Sometimes I wonder why I bother. The Internet has become a stupi, pointless medium, mostly thanks to Google who always intended to turn it into a giant, global shopping mall, and the other companies that constantly try to push "targeted" ads in our faces and mine our private data in order to target these ads at us. That alone would be annoying enough but their targeting software is crap. I never see ads plugging anything I'm remotely interested in on my screen.Microsoft too are guilty.

Their not fit for purpose operating systems allow advertisers and other cybercrooks to run scripts on our computers. Nobody should be able to run a program on my computer unless I ask for it. And I have looked at what some of these scripts do. Nobody in their right mind would ever ask for this crap.

What pissed me off today was I got a full screen ad from a bunch of arseholes called WOWCHER Deal Of The Day. I did not care what they were selling, I was not going to buy anyway. Why would I want to walk into a restaurant waving a half price voucher. Do I want my date to think I'm a cheapskate and a tosser. That's not going to get you anywhere is it. My favoured approach of letting the lady say, "It's terribly expensive" then responding by saying "If you have to ask the price you can't affordb it," works much better.

Anyway WOWCHER locked my machine by trying to run a script so big it grabbed all the CPU. So I had to restart the PC. I would not have looked at their ad even if it had run properly, but the lack of respect for my right to choose what I look at just really annoyed me.

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