To avoid misunderstanding the title is not a new Bond film or a character from tonight's (eagerly anticipated) Doctor Who adventure.

Octomum, or Octomom as she is American is the Latina woman who had Octuplets by IVF last year. Eight children in one go, and her a single mother. The story was featured in a documentary over the weekend. She says she did it because she loves kids. This could well be true as she already had six (and not a hubby or an ex in sight.)

Her decision to have six fertilized emryos implanted at once (two divided into twins) was nothing to do with the fact that the celebrity (notoriety) the multipe births brought her would guarantee a good income for many years.

Boggart Blog is not so concerned with that however as the traffic situation in her birth canal. It must be like Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon up there.

Maybe Octomum would have been better off having mouse sized babies. Scientists may already be working on it. Intelligent Mouse Babies