As the idiocies of Brown, Lord Mandy and their Nu Labour buddies get even more inept we take one of our occasional excursions into song with a new revolutionary anthem. If you don't know the tuneCLICK for the melody and original lyric to The Red Flag which was once the official song of The Labour Party. On visiting the plage click Play Midi to hear the audio track.

The Dead Flag.

Now all the bankers have gone broke
And can’t afford a line of coke
They rigged the markets, cooked the books
And filled their wallets, oh what crooks
Where selfish greed has led the way
Now we the public have to pay,
But will we get a word of thanks
Or will New Labour help the banks.

As rich folk move their wealth offshore
Our savings have walked out the door.
Their funds are sealed as tight as clams
by clever tax avoidance scams,
The bastards say they’re hard done by
But still not one can tell us why
we are bankrupted by the crash
as they the rich get bailout cash

But social justice cuts no ice
in this New Labour Paradise
However you choose to relax
they’ll hit it with a higher tax.
Surveillance with CCTV
curtails your civil liberty,
and even when we've paid our due,
the buggers tell us what to do.

They treat us if we are retards
and plan to charge us for ID cards
that will track us through GPS.
How did we get into this mess.
They tell us what to eat and drink,
and even what we're allowed to think.
A revolution’s overdue
We’ll tell the bastards where to go.

Are Barack Obama and Gordon Brown planning an attempt to achieve world domination this week or are they just meeting up in Washington DC for a bit of mutual analingus. Read what Jeff Scheiber thiks in Made For Each Other an article on Brown's sudden reconversion from Free Market capitalism to Keynesian tax and spend economics.

Worth A Read: Texas Darlin' on how Michelle Obama has elevted herself from minger to fashion icon by blagging designer dresses from top designers in Buy You Own Damn Designer Dresses Michelle No matter which designer Michelle hits on however, it does not disguise the fact that she is a minger with an arse the size of an asteroid and the dress sense of a sack of potatoes. But as Texas Darlin' a US Democrat BTW asks, why is Michelle proclaimed an icon for bumming free outfits when the much better looking (even if you do hate her politics) Sarah Palin was pilloried for doing the same? Double standards among the Politically Correct Thought Police across the pond maybe?

We boggart Bloggers like a bet as much as anyone and with Grandad having been a bookie why not. So is it worth opening a book on how much the Brown / Obama global bailout will cost taxpayers. not according toeconomic writer Will Hutton who was warning anyone who'd listen about the state of the world economy a decade ago. Will writes today Thanks To The Credit Crunch All Bets Are Off. Now he tells us.