Everything is about the Amanda Knox verdict today.

The man who confessed to the killing of British student Meredith Kercher is behind bars so people claiming justice has not been done for the family are out of order.

The main cause of the hate still being directed at Foxy Knoxy seems to be based on the facts that she i American, if not from California, the ghlobal capital of crazy then from quite near California, she drinks and has smoked dope and she is a bit of a slapper. I was in one of the national newspaper threads earlier and pointed out that it is not, not has it ever been a crime to be a slut. And was it so my life would certainly have been less enjoyable.

Somebody asked me "Well OK, the evidence against her was flimsy and circumstantial and there may be reasonable doubt. But chances are she was involved in the crime in some way so knowing that would you sleep with her?

I had to reply that now, at my age and in my physical condition definitely no. A healthy, horny twenty four year old who has been banged up in prison for four years could kill me without doing anything wrong. When I was in my twenties however ...

California: The Global Capital Of Crazy
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