News yesterday that the government wishes to prevent supermarkets from using BOGOF promotions in an effort to cut down on the huge amount of food thrown away each week.
It's obvious why those higher beings in authority need to bring in codes and practices to safeguard the poor gullible consumer from the capitalist bastards who are just out to make a quick buck at our expense.
After all if you do your weekly shopping on your maxed out credit card and are duped into buying two packets of sausages, because if you buy one pack you get 8 sausages for 1.99, whereas if you take up the bogof offer you get 16 sausages for the same amount of money, then you are obviously not going to have the gumption to put said items into the freezer, to be eaten next week when you won't have to buy sausages at all, and you really do need protecting from yourself.
Thank goodness somebody up there cares about us.
How would we manage without them?

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