The American Primaries leading up to elections are a bit of a mystery to us British punters but they throw up some interesting stories. Like the one in the 2010 mid term elections when a Mr. Alvin Green won the Deomocrat Party nomination for a seat in Congress. Mr. Green did well because people thought they were voting for Alvin (Al) Green the soul singer when in fact the wannbe candidate was Mr. Alvin Green the Gulf war veteran, dole bludger and ex convict.

Now one of the strage things is that even though the Democrats hold the Presidency they must go through the ritual of holding Primaries although it is unusual for a sitting President to be challenged and then only by local nutter type candidatestate close to the are s.

Such was the case in West Virginia, area in which the film Deliverance is set (cue banjo music). As it turned out the local nutter and a splendidly nutty nutter at that did surprisingly well, giving his opponent, a certain Barack Hussein Obama a run for his money.

From Optimus Paradigm posting on

[In} the Democratic primary in West Virginia Obamaís primary opponent got 41 percent of the vote and actually won 10 counties?

Unless you live in West Virginia, you probably didnít even know that the President had a primary opponent there. But hereís the most amazing part: His opponent didnít make a single public appearance in the contest.

He didnít because he couldnít; he was in jail at the time!

Thatís right. Keith Judd, the guy who came close to defeating an incumbent President in West Virginiaís primary, is better known as inmate No. 11593-051 at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas.

All Judd had to do to get on the ballot was file the proper paperwork and pay a $2,500 fee. reported that Judd said: ďSome outside supporter provided that to the Secretary of State; I do have outside support. Iím unaware of who that particular person was, and whether it was a person or a collection of persons.Ē

Judd has a history of entering various contests. According to New Mexico Telegram, Judd ran three times as a write-in candidate in New Mexico: twice for Mayor of Albuquerque and once for Governor. Judd himself told that heís been a perennial Presidential candidate since 1996. The Associated Press reported that in 2008, his name was on the Democratic Party ballot in Idaho.

I guess every inmate needs a hobby.

And Iím not surprised that four out of 10 Democratic voters in West Virginia would prefer anyone to Obama. After all, the President has made it clear heíll do everything he can to destroy the coal industry in this country.

Prohibit businesses from burning coal, and thereís no reason to mine the stuff. Destroy coal mining, and you pretty much destroy the economy of West Virginia. Thatís not hard for the folks there to understand. So itís really no surprise that a lot of voters there would prefer anybody ó even a jailbird ó over the incumbent President. Look for every Democrat in the State to distance themselves as far as possible from the President in their own campaigns.

Only in America