Rob Swan asked a question on yesterdays post on the chaos at Blackbrn Rovers in which I made a sarcastic reference to the John Terry race crime case. Rob wanted to know what I thought of Terry being charged with race crime.

To be honest I could not say anything as apart from the headlines this story has whizzed right past me being of no interest at all. Instead of posting a relevant response to Rob's question I spun a reply on the legenday soccer hardmen of the past and how they would have terrified the wet arsed cry babies who play in the Premiership today.

But I did later find a good article on the John Terry case which contained this very sensible comment:

I am puzzled by some of the conjecture which this incident has provoked. For example, it has been widely stated that Terry, if found guilty, could not continue as captain because the England team contains some black players. This is to miss the point. For, if giving racist abuse is offensive ? and it surely is ? then it is offensive to everyone and not just to men who happen to be black

Read the full article here:

Another case in football at the moment is that of Liverpool's Luis Suarez, accused by Manchester United player Patrick Evra of racist abuse. In this case which does not yet involve criminal charges but only Football Association discipline an item I watched on regional news suggests Suarez has been found guilty and punished on the strength of Evra's accusation alone. Suarez was guilty of being accused.

Left wing commentators were quick to comment that the case had gone a long way to restoring the credibility of football. I beg to differ. If football had any credibility left, surely this case has destroyed it.

Football really is in big trouble with this race thing
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