Not wanting to witness the nauseating spectacle of Cameron and Obama kissing each others arses the Boggart Blog editorial meeting today decided we would have a look at how things are going in the Labour Party.

We wish we had stuck with Cammy and Bammy.vHere's one report we saw:

"On Tuesday, Labour held the weekly meeting of its shadow cabinet. At its conclusion the members filed out into the expansive, and expensive, atrium of Parliament’s Portcullis House. “Everyone broke into little groups of three or four,” said one observer. “They were all there, having follow-up discussions with each other. Except for Ed Miliband. He was left standing on his own with a member of staff. So he just got on the escalator and walked away.”

At some indefinable point during the last few months, Ed Miliband stopped being leader of Labour Party. There was neither drama nor fanfare. No knife-edge votes, or late-night confrontations. Instead, the authority bestowed upon him in Manchester 18 months ago rose early, quietly packed its suitcase, and sloped off into a chill Westminster morning. It didn’t leave a note."

Wither Milliband? Or perhaps, wither milliband! in the imperitive case.

Poor Ed. I do think he's a decent bloke really, just waaaaaaaaay out of his depth. The task he landed himself with, keeping the unions sweet while trying to turn Labour into something capable of being elected and then capable of governing would have been beyond Hercules.

So how will it end? We forsee Ed being despatched to Room 101 where he will have to face the thing he fears most, Len McClusky. After that he may occasionally be sighted sitting alone in the Chestnut Tree Cafe sipping Victory Gin flavoured with cloves.

The Chestnut Tree Cafe - 1984 by George Orwell

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