pat on the head from Obama at Ben Brogan's blog.

Tony Blair To Barack Obama - read the full text of Blair's sickeningly sycophantic speech at Telegraph News Blog.

After meeting Blair, The Obamessiah made a sppech in support of his economic stimulus. Basically what he said was he, Barack Husein Obama was sent by God to save the global economy and anyone whodoes not support his financial stimulus is a heretic and an unbeliever because he, The Obamessiah, is the only person who understands or has ever understood economics. If any people, even just one person in the whole of the USA does not support the stimulus it will fail and the ruination of western civilisation will be the fault of the unbelievers because they did not open their hearts and accept The Obamessiah as their economic saviour. In this article, Creating Jobs Is Not Wasteful one of The Obamessiah's disciples argues that it is not wasteful to employ people on candy floss projects and anyone who says it is dous not understand The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways His Woodwork To Perform.

Dagda, the only god whose name, in his own language, really means god shares a few thoughts on the God question in God's Blog.

Update 7 Feb, 2009
Obama talks up religion as the magic solution for the world's problems at the National Prayer Breakfast

Only read this link if you are a person with strong nerves. The Guardian's American politics correspondent and full time Obama worshipper Michael Tomasky writes a puke inducing and factually incorrect paen to The Obamessiah, claiming that the insane drivel about "faith based initiatives has swung the Rebublicans behind Obama's stimulus bill.
Obama's bill is a triumph Tomasky does not mention of course that the Republicans softened their resistance to the bill because they got removed from it most of what they wanted removed. He also does not mention Obama's petulant outbursts when he found he was not getting all his own way.

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, we are still determined to ride The Atheist Bus though there are some who would hedge their bets by having a punt on Pascal.

The Obama Administration has hinted they may set up a "Commission Of Truth" to investigate the crimes of the Bush administration.
Commission of Truth? Hmmmmm , sounds a tad like the Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984 to us, you know the department in big Brother's government that was responsible for ensuring the only information to reach the public was lies. Huffington Post: A Truth Commission to investigate Bush Cheney Administration. Well some of us did warn you Obama was just a front man for a Big Brother style regime.