We hear a lot about high tech crime and espoecially internet fraud. So deeply have the internet become embedded in our way of life in fact that even the stupid criminals are migrating to cyberspace - sort of.

Two wannabe burglars in Calima, Colombia, decided to cut their criminal teeth by robbing an internet cafe. The two aspiring criminals robbed an Internet cafe at gunpoint recently and proceeded to make a clean getaway on a motorcycle, according to MSNBC.

It should have been the perfect crime had one of them not forgotten to log out of the Facebook account he'd checked at the cafe before attempting the robbery. As you might expect, the police got his address, drove to the criminal's home and took the suspect to jail.

The rise of Facebook seems to have coincided with an increased number of reports of really stupid criminals. In December 2011 Isiah Cutler was accused of robbing a supermarket in Pittsburgh with three other teenagers. Isiah and his mates might have got away with it too but he decided to posts pictures on his Facebook page showing the gang with some of the loot.

Last month, Michael Baker of Jenkins, Kentucky was arrested for siphoning fuel from a police car. Stupid enough in itself to warrant a Stupid Criminal Of The Week Award but he compunded his stupidity by posting a picture of himself committing the crime on Facebook.

No wonder stock market pundits are suggesting Mark Zuckerberg market the internet social network as an online cfrime fighting service to help recover from the disastrous stock market launch.

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