You've heard all the wailing and gnashing of teeth from public sector managers and public service union leaders about how the spending cuts will hit essential sevice particularly nursing, teaching and policing.

And Boggart Blog has told you these front line services will only be hit because fat cat public sector managers get rid of front line workers to preserve their empires of sychophantic bean counters.

But what about the police you might well ask. They are all out chasing burglars, arsonists and muderers, we can't afford to lose any of them.

This story will put in perspective how you will be affected by redundancies in the police force.

Essex Police Pre-empt smoking crimes

The report tells of how Essex police are so overstaffed or Essex is so undercriminalised (seems unlikely) that they've had time to think up a trick for prosecuting people for something that will not be a crime for another month.

As we understand the new law it will, on April 1st (no kidding) become a crime to have a ciggy while driving your car. OK, bit tough on smokers but it doesn't affect me so no worries. What is worrtying is that Essex's finest have had time to work out that until April 1st anyone having a quick gasper while at the wheel of their company car or commercial vehicle can be nicked.

Technically it's smoking in the workplace you see, and that is a very serious crime.

Are the Essex police really so under employed or are they just not that keen on chasing people who might have guns, knives or baseball bats with nails through the end?

Carry on cutting Mr. Osborne.

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