Looking around American blogs today I see there is a kerfuffle about President O's deep bow to the Emperor Of Japan. Typically the Politically Correct Thought Police are defending Obama. "What is wrong with showing respect for another nation's customs," they ask. Except a bow that deep would only be appropriate from a very low ranking Japanese to a highly ranked one.

As for respecting Japanese customs should Barry not first have respected the international protocol that heads of state do not bow to each other. Servants bow to Lords.

But at least it is not as bad as when O met the Kind Of Saudi Arabia. It is rumoured the US President not only bowed and genuflected (a total no-no) but kissed King Abdullah's ring too. Perhaps we should start calling Obama President Rimmer.

No wonder Americans are pissed off. The President of "The Land Of The Free" is running round the world acting like a flunky - except to our dear old Queen of course - her groped her.