Readers sometimes complain that Boggart Blog is always more enthusiastic in attacking Labour than the Conservatives. There is some justification in this criticism but we have good reasons for our editorial policy. It is not that we find Conservative policies more appealing or that we think Labourís hypocrisy in casting themselves as a party of the centre left and then governing from a position to the right of the Burmese Junta deserves to be punished.

It is not even that we think Labour are more comical than other political parties. If we based our blog on how comical people are we would be posting about Lembit Opik, Kerry Catona, John Terry and Sharon Osbourne every day.

No, we hit Labour most simply because they are in power and therefore are standing up atop the wall inviting us to hurl abuse, eggs, rotten vegetables and poo. And they can always put their cleaning bills on expenses.

That is how satire works. We target people who deserve it. People like Gregory Gallazzo for example. Gallazzo, a former Jesuit priest and now a ďcommunity organiserĒ (to clarify, a rabble rousers, trouble maker, shit stirrer, agitator, seditionist) is currently doing a bit of community organising in Manchester. In a previous incarnation he claims he was the community organising mentor of one Barack Hussein Obama during the putative Presidentís early days as a trouble maker in the Chicago political swamp when his main task was to accuse banks of racism if they showed reluctance to grant large mortgages to poorly educated, unemployed, unemployable black people.

Gallazzo is working on generating a sense of grievance among Manchesterís minorities because he does not like the Labour Party and Labourís grip in power in Manchester relies heavily on the votes of ethic and sexual minorities.

Taking a well earned break from Community Organising Gallazzo, speaking of Manchesterís ruling party, told Boggart Blog: Labour is the most reactionary and repressive political organisation I have ever come across. The party establishment would close ranks to prevent and outsider like Barack Obama rising to power.

So you see there are some good things to be said for Labour after all.