Having endured one of the wettest Aprils and most of Mays since the last really wet April and May, our brief foray into summer has brought a new threat to mankind, or little-old-lady-kind to be more precise.

For the second time in the space of two weeks a little-old-lady enjoying the warm weather has been trapped inside the frame of her deckchair when the fabric ripped and the deckchairs swallowed them whole.

In the first instance, in Sweden, the 84 year old l-o-l was trapped for two days before neighbours rescued her from her balcony where she had been sunbathing, before her usually placid and trusted deckchair turned on her, ripping its fabric and entangling its owner in its wooden frame.

In the latest incident, worryingly much closer to home in Scarborough, an 83 year old l-o-l was trapped for six hours in an identical attack by her deckchair before being rescued by the fire service.

The government has issued a statement asking everybody to be wary around deckchairs, especially those of more mature years, be that the deckchair or the member of the public.

An official stated, " Obviously this is a very worrying trend, although you can sympathise with the deckchairs, they do get bored with all that time on their hands as they loll about in sheds and storecupboards during the winter months and extended periods of bad weather. Hopefully if the public are vigilant such attacks can be avoided, but anyone noticing a deckchair behaving in a suspicious manner should contact the police who will ensure that the offending deckchair is humanely destroyed."

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