We are no longer allowed to think for ourselves, most regular readers of Boggart Blog will have arrived at that conclusion by thinking for themselves of course but it’s worth repeating for new visitors. Instructions on what it is permissible to think and what opinions are regularly handed down from the Ivory Towers of the Nu Labour meritocracy with the latest strictures against thinking for oneself spelled out in VERY BIG LETTERS (so Alistair Darling can read them).

Yesterday a Government Minister, the Secretary for Climate Change and Dead Parrots no less, loftily informed us all that opposing wind farms should be as socially unacceptable as not wearing seat belts or driving past a zebra crossing.

In the Boggart Blog editorial office we kind of wished the minister involved had been Ed. Balls thus giving us lots of “talking bollocks” joke opportunities. No such luck, it was in fact the other ministerial Ed case, Ed Milliband, the slightly less sinister of the Thunderbird Puppet lookalike NuLab brothers.

When, you might well ask (coz we did), when the hell did driving without a seatbelt become socially unacceptable? Or driving past a zebra crossing. Wife beating, child molesting and supporting Chelsea are socially unacceptable but driving without a seat belt? Come on. If that was socially unacceptable, along with similarly serious offences like parking badly, doing 32 mph in a 30 zone, farting in lifts, smoking a cigarette in a pub or taking more supermarket plastic bags than is absolutely necessary most of us would be ostracised.

Obviously a different set of mores and norms apply on Planet Politically Correct where New Labour supporters live. On this bizarre planet, calling for the death of all Muslims (or even saying Islam is not a very nice religion as Geert Wilders wanted to) is socially unacceptable; calling or the death of all Jews isn’t until a public fuss forces the government to act to kick out hook handed agitators. On Planet Politically Correct it is socially unacceptable to have a couple of drinks with your mates of an evening as such behaviour can only lead to alcoholism and must therefore be classed as self harm but if you are an alkie who smells of urine, gets shit faced on cheap cider and staggers around the town centre breathing offensively on people it is a cry for help.

On Planet Politically Correct prostitution is a social evil and women who do it by choice for whatever reason are to be persecuted, stigmatised and jailed. The illegal immigrants who control the really nasty side of the sex business though are treated as asylum seekers and allowed to carry on their business unmolested by the law.

Alongside all these heinous crimes it now seems that exercising our right to protest peacefully. Only last week in the news we heard of one man was arrested for chalking the word Liberty on a pavement (were the police worried people might trip over the chalk line or were the Nu Labour commissariat afraid somebody might look up the word in a dictionary. Another man, a trainspotter, was apprehended for the dangerous and subversive act of using his mobile phone to film a train arriving at a station.

And while all this was happening the Minister for Justice and The Spanish Inquisition was championing a new Bill Of Rights, a document which will at last define clearly all the things we do not have the right to do.

All in all the government is getting its message across loud and clear.


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