Some of Boggart Blog's more scientifically minded readers used to get a bit tetchy when we blogged about the experiments carried on at the particle accelerator at CERN or "The Large Hardon Collider," as we called it. Science fans never like anyone taking the piss out of science which is all the more reason to do it.

In fact Boggart Blog is always right, even if we are not trying to be right, and it turns out The Large Hardon Collider is a far more appropriate name than any of the official ones.

A new novel written by a retired CERN physicist claims to lift the lid on the organisation's geeky image of acne sufferers with bad dress sense and personal hygiene issues obsessing about theories that even the people who thought of them don't understand, to reveal an altogether more glamorous lifestyle of wild nights, passionate love affairs and round the cock clock partying.

"Catalysed Fusion" is described by its author Francis Farley as a "true-to-life fantasy woven around particle physics research and set in 1980s Geneva – "the city where nations meet and particles collide".

Science fans have been quick to point out that this lurid tale of lust among the leptons is in fact a novel and therefore fiction. Prof. Farley however insists it is based on real life events and only the names have been changed to protect the adulterous. And he's a scientst so we have to believe him don't we?

How strange though that scientists are trying to devalue the best bit of PR they have had in decades. Are they afraid the novel will enable even politicians to understand why the reports of all their projects end with the words, "More research is needed."

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