Every day there sems to be more bad news for Japanese car maker Toyota and the people who own a Toyota Prius.

Sometime last year we posted a blog (now transferred to the long tail website) claiming the only reason anyone needed to hate the Toyota Prius was its shape is reminiscent of a turd.

We now know know why that is of course.

The Toyota Prius is a piece of shit.

The only reason it has taken the world so long to realise the Prius, a much hyped hybrid car, falls apart when it goes over a speed bump is the batteries will go flat before they get you to the nearest speed bump and the petrol engine is so underpowered it will not pull the car to the top of a speed bump. The Toyota Prius is the ideal car for people who can't or don't want to drive. It is no better than any of the other electric cars so far announced but failing to make any impact on the market.

Electric cars are a non starter - literally. Bring back the Austin Allegro. Well OK: we're bing silly, the Allegro was a bad car but not all British cars were crap. Fatsally, our brother Gra. and I all drove a venerable Morris Oxford Eastate over Honister, Whinlatter and many other difficult roads in the Lake District for many years. Speed Bumps? The Oxford ate them for breakfast.