Boggart Blog's occasional series "Stupid Criminal Of The Week brings you news of the most stupid crines committed around the world. What has emerged from this is the dumbing down our politicians like to talk about is not just a local problem, it's a pandemic. People are getting more and more stupid everywhere.

The latest tip we have for international idiots is: Always take care of toilet business before leaving the house on criminal business.

A wannabe bank robber in Denmark failed to evacuate prior to hiding himself in a bank vault as part of his plan to steal a fortune.

He got locked in and had to wait until the bank opened the next morning to get out at which point he burst out brandishing a gun, scaed the crap out of bank staff and escaped.

Unfortunately while banged up in the vault he had to answer the call of nature, so he relieved himself in a box before escaping with jewelry and $500,000 in cash.

Cops got the criminal mastermind's DNA from his poo and because he had a record (of robbery not crapping in boxes) he was soon arrested. Needless to say, what he left in his makeshift toilet wasn't a safe deposit.

You Can't Keep A Good Cappo Di Tutti Cappi Down