The task of commenting on the events surrounding a Formula One Grand Prix usually falls to Sally, she being the family petrolhead in chief (Our bro. Graham drives a diesel and I have come to the view that “getting out more” is vastly overrated) but in the case of yesterday’s race in Hungary it is my duty to comment on a very unwelcome trend in Formula One.

The fact that the Politically Correct Thought Police (sporting branch) are in a near orgiastic state because Lewis Hamilton won yesterday. This gives them the opportunity to bang on about Hamilton’s greatness and how wonderful it is to have a successful black racing driver. They forget that Hamilton is actually the reigning world champion and so his winning a race is hardly a surprise. Still that is the rather racist way the Politically Correct Thought Police work. The behave as if it is surprising that a young black guy can drive a car that he has not stolen and then accuse us of racism for doing jokes.

The fuss over Hamilton’s victory, deserved though it was, is difficult to understand as the Thought Police controlled mainsteam media has found it difficult to even acknowledge the numerous victories by another British driver, Jenson Button. The point the PCTP miss of course in their obsession with Lewis’ colour is that both he and Jenson are nice, well mannered middle-class English lads from affluent homes and stable family backgrounds.

Apart from Hamilton’s first victory of the season the only other event of note unfortunate accident that left Filippe Massa in hospital with life threatening head injuries which may leave him permanently disabled (Best wishes from everyone Fillipe, especially me.) This of course provided the Politically Correct Thought Police with their cue to start kicking up about improving safety measures on Grand Prix tracks to protect drivers from the risk of serious accident.

Erm……. these are guys who drive Formula One racing cars for a living. We are talking about the most junkied set of adrenaline junkies in the world. They know the risks when they sign up. It is the risk they sign up for. These guys feed on risk, when they go big game hunting they are armed only with a pea shooter and a pocket knife, when they swim with sharks the sharks ask for safety cages. Formula One drivers spend the winter months at fashionable ski resorts sliding down the black slopes on grand pianos, while dressed in dinner suits and drinking Cristal champagne.

They are addicted to risk.

Take the risk out of Formula One then and they would quit. Then we would have Toyota Prius or even worse G-Wiz drivers linking up on the starting grid.

Boggart Blog has a better idea. Why not leave racing drivers alone to live life with their balls out. What we should do it remove all safety kit and road marking on ordinary roads so they are like Grand Prix tracks. This would allow the arseholes who drive their hot hatches as if they were in F1 cars to kill themselves that much more easily.

The world always needs one less arsehole.

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