I've just been looking at the unmentioned (and possibly unmentionable but certainly unintended consequences) of last night's idiotic same sex marriage bill. And while proving what sad, pathetic, creepy, unkewl,uber - conformist emotional cripples it's supporters are, it has some gobsmacking unintended consequences.

Did you know it is now legal for a man to marry his biological brother or son? Or a woman to marry her sister or daughter?

Advocates of "The love that dare not speak its name", (but now seems never to shut up)didn't think that one through did they.

Speaking purely for myself, I would much rather marry my sister or daughter than my son or either of my brothers (although if I had my way I'd sooner marry Helena Bonham Carter than anybody) but hey, if GBLT's are legally able to marry same sex close relatives I want equality and I want it NOW!