After recent warnings that Alkie Ada (Gordon Brown's pronunciation, not ours,) are planning attacks on the west including possibly (cue portentous chords) the use of dirty bombs, which in reality are about as dangerous as a smelly fart, it is clear the government are trying to generate fear and panic. Oo-er, that means the economic situation it a lot worse than they are letting on.

Not content with invoking the Alky Ada bogey, now we hear news of a chink in the government's hi - tech security system. Well a lot of chinks actually. A cyberspy network based in China (allegedly) has cracked British government computer networks and is poised to disrupt our nation'a stability (?).

This ruse seems to us like a variation of old The Yellow Peril trick which ran in parallel with the Reds Under The Beds threat throughout the Cold War of the 1950s and 60s. The evil Dr. Fu Man Sweeney (sorry, overwhelmed by nostalgia I have strayed into a Goon Show script) is planning to trick us all into revealing our most personal secrets so that the inscrutible yellow devils can control our economy.

The only way this can be prevented is if we all stop complaining and accept that in the interests of national security the government must withdraw all our civil rights and curtail personal liberty.

We must resist in every way we can. Does anybody truly believe the Chinrese are so stupid they would expend a lot of effort cracking security on government data networks to collect daya on us when they could just ask Google for the information?

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